Erocom Chapter 20: Shirota Yotsuba 4


There was a stalemate for several seconds.
I regained my composure at the same time I could see the small truck return.
With quick movements I wore my boxers and pants and did a seiza.


I couldn’t look at the scared Shirota.
Ichiro and Jiro got off the truck having a lively conversation.

「It was true…」

Shirota muttered in a whisper.
When I slowly look at her, she wasn’t moving staring at a single tatami.
Her mouth just opens and closes like a machine doll.

「It really is…just huge…」
「E-to…I would like it if you forgot about it」
「That is impossible…」

Raising her face, Shirota made eye contact with me.
Her partly opened mouth was cute.

「Since it is seared inside my head…」

And then in the blink of an eye, Shirota’s face turned red.
I don’t know if I should say anything so I just stared at Shirota.


I could hear Jiro’s voice in the entryway.
Right after that Ichiro’s voice came.

「We’re home. Right? Idiot」
「You said idiot, didn’t you!? You just called me an idiot, didn’t you!?」

Hearing their footsteps, I understood the two were coming to the living room.


Shirota finally let out her voice but nothing else came out after that.
I slowly stood up and grabbed my stuff.

「I-I’ll return…for today…」
「Ah! Th-that’s right. That’s fine…yeah」

Spitting out a somewhat large gasp of air, Shirota rapidly fired of those words.
I don’t know if returning home is fine in this situation.
However, I had a feeling it would be better to leave as quick as possible.
Sliding open the door, I took a step out.

「Excuse me—!」

Vigorously opening the door, a man with a shaved head stood there.
His speech made me think it was Jiro.

「Oh? What is this? Is the meagre man leaving already?」
「Ah, yes…sorry for intruding…」

I had a bad hunch.
When I tried to get by Jiro, he blocked me with his thick arm.

「Well, don’t be so hasty boyfriend」
「Like I said he is not my boyfriend!」

Shirota snapped at him.
But Jiro continues talking without minding.

「Our parents have also come home already, won’t you greet them」
「Ah, e-to…」

While I was confused, Shirota gave me a lifeboat.

「You’re being a bother, Nii-ni, stop!」
「Yotsuba, it’s not like I am really troubling your boyfriend」
「Like I said he’s not my boyfriend!」

Finally standing up, Shirota drew close to Jiro and pushed him.
I was able to leave the room now.


Jiro seemed a bit unhappy.
And then he looked at me with round eyes.

「Let’s try and get along」
「It’s already fine for today! He is coming tomorrow as well so he can meet mom and them then!」

Jiro withdrew from the frantic Shirota.
And it seems I will be coming here tomorrow as well.

「I-If you say that…I will be leaving for today」

Saying that, I went towards the entryway.
Putting on my shoes, Jiro apologized to Shirota still seeming displeased and went outside.

It had already gotten a bit dark as the sun started to set.
Now, I wonder how am I going to get home.
At the same time I left the house, Gonzo and Arai-san entered it.


A voice came from behind after I left the garden.
When I look back, Shirota had caught up to me riding a bike.
She had a light blue parka over her T-shirt.

「I’ll send you off…」
「No, I’m fine」

Shirota just shook her head in silence.
I feel her obstinate determination. It can’t be helped so I accepted.

「I got it…thanks」

After a bit of silence passed between us, Shirota said something.

「Get on…On the back」
「Isn’t it normally the other way around?」
「Then give me a ride」

Saying that, Shirota got off the bike.
And then she handed over the bike to me.
I felt the seat was a bit high but I straddled it.

「I actually told Ichi-nii to send you home in the truck but」

Shirota also straddled the back.
And then she slowly wraps her hands around my waist.

「Since I wanted to properly apologize I decided to send you off」
「I should also be the one to apologize」

That’s right.
I exposed my dick for a moment there.
Furthermore, I ended up showing it to a girl.
I am an unthinkable pervert.

When I start pedalling, Shirota turned her hips and put some power in her arms.
Different from when I had Mikoto ride behind me, I felt a pair of soft hills on my back.

「Is it fine? If someone were to see us here, it would probably be bad」
「It’s fine…It’s already this late…and we chose a road that doesn’t have very many people」

I directed the bike just as Shirota instructed.
It was definitely a different road than I went on.
There is a lot of paddy fields and not many people.


Shirota muttered.

「I misunderstood you…」
「It’s fine. I as well, did something bad…」
「Is it fine to ask for your help in studying tomorrow as well?」
「If you are fine with me」

On the way, the sun started to completely set.
The orange sky was already sinking in a deep darkness.
It was the countryside. There was a small amount of street lights.
The small light on the bike gave a feeling of reassurance.

「Were you hurt?」1
「Well, it’s bad to have a huge one…」
「I don’t think so…」

It was a strange conversation.
We were both talking without specifying.

「Shouldn’t you be proud having a big one?」
「That’s right…but being too big causes a lot of inconveniences」

And then more silence.
Even though it seems like we were getting close to the station, the light was rapidly decreasing.
I started to get really nervous.
Shirota, who turned her waist, slowly lowered her arms.
It was really slow.
At first I thought I was misunderstanding.
However, confirming my thoughts Shirota’s arms went further down.

I wonder if it’s better to stop the bike.
But I didn’t do that. It couldn’t be helped.
I just continued to pedal forward.

「Take a left at the next place…」

Shirota gave me directions.
And then her hand finally moved at the same time.
She touched my dick from on top of my pants.

I noticed Shirota gulped in surprise.
It was probably due to actually feeling my ferocious dick.

While withstanding the sudden stimulus, I pedal the bike with my utmost effort.
If I did not do anything, I feel like Shirota would touch it again.

Shirota’s fingers stroke my dick in order to ascertain its form.
Receiving a moderate amount of stimulus through the cloth, blood starts gathering in my dick.

「Ah, tomorrow…is the same place and same time alright?」

Unless I talk about something else, I will get hard.


Giving a reply, Shirota continues stroking my dick.
It was gently. Her hands moved like when she would pet a cat.

「Will Ichiro come and pick me up?」
「Is it fine to study from where we left off today?」

Suddenly the road opened up and there were plenty of lights.
We came to the shopping district in front of the station.
Shirota’s hand suddenly separated from my dick.

I knew where the station was from here.
I went to the station while the silent Shirota rode on the back.

「I’m heading home, be careful, okay?」

I got off the bike and handed it over to Shirota.
Shirota replied as if nothing happened.

「I’m fine, I am familiar with getting home」
「Is that so?」
「Then, I will be in your care tomorrow as well」

And then straddling the bike without seeing me off, Shirota left straight through the shopping district.
At this point, my dick started getting erect.


  1. I think she is referring to his feelings about his dick