Erocom Chapter 21: Shirota Yotsuba 5


The next day was Friday.
The forecast said it would be cloudy but it has been raining since noon.
After school I went towards Okunashi Station according to my promise with Shirota.
When I did, Shirota was there in her uniform under the clock tower.

「Aa, Okutani」

I immediately recall what happened yesterday.
On the dark paddy field road, Shirota touched my dick on top of my uniform.
That sexy hand movement and the warm feeling of her breath on my back.

Taking a bit of distance, I stood next to Shirota.
If we were together in a place that Shirota’s friends would see, I thought it would be a problem

「Well, it’s because it’s raining, look…」

We both looked towards the roundabout pretending to be strangers while we had a conversation.

「Aa, so is Ichiro coming to pick us up?」
「Yeah…I’m supposed to come get my bike tomorrow」

I look at Shirota with a fleeting glance.
It was the time of season to change uniforms but Shirota was wearing a blazer.
Today is certainly a little chilly.
Her wet short hair is sexy. I somehow felt she was an adult woman from her gaze looking off in the distance.

「Hey, I thought I did something dangerous?」
「You know, yesterday on the way home…」
「Aa…I didn’t think so. It was nothing…」

There was a little bit of silence.
Shirota took a deep breath as if her tension was unraveled.

「Then, good…」
「But, why…did you do that?」
「That is」

Shirota looked at me.
Her wet bangs clung on top of her eyebrows.
Her cheeks dyed red and her lips were slightly shivering.

「Hey, no matter what type of woman I am you won’t think I’m weird?」

She seemed to be at her wit’s end.
Shirota had a mood like she would expose something she has been bearing.

「I won’t think that」

I had confidence in that.

「Then…I will tell you later」

At that moment, Ichiro finally came.
He let me and Shirota on and we went towards their house.
Thanks to the rain there wasn’t much foot traffic. There wasn’t any worry of being seen by someone.

When we got to their house, Shirota’s parents and Jiro came out to greet us.
Shirota’s mom and dad were good people and gave a warm smile.
Shirota’s dad had a shaved head like Ichiro and Jiro.

「We have to leave so we can’t really entertain you but…」

Floating a kind-hearted smile, Shirota’s mom handed over a towel.
I accepted it without reservation, dried my body, and then replied.

「No…Please don’t worry about it」

Shirota’s mom was short. She was a person who gave off a simple feeling that she really worked in the fields.
I thought it would just be her two parents that leave but Ichiro and Jiro left as well.

「What are they doing?」

When we entered the same room as yesterday, I asked Shirota.

「Aa…my grandpa lives in the next town over. Fridays we go over there to eat for a meal」
「Is it fine for you to not go?」
「Usually, after my clubs finish I go there on my bike but…Today is right before the exams」

And so, Shirota left the room to change clothes.
When I tried to sit down, there was someone already using it.

「Ah, Gonzou」

The fat black cat was rolled up in a ball looking like it felt comfy.
I sit next to it trying not to wake it and take out my study materials.
After a while, Shirota came back.

「Come to my room for a bit」

I raise my head and look at Shirota.
She was wearing a gray shirt and jeans.
It was a long sleeve shirt and compared to yesterday there was a lot less exposure.
However the size seemed a bit small and it emphasized her figure.


Standing up, I asked her.
Gonzou woke up and stretched.

「I said it earier at the station didn’t I? I’ll tell you」

Not hearing my reply, Shirota went to her room.
I chase after her confused.
Going upstairs, Shirota entered the second room.
I stood in the doorway and peeked inside the room.

「Come in…」

It was a 6 tatami room.
Cream colored curtains hung there and her bed was next to the window.
There wasn’t a desk but there was a big bookshelf that completely hid one of the walls.
The bookshelf was completely filled with manga.

「Amazing…You like manga, huh」

Entering her room, I survey the bookshelf.
Gonzou entered Shirota’s room from behind me.

「Shoujo manga, Shounen manga…Aa, this one is quite old, huh」

I am not very well-informed about manga.
So I could only understand the typical manga placed here.

「This is…」

Shirota stood next to her bed and spoke.
When I turn around, Shirota’s face is a deep red and she cast her eyes down.
Her hand was holding a thin book and she was presenting it to me.

「…Is this a so-called doujin?」

Receiving it, I look at the title.

「『My disordered relationship with senpai』…is this…」
「That’s right, it’s BL」

The cover had two handsome men embracing each other nude.
One had eyes that looked like he was teasing the other while the other was smiling at the childish trouble.
When I opened it, I was surprised.
It was really two naked men having sex.
Not being able to look at it directly for long, I quickly closed the book.

「Do you like things like this?」

It was way too unexpected.
This coming from Shirota who was a pitcher in the softball club.
I thought she was a normal girl who worried about her studies and seriously participated in her club.
Even though her just liking something like manga is unexpected, she is even interested in BL.
I couldn’t comprehend it.

「That…was drawn by my friend in middle school. She recommended it…」

Shirota explained bit by bit with a red face.

「At first I refused but…I gradually ended up being interested…」
「And then my…that…was?」1
「Sorry…if my brothers knew it would hurt them but, after seeing yours yesterday…I can’t hold back anymore!」

“I can’t!” Shirota raises her face.
Both her cheeks are deep red from embarrassment.
She was red all the way up to her nose and her eyes were moist.

「That’s why」

Shirota drew a step closer to me.

「That’s why…Won’t you show me, one more time?」

I didn’t know how to respond.
Now there is three people that have seen.
Mikoto told me to show her, Kurusu told me to show her.
I showed both of them. And then I got a delightful reaction.
If that’s the case, I had a feeling it would be fine to show Shirota.

「Ah, it’s fine if it’s not right away…」
「I-I want to do my best so…until the exams, no…until I get passing marks in math, at that time show me…」

It seems seeing my dick has become her motivation to study.
However, Shirota’s bright red face in front of me seemed serious.
As if she was trying to see my dick hidden behind my pants, her gaze moved towards my crotch.


When I replied, Shirota gave a broad smile like she was happy.
Since it was an excessively charming expression, I ended up wanting to hug her unintentionally.
If Gonzou didn’t meow, I would probably have pushed her down.


  1. Gibberish as he is confused