Erocom Chapter 19: Shirota Yotsuba 3


The extent that I need to cover for the midterm exams is small.
Math is especially easy. If you can do the basics you can get a passing mark.

「Then, what about here?」

And so, Shirota and I are diligently studying since a while ago.
I was studying classic literature.
Shirota was also asking me about math.

「Ah…you cancel that out. I don’t really understand it either」
「Cancel it out, you say…but, it’s frustrating」

It’s not that Shirota can’t really study.
Rather she can do it better than me.
It seems her issue is that she has a competitive personality.
When she keeps getting stuck at the same spot in math, she ends up spending time until it is solved.

「Frustrating, you say…isn’t the purpose this time not to get perfect marks?」
「That’s right, but you know…」
「If you just efficiently avoid getting a failing mark, it’s fine」

Shirota looks at me with reproachful eyes.
She twists her mechanical pencil in her right hand like she was dissatisfied.

「I wonder if I made a mistake in the person to teach me」
「You’re thinking about that now?」
「I mean after all…」

Saying her complaints in such a way, Shirota continues studying.
Originally if she used a bit of concentration, once she gets the hang of it she will be able to unexpectedly do math even if it’s a topic she is poor at.

I am a little more worried about her bending forward when she asks me a question.
Each time I can see her bra peek out from her loose T-shirt.
Those plump white breasts, my heart keeps beating fast.


I realized almost an hour passed.
I saw two cats cross the garden.
Shirota who looked over muttered “Ah”.

「Those are the ones you saw in the photo yesterday, they are Gonzo and Arai-san」
「Gonzo and Arai-san?」
「The black one is Gonzo and the tawny cat is Arai-san」

What is with that naming sense?
Even though you call Gonzo without -san why do you add a -san to Arai-san?
Also wasn’t one a given name and the other a family name?
There is no uniformity.

Shirota crawled to the window on all fours.
Her lean ass turned towards me.
Because she only had shorts on, her thighs were dazzling.
Her skin looked tight and looked like it was pleasant to touch.

「Gonzoo! Arai-san!」

Opening the window, Shirota called out to the cats still on all fours.
The cats turned their faces towards here but they immediately left somewhere seeming to have lost interest.

「Umm, it seems they are being unsociable」

Shirota closed the window and sat back down.
She looked at me and tilted her head.

「What happened? Your face is bright red, you know?」

It was most likely because I saw her beautiful ass.
My crotch was also throbbing.

「Ah, no…it’s nothing」
「That’s right! Your house also has a cat right? Did you not take a picture?」

I don’t have a cat.
That’s why I also don’t have a picture.

「Show me!」1

Shirota came towards me on all fours.
I can see her bra.
No, it wasn’t just her bra.
I could see Shirota’s navel through the collar of her loose shirt.

「Ah, e-to…」

I tried to turn away but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the inside of her shirt.

「C’mon hurry up!」
「Well, I don’t have a picture」

I inform Shirota who had quickly got close to me.
Shirota peered into my face like she doubted me.
Too close, too close. Why are you so defenseless?

Come to think of it, Shirota was raised around three older brothers.
Her defenselessness is probably due to her environment.

「You have a cat but you didn’t take a picture?」
「Ah, yeah…」
「There’s no way! Don’t hide it and show me」

Shirota forcefully approaches me.
Thinking it was in my pocket, her hands reach for it.
Realizing it wasn’t there she switched to the other pocket.
I bend my body backwards trying to get away but Shirota got even closer.
Shirota’s head was there with her face downwards, she smelled nice.
If I lower my gaze I can see inside her shirt all I want.
I could also slightly see her pink areola peeking from the gap in her bra.

Ah, it seems like I could almost see her nipples as well.
However, it was at that time.

「Oi! Stop」

I bumped into something as I was almost pushed down by Shirota.
I lightly hit my head on the floor facing upwards.
I raise my head and glare at Shirota.
Shirota opened her mouth floating a childish smile.

「Now, Show me!」
「I said stop, Oi! Stop!」

Shirota’s hand extends towards my pocket.
I wasn’t erect but if she accidentally touches it, I will be found out.
I somehow need to escape.

I strain myself to twist my body.
However as if she expected that, Shirota presses my shoulders down and stops me.
She had a considerable amount of power.
I left an opening since I was surprised.
Shirota’s suntanned arm reaches towards my pocket.


Shirota’s hand that was in my pocket stopped.
That place was where my dick was.
She thought something was there since there was a swelling and then she noticed.
Shirota ended up noticing my dick was there.
Shirota vigorously withdrew her hand that was in my pocket.

「Wh-wh-wh-why do you have an erection!? Ah!」

And it seems she noticed.
Shirota pins down the collar of her shirt and backs away from me.
Sitting up, I drop my shoulders.

「Did you perhaps…see?」

I saw.

「A-and then, you got hard?」

I wasn’t hard.
It’s just that my dick is normally large.
Shirota just misunderstood it as being hard.
However, Shirota lightly opens her eyes and glares at me.

「Y-you’re wrong…」

I try to explain with a hoarse voice.

「I’m not hard」
「Haa? Then what would you call something so big?」

Pulling in her collar Shirota creases her brows.

「It’s the truth!」

This time I ended up letting out a loud voice.
I looked at Shirota with a begging sort of look.

「I really am not hard! It’s just that my dick is huge!」

Silence surrounds me and Shirota.
Lightly opening her eyes, Shirota shook her head.

「Nononono! If that’s the case, isn’t it TOO big!」
「It IS too big!」
「Eh!? Why would you say such a lie!?」

I could say the same thing.
In the first place, even if I got erect, she should have no reason to blame me.
It’s bad for her to wear such a loose fitting T-shirt.

「As for me, I have brothers so I know but it should be impossible for it to be that big and not be erect」

Shirota says while her cheeks turn a bit red.

「I am a virgin so I can’t really point out such lies…Ah, why would it end up getting erect from looking at my bra? Should we stop studying?」
「Don’t stop!」

I got mad.
I wasn’t in the wrong at all for this.
Shirota, who got close to me to forcibly look at a picture of my cat, pushed me down.
And then she tried to forcibly feel around my pockets and that hand touched my dick.
She misunderstood, blaming me for having an erection.
Certainly I did see her bra.
I also saw her areola. I thought I would get erect.
However, thanks to my practice there was no problem.

Even so.

Even so, Shirota said I was erect.

「There’s no reason to stop studying! Because I am not erect!」
「It’s already impossible」

Shirota shrunk back like she was shocked.
Her reproachful aura was gone but she somehow was looking at me with sympathy.
I reached the limits of my patience.
Standing up, I go towards Shirota telling her.

「If that’s the case, try looking! Since it’s the truth! My dick is seriously just that huge!」

And then I vigorously pull down my pants and my boxers as well.
The cats in the garden made a single meow.


  1. Same line the other girls used for his dick…Just saying