Erocom Chapter 24: Kurusu Mia 10


I finished unfastening all of her buttons.

「Ah…it’s a bit…embarrassing」

Kurusu tightly closed her eyelids with a bright red face.
Her delicate body continually trembled from shyness.

「It will be fine…」

I don’t know what will be fine.
However, in order to calm her down, I muttered in a gentle tone.

「It’s because you are extremely pretty…」
「Nnn…it’s even more embarrassing」

After unfastening the buttons, the front of her shirt opened up.
Her white transparent camisole appeared and I could see her thin yellow bra.
Her plump pair of hills was not losing to gravity, they firmly held their shape.
When she breathes, it rises up and down and I can’t help but get an erection.


I rub her breasts from on top of her camisole.


The camisole had a good texture.
And the bra’s lace and wire hidden underneath was hard.
When I put strength into my fingers, her soft breasts were easily molded.

「Okutani-kun…it’s already, no good…it’s too embarrassing」

With her eyes shut, Kurusu fired off those words.
Towards her voice that contained a considerable passionate tone, my whole body became numb.
Even though she says it’s no good, I couldn’t stop my hands.
I lift up the hem of her camisole.

「Ah, wait…hey」

Kurusu tries to restrain my hands.
However the power behind her resistance was weak, it wasn’t enough to stop my hands.
Kurusu’s navel made an appearance. It was a small cute navel.
I stroke Kurusu’s exposed stomach. It was an unconscious action.
Her stomach was smooth and just touching it gave me a sense of happiness.

「Hey, I said stop」

Kurusu looked at me with slightly opened eyes.
After smiling at such a Kurusu, I opened my mouth to talk.

「I want to see…」
「Ah, it’s no good, hey」

I lift her camisole in one go.
I didn’t give her a chance to stop it. I stripped the thin cloth all the way to the base of her neck.
Her thin yellow bra was exposed.
The lace portion had black ornaments placed on it but the whole thing was a simple design.

「Don’t look…seriously, we can’t anymore…」

Kurusu crosses both her hands to hide her chest.
And pinning down both her breasts made a splendid valley.
Kurusu hides her skin that usually isn’t hit directly by sunlight.


Such a word came to mind.
Kurusu’s chest was like a snow field without anyone’s footprints left behind.
My heart tightened painfully.
If I ended up touching such things, I don’t know what I would end up doing.
I had such a fear.
It wasn’t such a simple thing to pollute her with my hands.


Kurusu looks at me who stopped moving.
Kurusu’s eyes shook left and right.


She was too lovely.
Why was she so perfect?
Since she was so perfect I was hesitating to pollute her.
A saint needs to be cherished.
A human like me cannot touch her.

「Hey…Is something wrong?」

I slightly separate my body from her and muttered.

「I…don’t have any confidence」

Sitting back down on the sofa, I make a confession while looking at my feet.

「You are a person in a different world than me. Even so, I…」

Kurusu listens to me while staying silent.
She listens to me express my thoughts in silence.
Even this interaction was tough for me.

「Even though it should be plenty for me to just be able to talk frankly with a person like you…」
「Now, look here」

Slightly raising her voice, Kurusu talks to me.
I unintentionally looked at her.
Kurusu glared at me with a bright red face.
She seemed mad.

「What are you saying so suddenly after leaving a girl in such a state?」

I extend my hand to try and fix her camisole.
However, Kurusu refused my hand.

「I wonder why…why do I think such a guy is good」

Brushing away my hand, Kurusu stood up.
And then she voluntarily throws off her shirt and strips her camisole.
She stood in front of me with a shameless appearance of just a bra and skirt.
I had to catch my breath at Kurusu’s perfectly shaped body.
I wanted to be introduced to a sculptor in order to leave behind this figure for the future.

「It’s extremely embarrassing but…」

Kurusu turns her hands behind her while saying that.
And then she unfastened her bra.
Her pinned down chest was released and their size increased.
Kurusu laid her unfastened bra on the sofa.


There really was no defect.
Even when her plump breasts lost the support of her bra, they show no sign of losing their form.
Her reddish nipples surrounded by her pink areolas are placed perfectly on her breasts.
The gloomy club room seemed to turn brilliant.
The stagnant air started to get washed away by her breasts.

「Okutani-kun…umm you know, I like you」

It was a sublime moment.
I had a feeling that she just said something amazing but it practically didn’t reach my ears.
I end up focusing all 5 of my sense on the scene in front of me.

Kurusu, whose tits were exposed, looked at me firmly with wide open eyes.
And then she seemed to desperately fight shyness.
She said with a bright red face.

「The first day I transferred here in May, everyone tried to get a look at me but you were the only one to turn his face away」

Somehow I replied.
That was certainly the case.
I tried to avoid contact with her.
A person from a different world showed up.
Even if I harbored good will for her, she would just look at me with painful eyes.
That’s what I thought. No, I still think that now

「Such a person, it was a first for me…」

Kurusu straightens her back like she was showing off her beautiful tits to me.

「You didn’t try to talk to me, on the contrary, you didn’t even try to make eye contact with me…I couldn’t understand why…I thought I was being hated even though I had just transferred in」
「Ah…Th-…that was」

I try to come up with some sort of excuse but I couldn’t let out my voice.
Not being able to take my eyes off of Kurusu’s exposed upper half, it was like the words were stuck in my throat.

「When I became aware of it, I had already lost. I entered the Human Culture Research Club and I thought I would try to get to know you better…and then I called out to you…」


It was that time we were going back home.
Kurusu suddenly called out to me.
And then we shared our secrets.
Everything started there.

「At that time I knew…”Aa, I have come to like Okutani-kun”…」
「S-such a thing」

Finally, the words that came out was in self deprecation.

「For someone like me…」

I know how pathetic it is.
But, I couldn’t go on without saying it.

「Why would you like someone like me…」
「I don’t know! Even I, don’t know why I started to like someone, someone like you…」
「I thought I would come to like someone cooler, someone more manly, someone who would be able to protect me!」
「I am surprised myself!」

Kurusu drew close to me, sitting on the sofa.
And then spreading out both her hands, she wraps up my head embracing me.

「But I like you because I like you…it can’t be helped」

My face was absorbed by her breasts.
And then I put her nipple in my mouth.