Erocom Chapter 30: Ando Mikoto 10


After that, Eda summarized her story.
That shrine was far from her house but it seems to be a famous place for couples to gather and do obscene things.
Kurusu and I ended up doing something like that at that shrine without knowing.

Coming to an impasse with the creation of her next work, Eda went to the shrine.
Hoping to come across a couple having sex, she thought the act would give her inspiration.
And then when she went to check, she found a boy and girl from Hashidzume High School there.
The boy’s grown dick looked like something out of a manga.
However, since it was far away, she couldn’t tell who it was.
Since she couldn’t get closer, she just took a photo and then went home.
After she got home, she started to draw manga with my dick as the model but it was difficult to make out the small details.

Eda started thinking she wanted to see it one more time.
And then after a few days she immediately realized the girl was Kurusu.
But she couldn’t tell who the guy was. Other than his dick, he was a very ordinary high school boy.
Furthermore I don’t talk with Kurusu at school.
Because of that, Eda didn’t notice me even further.
She tried to forget it but she couldn’t forget about that dick.
In the end, she presented the photo to Kurusu.

「To think, Eda was into BL…」

Furthermore, she was Shirota’s friend from middle school.

「Keep it a secret, okay?」

Presently, Kurusu and I were both on the roof.
With her business finished, Eda already left.

「So, Kurusu, what will you do?」
「”What will I do?” you say…」

Estimating the situation wasn’t as serious as she thought, Kurusu’s face relaxed in a funny way.
She jokingly looked at my lower body.

「That’s right. This time we won’t do ecchi stuff at the shrine」
「That’s not it」

I shook my head astonished.

「You told Eda to wait so you can confirm with me…is that what you said?」
「I refuse!」
「Eeh…I mean won’t you become a model for manga?」
「My dick will! Furthermore for BL!」

It was a troubling conversation.
Kurusu put Eda’s request on hold.
In that situation you should refuse instead of saying to wait for confirmation from the person themselves.

「Is that so?…Then, I can only tell her it’s impossible」
「Please do so」

With that, the conversation was over.
Since the threat is gone, it seems I can be relieved for once.

I separate with Kurusu at Mikura Station and head home.
Since the tests were over as well, it felt clear and sunny.
If I start reviewing my own answers, my grades will also raise.
However, there was no real sign of that occurring.
Getting home, I roll into the living room in my uniform.
Before I knew it, it seems I fell asleep.

「Coold! Whaat?」

I jumped up awake.
And then I frantically wiped the liquid stuck to my face.
The thing that disturbed my sleep was water hitting my face.

「Mikoto, you!」

Mikoto was standing there.
Holding a small bag in her hands, she was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.
With her short black hair and her cat like sanpaku eyes.
Her upward pointing nose made her look like she was a pixie from a fantasy movie.
Her short height and clear expression makes her seem more like a boy than a maiden.
However, it has only been a year since she started going to an Ojou-sama school.
Gradually, her aura started to exude elegance.
Since I was taking exams and studying with Shirota, it was a long time since I last saw her.

「Why did you throw water on my face!」
「I mean, you wouldn’t wake up」

Mikoto was holding a cup in her hand.
She probably used that to pour water on my face.
I will make a correction. She has no elegance.

「So, what do you want?」

Going to the bathroom, I wiped my face off with a towel.
Mikoto replied to me from the living room.

「Can I not visit even if I don’t have business?」
「That’s not it but what’s with the bag」

As soon as I noticed the strange quietness in the house, I thought it was such a thing.
My house’s bath is small. For that reason, we frequently go to the bathhouse.
Our mothers went in the K-car.
It seems today Mikoto and her mother would go together.
Not everyone can ride on the car, however.
So, the adults went in the K-car, and we would take bikes.

「I’ll pass today…」

But I had a bit of trouble.
I was tired from everything that has happened.
Truthfully, it would probably be better to get in a large bath.
However, I can’t muster up the energy to go to the bathhouse.

「That’s no good, let’s go」

I came back to the living room and Mikoto grabbed my arm and dragged me to the entryway.

「He- wait! I get it so! I will go so wait!」
「Hurry up」

Putting on my shoes in the entryway, Mikoto sat down quietly and then started to get mad again.
I went upstairs and quickly changed my clothes.
And then after I changed into proper clothing I stuffed a towel in my sports bag.
I went back to the first floor and it seems I barely made it in time.
Mikoto didn’t say anything and promptly went outside.

As if it was natural, Mikoto sat on the back of my bike when I got on.
I gave up on trying to complain about anything.
The place was at most 15 minutes away on bike.
It was absurd to waste time here arguing.
When I was pedalling the bike, Mikoto asked me a question.

「How was the tests?」
「Aah…well just like usual, I guess」

As usual I would get around the middle of average scores.
*Fuun*, Mikoto replied seeming uninterested.
Leaving the paddy field street, I start going down the main road a bit.
There were many cars on the street and we couldn’t talk much.
Going down a short hill road, when we enter a residential area, the bathhouse was immediately ahead.

「Even if you get out quickly, wait for me okay」
「Got it」

Paying the entrance fee, I separate with Mikoto at the entrance sign.