Erocom Chapter 4: Kurusu Mia 4


Kurusu Mia, has been a beauty ever since she was born.
Both her parents are Japanese but their facial features makes people treat them with a close resemblance to people with foreign blood.
When she entered kindergarten, a scout from a talent agency came.
There was even one time where she was in a commercial.

「I couldn’t really remember but it was before I was aware of my surroundings.」

When she entered primary school, there was a storm of confessions from boys.
There was also a storm of jealousy from the girls.
She had her original personality and she participated in committees and what not.
She even had students from other schools and famous teachers approach her.

「During that time there was nothing of much significance…there was some slightly teasing things done but at most it was just hiding my indoor slippers.」

If it was me, even that teasing would be fine.
But for Kurusu, that was just the beginning.

A problem emerged after she entered middle school.
Kurusu’s good looks spurred it on as well as the fact that her character also didn’t have any defects.
Since they probably couldn’t attack her, the girls shaking in envy were bewildered.
Not all the students would go but almost all the boys fell in love with Kurusu.

「I said some stuff by myself but…that just made me popular」

Then, it was at that time.
A girl, that was dumped by the guy she was going out with, called out to Kurusu.
That girl was Kurusu’s close friend.

「Nee, my boyfriend, could you not take him?」

Of course, Kurusu didn’t remember taking anyone.

「Since he came to like Mia he told me he wanted to try separating」
「That isn’t my fault」
「But isn’t it because you keep making eyes at everyone’s boyfriends!」

At that time, Kurusu still wasn’t wearing her mask.
It was clear who she liked and who she disliked.
Towards her best friend’s boyfriend, she certainly told him clearly.
It didn’t reach him.
Even though there was definitely people she didn’t tell, she definitely told her best friend’s boyfriend.
In other words she didn’t have any interests in him. That ended up causing her best friend a misunderstanding.

「I didn’t use you! Not for my best friend’s boyfriend!」
「Don’t lie! You probably showed him your naked body!」

And then, Kurusu ended up snapping.

「Don’t you just have no charm!」

Her best friend shouted.
And then she striked out at Kurusu.
Kurusu also prepared her fists in order to return fire.
But then her close friend lost her footing and fell.
Unfortunately she ended up bleeding from the head.

「I was under house arrest for one month…」

No matter how you think about it, it wasn’t Kurusu’s fault.
But the screaming and crying close friend of Kurusu bled from the head.
It was a minor incident but her appearance was flashy.
Furthermore that close friend turned her in and complained against her.

「It became absurd…I also couldn’t refute it…Certainly, since my appearance was good, I was ostracized. But even though I didn’t do it, I was disciplined…Furthermore my friend lied」

And then because of that.
Kurusu started treating everyone the same.
Whether she liked them or disliked them it didn’t matter. She came in contact with them without distinction.
She didn’t date guys and she also didn’t make friends with the same sex.
If it’s a person she doesn’t like, she addresses them to become friends.

「But, I also got tired of it…There were people I didn’t want to talk to…once I entered high school in my hometown but I had a lot of acquaintances from middle school…they teased me…and then I became truant」
「Hee, Kurusu was a truant」

It was unexpected.

「Un. That’s why I changed schools. Since that was the case, my dad became independent」

I now understand her reasoning for transferring in halfway through the term.

「Even though I was tired, the same thing happened even at Hashidzume High School」

When I tried saying something to tease her, Kurusu smiled bitterly.

「It was a painful time…don’t you think? That’s why when Okutani-kun said that on the bus, I suddenly went weak in the knees」
「Is that why you invited me to your house?」
「Yeah…I wanted to follow this person is what I thought」

The meek Kurusu muttered.

「Well, isn’t it fine? Since the beginning, you have gradually been added to my real friends」
「Can I do it?」
「You can probably do it. By the way my ability to make friends is the worst. That’s why I am glad I could become friends with Kurusu」

Kurusu floated a smile.
It was a smile that was different from the usual one seen in the classroom and clubroom. It was an extremely childish smile.

「Now then, I think I should go home」

Our talk is probably over.
I also can’t find a reason to intrude even further.
However, when I tried to stand up, my arm was grasped.


Kurusu grasped my arm with her slender fingers.
The gentle Kurusu’s finger one by one felt pleasant on my skin.

「You won’t tell anyone about this right?」
「Aa…I won’t say anything」

I would not have such an idea.

「What, do you doubt your friend?」

It was supposed to be a joke but Kurusu cast her eyes down apologetically.

「Sorry…but…I still can’t believe it…」

She has a past where she was betrayed by her close friend after all.
Furthermore, it can’t be helped. She probably also has a feeling of wanting to believe in someone.
But, she still can’t do that.

「Understood…Then, is there anything I can do?」

I asked that question.
After thinking for a bit, Kurusu said something.

「Won’t you also tell me one of your secrets?」

I see.
If we know each other’s secrets, it can be used to protect the other from leaking theirs.

「My secret, huh…」

What kind of secrets do I have?
If it isn’t a secret that can’t be said to others, then there is no meaning.

「Do you not have any? Or is it that you have some but you can’t tell me?」

The nervous Kurusu looked at me.
She put more power in her hand that was grasping my arm.

「Well…it’s not like I don’t have any but…」
「No…but, I have a certain feeling that it is something I can’t tell you」
「It’s fine! No matter what type of secret it is, it is fine, so!」
「Then, Then…about me…」

Then I take a breath in.
*Hyuu* resounded in my throat.

「My dick is quite huge…」