Erocom Chapter 3: Kurusu Mia 3


The bus arrived in front of the station.
We boarded the train that arrived.
Kurusu didn’t say a single word.

When we reached Kitaichikura Station.
Suddenly she laughed. Kurusu finally opened her mouth.

「As one would expect from a member of the Human Culture Research Club.」

I blinked my eyes at the unexpected words.
Kurusu still floated a good natured smile but somehow, a feeling like it would break started to emerge.

「Okutani-kun, watches people often, huh.」
「Is that so? There is no such thing but…」
「But, you saw through me did you not?」

I saw through her. I didn’t do such an amazing thing.
I just thought Kurusu was just being a bit unreasonable.
You seem tired frantically hiding behind a mask from everyone.
“In order to not be hated, in order to not be hated”, trying to treat everyone equally. 1
The girl that tries to be everyone’s friend and fight against gossip didn’t show a single disagreeable expression.
That’s why she chased after me to ask me to try going home together.

「Are you scared of being hated by people?」

I tried asking such a question.
Kurusu’s shoulders dropped.
It became easy to tell she looked different from the original Kurusu.

「It isn’t like that but… Hey, Okutani-kun, do you have some time?」
「Right now?」
「Yeah. Won’t you come to my house? I wanted to talk for a bit.」

A girl’s house.
Furthermore I ended up getting invited to the super beauty Kurusu Mia’s house.
For a male virgin, this is a story like a dream.
Rather, the reality is too much and I am troubled dealing with it.

「If I won’t be an annoyance then it’s fine but…」

Looking at me as if I was towering above, Kurusu had pleading eyes.
For the seemingly good girl Kurusu, it was a splendidly willful action.

「It isn’t a problem. Since tomorrow is a school holiday.」

What is she saying?
“You can even stay over”, is what it seems like she said.
Idiot. You are way too easy-going.
But, Kurusu laughed seeming like she did not realize my error.

「Thank goodness. Then it’s decided.」

With perfect timing, the train arrived at Mikura Station.
We disembark on the station’s platform and climb the staircase.
Somehow Kurusu’s steps seemed to have became light.

It was a short distance to Kurusu’s house from the station.
It was the top floor of a tower apartment complex that seemed like it was built no more than a year ago.
Naturally it had an auto-lock.
If the key isn’t used even the elevator won’t move.

「Go ahead.」

Pulling the sturdy door, Kurusu guided me around the house.

「Mom! I brought a friend.」

For a male virgin, even this was an error.
For my own convenience, I was under the impression that a girl inviting a boy to their house meant the parents were absent.

「Welcome home. Ara, hello.」

Kurusu’s mother was also quite the beauty.
In actuality she might be a bit older but even if she said she was in her twenties, I wouldn’t doubt it.
She had long chestnut-colored hair just like her daughter.
Even though it was their house, she wore a white shirt and a tight skirt.

「Hello. I am in the same club as your daughter, Okutani Koumei.」

With my head bowed, I give my greetings.

「I am sorry for the sudden visit.」
「Ara, so polite… I am not very hospitable but, feel free to make yourself comfortable.」

When I took off my shoes, we went to the living room with Kurusu’s guidance.

「By all means, sit. Since I will be going out soon.」(Kurusu’s Mom)

She had an appearance as if she had work after this.

「Where are you going?」
「To a meeting with a client… The truth is I had plans during the day.」

While having such a conversation, the mother and daughter prepared snacks and beverages.

「Then, please take your time.」

With a light wave, Kurusu’s mom left.
The living room was about 20 square tatami and was well arranged.
There was a large T.V. and a big window.
The white walls were decorated with patterns of shapes.

「What work does your mom do?」
「It is a job related to architecture.」

Munching on the snacks, Kurusu replied.

「What about your dad?」
「He is the president of a design office. They met at a college of arts and got married. Recently father became independent and opened his own office…」
「Then what about your siblings.」
「Okutani-kun just keeps asking questions.」

“It’s no big deal”, Kurusu showed a rascally smile.

「I have one older brother. He is a university student. He is living alone in Tokyo.」
「I see…」
「What do you see?」
「Well, it is the very picture of a lovely family.」
「I will receive your praise.」

I agree. They were words of praise.
The one who invited me to their home was Kurusu.
You said there was something you wanted to say.
Somehow or another I tried to guess the details.

「So, you wanted to talk about something…?」
「Ah, yeah…」

After she took a sip of her drink, Kurusu looked at me with a serious face.

「Will you be friends with me?」
「We should have already become friends but…」
「That’s not what I meant, I meant a friend that I didn’t have to try so hard to not hate me…」
「I became your friend with such intentions.」

Kurusu had the same face she showed on the train.
It was the selfish speech without caring about the partner that was normal for a highschool girl.

「Is that so? Thank you.」

She seems really happy.
Kurusu stood up and vanished in the corridor.
I wonder if she went to the restroom?
When she returned after a short time, Kurusu changed her clothes.
She had a T-shirt under her parka. It was a casual appearance with jeans.
Since I have only seen her in her uniform, this has a fresh taste to it.

「I can relax… At last I am glad I have found someone I can relax with and talk to.」

Kurusu once again sat down on a chair with a relaxed expression.
Picking up a snack, she put it in her mouth.
And then she licked her index finger. It was erotic.

「After all you were scared huh? Of being hated.」
「Yeah… It’s a bit different though…」

Then, Kurusu talked about her past.


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