Erocom Chapter 11: Kurusu Mia 6


Kurusu is a beautiful girl. She was super pretty.
Such a beautiful girl was taking a long hard look at my dick.
Without changing her facial expression, she continues staring at it.

「Th-this is…big, isn’t it?」

Hanging downwards, my dick was huge as well today.
The length passes the average Japanese person by a large margin, also the thickness.
The exposed head looked like a living animal.
The veins on the surface pulsates with a beat.
However since it is still the last third of May, when I take my dick out outside, it was bit cold.

「Since I have an older brother I understand but…When I compare them, it’s quite…」1

But then the situation I feared didn’t come.
Kurusu didn’t hold any bad feelings, she was just looking at my dick with a lot of interest.
Her chestnut-colored hair reflected the sunlight shining through the trees and glistened.
Kurusu’s moist upper and lower lips were slightly parted.
Her breathing is rough. Her dainty shoulders rose up and down.

「Is it fine for me to put it away already?」
「Wait! Hey, if this thing gets erect, what will happen?」

Furthermore, an unexpected topic was brought up.
Kurusu made eye contact with me.
Kurusu quickly removed her eyes away seeming embarrassed.

「Like I said…I-if it gets hard…will it, umm…get bigger?」
「We-well…of course but」

Us sharing secrets should have already come to an end.
Normally, my dick is plenty big.
She knew that now. The goal of sharing our secrets was accomplished.

Of course I want to know what type of reaction a girl will have when I get hard.
But, I would like the person whose reaction I watch to be someone where our relationship has a small possibility of ending like Mikoto.
With Kurusu who I had only just become friends with, as expected I got awkward.

「Hey, get hard」

I ended up raising my voice.
Kurusu directs her eyes towards me like she was pleading.
She looked at me like an unsold puppy in a showcase.
It gave me such a feeling.

「I want to try seeing it…How it changes…Okutani-kun’s dick…」

Such a beautiful girl said that to me.
With the situation being flipped, I don’t have much leeway.
And yet, as a man could I just withdraw?
No, I can’t leave. That is the irony.

「I-it’s fine but…my dick doesn’t get hard so easily」
「I practiced. Under normal circumstance, since it is huge if it gets hard easily wouldn’t it be a problem? Since I can’t lie about it, I practiced to not get an erection」

Back in primary school. Lunch time.
A girl who fell had her panties visible from her skirt.
I, who had awoken my sexuality quickly, got violently erect.
After that, I couldn’t leave my seat during afternoon classes and after school.
No matter what the teacher said, I stubbornly wouldn’t leave my seat.
I waited for my erection to calm down in a class where everyone left.
And then when the evening sun shone through I decided to head home alone.
I then practiced in order to not get an erection so easily.

「Then, what should I do?」
「It needs to be stimulated…」

Perhaps, Kurusu is an innocent girl who absolutely won’t do such things.
Since she has a brother, she should have some tolerance to penises.
However, she shouldn’t have any sexual relations with someone from the opposite sex.
When she was talking about her past, I couldn’t see her having a shadow of any such a person.

「It’s fine if I touch it myself but if Kurusu touches it then it will stand up immediately」

Our eyes met. Kurusu’s face turned completely red.
She pursed her lips slightly seeming bewildered.

I want to kiss her, I want to kiss her, I want to kiss her.

In someway or another I press down that feeling and calmly continued the conversation.

「Then…I’ll touch it」

My brain felt like it was boiling.
Even if I was calm, I was excited to the point I almost fainted.
The back of my knees started to sweat in anxiety and my exposed dick almost got big in expectation.
Getting erect already is bad. It needs to be after Kurusu touches it.

I slowly grasped Kurusu’s right hand.
For just a moment, Kurusu withdrew her hand a bit seeming to resist.
But that resistance immediately loosened.

Kurusu looks into my eyes.
There was anxiety and bewilderment. And then a little bit of expectation was mixed in her eyes.
I pulled Kurusu’s hand closer.
Kurusu’s right hand made its way over.


Kurusu’s fingers touched my shaft.
Her fingers were a bit chilly.
*Zozozozo*, A pleasant feeling spreads from my hips to my whole body.

「…Can you hold it?」

I lock eyes with Kurusu.
There is already no need for me to invite her.
Using her slender right hand, Kurusu grasped my dick.

「I-It’s thick…」
「If it gets hard, it gets thicker, you know?」

Kurusu sighed as if she was spitting out something hot.
Kurusu licked her lips. I felt the tension from her right hand.

「…It got hard」

It did indeed.
Blood started gathering in my penis.
My dick become thicker, harder, and longer.

「It’s hot…amazing…this…Aa」

Even though Kurusu was just grasping it, my dick grew steadily.

「It’s no good! Okutani-kun, one hand isn’t enough for this」


I don’t understand what isn’t good.
But Kurusu creased her eyebrows a bit and wore a serious expression.
Kurusu was fighting with something.
She was battling against my dick.

「If that’s the case!」

Kurusu grasped my dick with both hands.


My consciousness recedes lightly.

「I-It’s incredibly hard」

I called out her name in excitement.
Kurusu looked at me with a face like she was solving a difficult math question.
She was in a frantic battle with my penis.
And then Kurusu tilted her head a bit like she was waiting for the next instructions.

「C-can you move your hands?」

My dick is plenty hard.
But I didn’t want to stop here.

「It’s fine to stroke it, right?…I know that」

Kurusu started to stroke my cock with inexperienced hands.
Wrapping the shaft with both hands, she strokes it slowly.
My dick became even thicker and the head became bare.

「Amazing. It’s amazing. It’s rapidly getting bigger!」

Kurusu’s lips get wet like when one would eat a ripe fruit.
And then looking at my dick, her mouth opened wider in surprise.

「It’s become so big! Amazing, Okutani-kun’s dick, it’s amazing!」

While letting out a hot breath, Kurusu was excited.
Differing from sexual excitement, it is the type of excitement like watching sports.
With both her cheeks being bright red like an apple, Kurusu stroked my dick with both hands the best she could.

「Kurusu, Kurusu, Kurusu!」
「Okutani-kun, Okutani-kun, Okutani-kun!」

It was a strange atmosphere.
We both called out each other’s names, both of us virgins were amused with the erotic act.
Furthermore, it wasn’t a seductive atmosphere, it was an extremely wholesome atmosphere.

My calm flew away.
A low, heavy tone was buzzing in my ears.
Even though my throat was dry, there was plenty of saliva in my mouth.

Kurusu didn’t stop her hands that were stroking.
A small pleasant feeling of panic attacked my body.
My reasoning was being destroyed by my instincts and I end up turning into a beast.

「Kurusu look here!」

I nearly shouted that.


Kurusu looked up at me.
I embraced Kurusu with both hands.


A small shout rose from Kurusu.
I kissed those lips without minding.

Widening her moist eyes, Kurusu’s body stiffened.
My nose bumped into the tip of her nose and our teeth hit each other.
It didn’t hurt but a sensation ran along my back like when a blackboard is scratched.
But even that wouldn’t change the pleasant sensation.

「Wai- N…it’s no good」

Ignoring Kurusu’s resistance, I sucked on those lips in a daze.


  1. I am kind of curious at what age she saw her older brother’s dick