Erocom Chapter 103-106

Hey it’s been a while. Here’s a small release. So many excuses to say but you guys are pretty cool about it all so I don’t really need to. I have the second volume and got the illustrations just having issues uploading them and not enough before I go out of town.

Also, a note about the light novels. The first one is real accurate to the WN and then the second gets a bit out of hand. It feels like they tried to order it differently to focus on certain characters each volume so alot of character introductions are downplayed and it seems way more chaotic than the WN. It’s not that great of a change either plus it makes it damn near impossible to do inline images like the last volume so I will just give estimated chapters of when they happen.

Also thank you to those donators still giving me money even with this shitty release schedule. I appreciate every bit.

Chapter 103