Erocom Chapter 88: Ando Mikoto 26


The next day.
When I woke up, I remembered the events of yesterday.
As I look around surprised, I see Mikoto’s room.
The small balled-up form next to me wearing my dress shirt was Mikoto.
She was sleeping peacefully.

Looking at the clock, I was surprised to see it went past 8.
When I came yesterday, Mikoto ended up falling asleep.
After doing some simple cleanup, I fell asleep right next to her.

「Oh no, school. Oi, Mikoto」

Mikoto half-opens her eyes and gives me a sweet smile after seeing me.

「Koumeeei, your bed head is crazy」
「Eh? Ah…」

I continued to tell her while combing down my hair that resembled sprouted rice.

「What about school? It’s already 8, ya know?」
「Eh? Today and tomorrow is a holiday」

At Mikoto’s words I remember that we don’t have school today or tomorrow.

「Hey, it hasn’t become strange, has it?」

Still half-asleep, Mikoto brought her hand to her crotch.

「Amazing, I can still feel you but…」
「Show me」

It’s like this even in the morning.
The moment I knew today was a holiday, my switch had already been flipped.
Turning over the blanket, I make Mikoto slightly open her legs.

「Heeey…It’s embarrassing」

The curtains were closed but the sunlight was brightening up the room.
The mood is really different compared to the affair last night.

「Aren’t you worried that it became weird?」
「It’s fine, it’s not weird…nyahn」

I almost forcefully spread her legs and sneak a peek at her privates.

「Aahn, geez, you really are a pervert…」
「You say that but, you know you’re wet, right?」

I couldn’t really see Mikoto’s special place yesterday.
Her labia was slightly spread open and love juices were slowly dripping out.

「Nnnnh, after alll…aaahn」

When I scoop out her love juices with my finger, Mikoto closed her legs.

「That’s all for today!」

My dick was already swelling up from expectation.
Even though we did all that last night, what a fearsome sexual drive.

「After all…it still hurts a bit」
「Is that so?」
「It was my first time after all…Even so, you were swinging your hips like an idiot」

Separating my hand from her privates, I did a seiza to show I was reflecting on my actions.
Looking at me strangely, Mikoto rolls over.

「That’s why we’ll postpone today」

Mikoto laughed.
And then she rolls around on top of the bed and looks at me.


And then she presses her face into the bed and starts kicking her feet.
She was like a kid who had just received the number one present she wanted from Santa.

「Do you have any plans today?」
「Ah, that’s right」

Mikoto raises her face from the bed.

「I’m meeting up with that woman」
「Didn’t you stay with her yesterday?」

That woman probably refers to Mia.

「I did but today we just have a normal promise to play around」
「You really did become close friends」
「Is that jealousy? Are you jealous?」

Getting up from the bed, Mikoto was grinning broadly.
I wonder how I would be jealous of the them.

「Ah, rather…Do you also want to come play around with us?」
「Eh? Is it fine?」
「It should be fine, that is…after all, that woman and I are your girlfriend…」

I guess that’s true.
I’m still not used to the idea of going out with both of them.

「We more or less just have to try asking Mia」

Mikoto sends out a text while wearing only a dress shirt.
Because it was light, I could see her nipples through it.

「What exactly do you mean by play around anyways?」
「We were gonna go to Caons on the bus」

Caons is that recently built outlet mall.
It’s quite a huge establishment and there’s a lot of stores inside.
Since it’s in a place that can only be reached by car, we’ll be taking a bus from Ichikura Station.

「Ah…I still haven’t gone there yet」

It’s become quite a topic even in our high school.
It’s not like it’s particularly cutting-edge fashion.
However it’s popular among the girls as they can get items for cheap even for an outlet mall.

「It’ll probably be packed」
「If you’re worried about that, you probably couldn’t go no matter what time it is…Mia said it’s fine」

It seems she got a reply from Mia.

「Also, since it’s a weekday it should still be less crowded」
「Is that so?…Then, I’ll go home and change」
「Yeah. We can head out in about an hour」

When I tried to leave, Mikoto called out to me.


Stopping, I looked at her.

「I’m your girlfriend, right?」
「And your my boyfriend?」

What kind of reaffirmation is this?

「What is it, all of a sudden?」
「It’s nothing」

Mikoto smiles and shakes her head.
I left her room and went back to my house.
Our two moms were still sleeping in the living room.
When I call out to them, they picked up their bodies seeming dull.
Saying I was heading out, they replied with do what you want.
Of course, I’ll do what I want.

I take a quick shower and change my clothes.
Mikoto’s mom heads back home and I eat the breakfast my mom prepared.
Grandpa and grandma woke up and had breakfast together.
Chewing on some bread, I look down at my phone that had just rang.

>Good morning. It’s Mia
>I heard from Mikoto-chan.
>We’re meeting at Ichikura Station at 10. I look forward to working with you.

It was an overly business-like message.

>Since I’m more or less your boyfriend, I look forward to going together.

Giving such a reply, Mia immediately replies.

>More or less?

Even though we’ve already met, I feel like an idiot when I text her.
However, text is the only way I’ve been able to talk to her.

>I AM your boyfriend. Sorry
>I’ll go with Mikoto so I’m not late.

I end up using polite speech.
Mikoto called for me after about an hour.
We head towards the station on bikes next to each other.

「If we wanted to meet up with Mia, wouldn’t it be better to meet at Mikura Station?」

It’s the station closest to all of us.
There’s no need to expressly go all the way to Ichikura Station.
We could meet at Mikura Station and then head to Ichikura Station together.

「Mia had an errand to do before this」

Pedalling her bike, Mikoto was wearing clothes I’ve never seen before.
She was in a light blue shirt and a black skirt.
It’s the first time I’ve seen her wear a skirt that wasn’t a part of her uniform.
It was amazingly girly and suited her very well.

「What type of errand was it?」
「I won’t tell you!」

Mikoto started pedalling faster.
Even though it’s been a while since she wore girly clothes, she still talks like a guy.

「Oi, if you go that quick, you’ll fall, ya know?」

I also put more power into pedalling and went faster.