Erocom Chapter 29: Eda Fukiko 1


The person who finally showed up on the roof was a single school girl.
Just recently today, the temperature went above 25 degrees.1 It was hot.
Even so, this student was wearing a blazer.

She had long black hair with her bangs cut right above her eyebrows.
Her thick eyebrows and double edged eyelids seemed like typical eyes for a Japanese person.2
Her lips had a thin amount of makeup on almost like it was nonexistent.
She was a so-called Japanese beauty. She had the neat and proper ambiance that tickles a guy’s instincts.
She had a characteristic pair of big round glasses resting on her nose.
And more than anything was her breasts. Aren’t they bigger than Kurusu’s?

This girl’s name was Eda Fukiko.
She’s a second year.
There isn’t anyone at Hashidzume High School that doesn’t know her.
As soon as she entered high school she entered the student council. Now she is the vice president.
With good grades, she doesn’t take anything but first place when the test results are posted in the hallway.

Even though Eda finally came, Kurusu didn’t say anything.
I also thought there was no need to speak either.
There is no way I could think the person to take that photo was Eda.
She probably just came to the roof casually.


While pushing up her glasses, Eda spoke out.
She continues through the door to the roof and stares at Kurusu.
As expected of the student council vice president.
That attitude and tone, there was a firmness to it that was characteristic of someone who disciplines themselves.


Being perplexed, Kurusu gave her a reply.
She was hesitating on how to interact with her properly.

「About the photo, I’m sorry」

It was Eda.
As expected, Kurusu couldn’t reply not being able to hide her surprise.

「I’m sorry. Umm, you are the Eda from the class next to mine, right?…」

Kurusu began to speak seeming a little taken back.

「I am that Eda. Eda Fukiko」
「Oh good…Since I just transferred in, I still have trouble with names」
「It’s fine. Don’t worry about it…and so, about the photo…」
「That’s right! You were the one who took this?」
「That’s right but…」

Kurusu strengthened her tone like she remembered her original objective.

「Then erase the data」
「I’ll delete it」

Eda’s hair flutters in the wind flowing through the roof.
The vice president’s beauty is comparable to Kurusu’s.
Receiving many envious glances from her pupils, her good looks were the object of adoration.

「But, would you listen to just one request of mine?」

After retreating one step, Kurusu hugged her own body.

「You’re wrong」

Smiling bitterly, Eda shook her head.
Even though the beauties were appearing together, the air flowing between them wasn’t pleasant.

「I just have a trifling request. Then I will delete the data.」

Kurusu crumpled the picture she was holding.

「Is there any proof?」
「You can only believe me. Even if I destroy the SD card right here, you can only doubt if I made a copy.」

I wonder what her goal is.
Laying on my stomach, I observe the two while thinking.
Eda says she has some sort of request.
For that sake she expressly used this sort of method, it must be quite the request.
It seems like if she requested it normally she wouldn’t get an agreement.

「What is the request?」

Kurusu and I thought of the same thing.
When she asks, I could tell there was tension in her voice.
Which reminds me, in the past, Kurusu parted with her friend on the rooftop.
Irrationally complaining about taking her boyfriend, even though she hurt Kurusu for her own convenience it was her own fault.

「Will you tell me who the other person is in that photo?」

I ended up unintentionally letting out my voice.
Frantically reeling my voice in, I waited for Eda’s voice.
Seeing her hesitate a bit, Eda opens her mouth.

「I clearly understood that Kurusu-san was in this photo but…I can’t really understand who this other person is」

That was certainly so.
The photo was fuzzy, you can’t really recognize me and Kurusu properly.
However my appearance and figure is fairly average.
The only thing that can be deduced from the photo is that the male student was from Hashidzume High School.

「It’s better if you don’t know the reason」
「For such a reason, I can’t really do it…」

That is certainly so.
For what purpose does she want to know who I am?
Without knowing that, Kurusu won’t just tell her about me.

「In the first place, why did you take that picture?」

Eda-senpai chewed her lower lip unpleasantly toward her question.

「Kurusu-san, you should just tell me…or is that person your boyfriend?」
「Eh? Aa…you’re wrong but…」
「That’s right isn’t it. A guy like him, with someone like Kurusu…」
「Please don’t speak badly about him!」

It seemed she got mad.
Kurusu flares up at Eda with an agitated tone.
However, when she immediately regained her cool, she said to Eda trying to explain.

「He isn’t my boyfriend but…he is someone important to me」
「Ah, is that so…」

Eda pulls her hair behind her ears seeming to have cooled down a bit.

「I won’t do anything particularly bad…I was just a little curious at which guy has “that”」
「That long thick thing you were holding」3
「Eeh!? Why…」

I also wanted to ask that.
Eda, who had an attractive face and figure as well as excellent grades, why was she curious about my huge dick.
*Fuu*, after letting out a short breath, Eda asked like she was mumbling.

「Kurusu-san, can you keep a secret?」
「I believe so…」
「Then it should be fine」

Eda shrugged her shoulders with a resigned expression.

「I draw BL manga…」4
「BL…you mean Boys Love?」
「Ah, do you know about it?」
「Well…just the name」

Eda nodded her head toward her reply.

「That’s fairly standard. BL manga is a type of manga where guys do erotic stuff with each other…」
「You draw manga like that?」
「Yeah, just doujins…the people who know are just a friend from middle school and now several doujin comrades」
「So that’s the case…」
「My work was called『My Disordered Relationship with Senpai』…」

I ended up letting out my voice.
Since the title was the same as the BL manga Shirota had.
I thought she heard me but the two didn’t even glance at me.
I cover my mouth with both my hands in order to not raise my voice.


  1. Obviously in Celsius, Fahrenheit is 77
  2. Double edge eyelids, look it up. Pretty much a crease in the eyelids.
  3. So many thirsty hoes
  4. I am sensing a connection here