Erocom Chapter 23: Kurusu Mia 9


The third kiss was passionate.
We piled our lips on top of each other like we were lusting insatiably for one another.
I sat down next to Kurusu, and before I knew it, I had embraced her.
Kurusu also desperately wraps her arms around my body while breathing roughly through her nose.
Our noses hit and our teeth bang against each other over and over again.
However, after a little bit, we became more skilled at it. Our lips were unified.
Our saliva mixes together as a lascivious sound echoes through the clubroom.

「N, Kuchu, Nchu, Fuah, N, Nah, N」

I needed a bit of courage but I extended my tongue.
I force open Kurusu’s tightly sealed lips.
There was some resistance at first but Kurusu slightly opens her lips.
Aiming at that gap, I inserted my tongue in one stroke.


Kurusu said with a surprised, muffled voice.
Ignoring that, I search for Kurusu’s tongue.
Pushing my way through the sea of saliva in her mouth, I search for Kurusu’s tongue that she hid somewhere.
It was my first deep kiss.1

「Nchu, Ah, Noo, Nn, Ah」

With a short gasp, Kurusu bends her head back from my kiss.
However, I won’t let her get away. Hanging over her lying on the sofa, I continue to suck on her lips.
And I continue violating the inside of her mouth with my tongue.
I found Kurusu’s small tongue.
Persistently chasing it, I entwine mine with hers.
Pleasure runs through my body like my mouth itself had become an erogenous zone.
My consciousness was dizzy from being hit by waves of pleasure. My body felt dull like I had anemia.
While we both make indecent sounds, we amuse ourselves with only kissing.


Kurusu turned her face away.
Naturally since the kiss was over, awkward silence appeared.
I was straddling Kurusu.
Her disorderd chestnut-colored hair spread on top of the sofa.

It was a work of art.
Anyone would praise Kurusu’s face as such.
And I was riding on top of her.

「You were too intense…」

Her moist lips shone sweetly.


Regaining a bit of my composure, I get off from on top of Kurusu.
When I sit on the sofa, I told her like I was making an excuse.

「You were…too lovely…」
「I understand, such a thing」

Her way of speaking seemed like she was pouting.
However there wasn’t an iota of being displeased with me.
Kurusu stretches her legs towards me.
Two dazzling legs stretch out from her skirt.
Her white school slippers and her navy blue socks.
Her smooth exposed thigh and her butt that was hidden by her skirt.

Unintentionally, my hand reached out towards it.
Slowly, I caressed her thighs.


Kurusu glares at me like she’s mad.
But she didn’t run away and she didn’t refuse my hand.
She just closed her legs a bit.


I remove my hand from her thigh while apologizing.
And then the hand that was floating around turns towards her stomach.
I touch her slender stomach from on top of her shirt.

「What are you doing?」

When she breathes, her stomach rises and falls.
Each time I get a sense of happiness.
When I rub her stomach, Kurusu twists around like it is ticklish.
Her skirt flipped up and her thighs were exposed further.
My fingertips become numb in excitement.
However the nerves got sensitive, when I stroke her stomach, blood gathers in my lower body.

「Hey, why, my stomach?」
「It somehow feels good…」

Kurusu lowered her eyebrows and smiled seeming troubled.
The hand that was stroking her stomach gradually drew closer to her abundant breasts.


Kurusu’s smiling face slightly stiffened.
It was not fear. If she expresses it on purpose then her face was sweet.2

Passing by her solar plexus, I reach her breasts.
First, my hand crawls towards her right breast.
Even though I had only touched it slightly, I was surprised at the softness.


Kurusu tightly closes her lips frowning.
It didn’t feel like she would refuse but she seemed flustered.
Is it fine for him to touch me like this? I could see her have that sort of hesitation.
Before she could say anything, I wrap my palm around her breast.


And then I massaged it.
Soft. Soft. Soft.
Of course, under her camisole she should have a bra on.
There is certainly a feeling of firm cloth and wires.
Even so, Kurusu’s breasts were soft, my fingers sunk in.
It was slow but I rubbed at a speed that didn’t give her space to think.

My dick that I had trained before was quickly starting to get erect.
Kurusu turns her gaze away looking at something distant in order to not look at me.
Her cheeks blushed, her breathing became rough, and she bit her lips.
The strength creasing her eyebrows and the strength in her shoulders seemed to get stronger.

Now with my other hand, I rubbed her left breast.
I got aroused at the same softness as her right breast.
I could clearly feel a pleasant substance spread through my head.
It was a spark of light. Little by little, that spark brought about the greatest pleasure to my brain.


Heavy breathing leaked from between Kurusu’s lips as she was biting them.
Kurusu gripped her open hand.


I called out in a voice that I couldn’t tell whether it was audible.


It seems to have reached her.
When she turns her face towards me, Kurusu slightly tilts her head to the side.

「What…? Okutani, kun…」
「Is it fine to take it off…?」

While rubbing both her breasts, I asked her.

「Such…Nn…things, don’t ask that…」
「But…If I don’t get your approval」
「I don’t know…Ann」

Kurusu ended up turning her face away again.
Wavering, I started off by trying to unbutton the topmost button on her shirt.
When a portion more than just her neck was exposed, I could see her collarbone.
Even with only that much, my hand trembled.
The person before me was a perfectly beautiful girl.
Even if someone would just be able to talk to her without restraint they would be happy.
I was trying to take off that Kurusu’s shirt.

Even after unfastening one of her buttons, Kurusu didn’t say anything.
Is this fine? Is it fine to strip her just like this?
I had such hesitation but I had no intention to stop.
One more button was undone.
Kurusu did not refuse me. She just took a deep breath inwards.

「It’s fine, right?」


I tried asking again.
Kurusu’s reply was the same as earlier.

「I don’t know…」

The moment I unbuttoned the third button, I stopped hesitating.
I gradually unbuttoned her shirt with trembling hands.


  1. French kiss
  2. No fucking clue