Erocom Chapter 12: Kurusu Mia 7


Kurusu’s lips were soft.
Getting wet with saliva, it smells slightly sweet.
“Nnnnn”, Kurusu tries to escape from my lips somehow.
But that ends up doing the opposite by tempting me for a passionate kiss.

「Ah, n, chuu, no good, ann」

Our bodies were glued together.
My erect penis naturally touched Kurusu’s body.
A shock-like electricity feeling ran up it.

It’s thin but Kurusu’s body definitely has a sexual feel to it.
While I was embracing that body, I continued kissing her with all my strength.
Unable to hold back, my dick that became gigantic rubbed against Kurusu’s uniform.

「O-Okutani-kun…N, Kuchu, Achu, Funn, Kuu, wait- Ann」

Before I noticed, Kurusu’s resistance vanished.
Accepting my kiss, she personally piles her lips on mine assertively.
Her eyes that were open, closed. Kurusu that was kissing in a daze was overly lovely.

While making obscene noises, our lips press together.
It became a jumble of pleasant feelings and euphoria making me forget myself.

「Nnah…A, Chuu, Achu, Nn, Chupu, Nah, Fuh, Hamu」

It was quite a long kiss.
Both of our mouths were wet with saliva.
Our individual lips became unified, it was like they refused to separate.
I continue to press my dick on Kurusu’s uniform.
The strong stimulus attacked the lower half of my body and each time it was like my consciousness flew away.
Since I was aroused I could tell my temperature was rising.


One of us separated their lips- who, I do not know.
There was one long string of sticky saliva connecting both our lips that seemed reluctant to part.
Before I noticed, the sunlight became slanted and it made that thread shine.


Kurusu bit her lip.
She cut the thread of saliva indicating that the kiss was over.
Kurusu tries to not make eye contact and looks at the ground.
I also stood there idly spaced out.

How long did we do it?
The birds in the nest close by stopped singing.
The sky was dyed the violet color before sunset.
It was like the end of the world is close. And Kurusu and I are the only ones left.
It was a feeling I am guessing a character in a dystopian novel would have.

I went back and forth from despair to hope.
I wonder what I should do?
What should I do to break this silence?

「Wh-what should I do…」

In the end, the one who broke the silence was Kurusu.
Kurusu’s voice was a bit hoarse.

「I…even though that was my first kiss…」
「M-mine too…」

I barely answered so.
Starting to regain my calm, I was bewildered about my dick being left as it is.
Transparent liquid drips from the tip of my dick.
My dick that was erect to its limits was ferocious as expected.
What would be a good time to end this, I wonder.
In the first place, if it’s this hard then I can’t put on my pants.

「It doesn’t draw attention…」

Suddenly, Kurusu looked at my dick and muttered that.

「No matter how I look at Okutani-kun’s dick, it doesn’t draw attention…」1
「E-to…th-thank you…」

Kurusu made eye contact with me.
I had gone as far as kissing her.
Even so, this extremely beautiful girl is from a different world than mine.
I might be dreaming.
Such thoughts were recurring.


Becoming anxious, I asked her.

「Kurusu is kind, right?」
「That’s right」

Kurusu laughed like she was laughing at herself.
I looked at Kurusu with a serious expression.

「Is that why? Is that why you didn’t refuse a kiss from me?」

Kurusu opens her eyes wide from surprise.
I knew what I had asked was terrible.
But, even for me, it was my first kiss.
I ended up being forceful in excitement but it will probably become an important memory.

「I properly resisted, you know?」

Certainly when we started she resisted.
But, before I knew it she had accepted it.

「But since it was Okutani-kun, I thought it was fine…」
「What does that mean?」
「Did you think I will allow anyone to kiss me as long as they’re nice? There’s no way!」

Kurusu’s cheeks swelled like she was mad.

「Even I have plenty of people that would be fine with kissing me…It’s because it was Okutani-kun…」

I was attacked with the impulse of wanting to kiss her again but I strongly held it back.

「Is that so?…Then that’s good」
「Well, did you think like that from watching my usual behavior?…」
「No, sorry for saying such a weird thing」

Shaking her head, Kurusu said with an expression overflowing with affection.

「It’s fine…That’s right! Then, as proof for Okutani-kun being special…here!」

With a strange shout, Kurusu grasped my erect dick again with both her hands.
When she brought her face close to me, she whispered in my ear.

「I will make you cum…」

And then Kurusu started to stroke my dick with both hands.
Cowper’s fluid acts as a lubricant as Kurusu’s slender fingers crawled along the shaft without resistance.
My waist shook at the impending feeling of ejaculation.


Without realizing, I let out a voice from inside my throat.
Kurusu strokes my cock with a bright red face and partly opened eyes.
A super beautiful girl is stroking my excessively huge dick in order to get me to cum.
This is not a dream. This is reality.
The more I realize that, the quicker my blood circulates.

「Okutani-kun…it’s because you are special to me…」
「…With this will you believe me?」
「Kurusuu, Kurusuu! Cumming, I’m cumming, so!」
「Nee, do you believe me?」
「I believe you! I believe you so, stop, stop your hands! I’m gonna cum!」

However, Kurusu didn’t stop her hands.
Rather, with a happy looking smile, those hands got even quicker.

「Let it out! Let out a lot and feel good!」
「Aaaaa! Cumming! Cuumming!」

A spark ran through my head.
The syrupy semen like slow magma ran through my thick pipe.
And then it was released from the tip in one go. It gave a sense of liberation.


I heard Kurusu’s voice.
At that time, my view was covered by a white haze.
The blood in my body gathered in my crotch.
It was a long ejaculation.
While my dick convulsed over and over again, semen was released from within me.

I couldn’t think about anything.
I just drown in the sinful sea of pleasure.
All my troubles disappeared and I knew this was the reason I was alive.

When I finally regained my calm, I noticed.
I ejaculated all over Kurusu’s uniform.
Even though her blazer was navy blue, thick, cloudy liquid stuck to it.

「Heheheh. Okutani-kun, you were cute」

Kurusu laughed.
And then she touched the semen that stuck to her uniform with her index finger.
Looking puzzled, she looked at me.

「Nee, can this be removed?」

I thought it would be fine even if I died.



  1. So I’ve had trouble translating this before, but I think his complex is that his dick draws too much attention since it’s big. Hence her words which are used to calm him