FPD Chapter 104

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With a Snap of My Fingers, 252 Orders Ready


Turns out, Raven had learned about my true identity when the contract happened.

She said that she was not sure at the start, but when she asked around about prince Claus, she confirmed that, in fact, I was him. She then asked me why I changed my identity.

I smiled wryly and explained her the reason while omitting certain parts. Then, I made her promise me that she would keep the secret.

Raven agreed with a nod.

Afterward, Raven and I left the bathroom. I made sure that nobody was nearby when we left, after all, if somebody learns that Raven bathed with me and it reaches to Akilah’s ears, she will probably become crazy.

Of course, I don’t fear her, but I want to avoid having a conflict with her if it was possible. I have more important things to do now.

After changing my clothes and eating the food that Marana got someone to prepare me, I walked together with Raven towards my office.

Marana greeted me respectfully (she probably feigned it) and got ready to show me the remaining documents about the gang’s operation, but I stopped her with my hand.

“What about the people I asked you to find?” I asked.

Marana nodded. “I have a list here with the candidates. Do you want to see it?”

“No need. Just bring me to them. By the wat, how many did you get?”

“… You didn’t specify a number nor told me why did you need them, so I was not sure about how many men you needed. So, I simply listed the most loyal members of the gang and waited for further instructions. There are 252 people on the list.”

“252 huh… Barely enough. Okay, gather them in half an hour, also remind them to bring their weapons.”

“Very well, I’ll ask them to come.” Marana nodded and went to work.

Meanwhile, I went to the gang’s combat practice room to prepare something.

Marana’s effectiveness was pretty good. In less than half an hour, 250 people, plus Akilah, were standing in front of the gang hideout. Cline, Marana’s brother, was still unconscious so he was not here.

“Two of them are a bit busy and can come only one hour later. Do you want to wait for them?” Marana asked.

“No need.” I replied with a slight shake of my head. “If they are not here, it means that they are not fated to be part of this.”

I observed the 250 people before me and nodded satisfied. Although the talent of many of them left much to be desired, I could feel that they all were completely loyal to Marana. I must admit that she had a good eye for people.

I cleared my throat, silencing the crowd before me, and opened my lips. “Follow me.” I then turned around and walked towards the combat practice room.

Raven instantly followed after me, but the other gang members looked at each other and then looked at Marana to ask her what to do. Once they saw Marana nod, they then followed me.

Although someone else would have been dissatisfied with such behavior, I did not mind it. After all, the more loyal they are to Marana the more useful they will be.

Marana and Akilah also followed a step behind me. They were curious about where I was taking them, but Marana knew I was not going to answer so she did not ask. Akilah, on the other hand, did not want to talk to me if it was possible.

But Raven did not have so many concerns and decided to ask.

“… Brother, where are we going?”

“The combat practice room.”

“Huh? But the practice room can’t accommodate so many people.” Raven tilted her head cutely.

I looked at her and smiled mysteriously. “You’ll see.”

When we reached the combat practice room, the group was unable to hide their surprise.

Because where once stood the entrance to the practice room, now stood a dark portal-like thing that seemed like the entrance to the underworld.

“Okay, we are here.” I said with a light smile.

Marana frowned. “What is it?”

“Cool, right? I prepared it while you gathered the men. It’s a space tunnel leading to another place. You are going to use it tonight.”

“… Wait, what? We are going inside?” Marana took a step back unconsciously.

“Of course, I prepared it for you. Don’t worry, I made sure of keeping the degree of danger low for the first time, so none of you will die, probably.”

“… Die?”

I just smiled radiantly.

When the group saw my smile, they all retreated unconsciously. Even Raven trembled slightly in fright.

As for Akilah, she felt her hair standing up.

“Okay, who is going first?” I asked with a sadistic smile. Obviously, none of them dared to step forward. 253 gazes were looking at me as though asking, ‘do you think we are crazy to enter in such a suspicious-looking place?’.

Akilah was the first one to open her mouth.

“Crazy guy, we will not take a step forward if you don’t explain what is with that thing!” She said while pointing to the portal.

The others nodded to her words. Only Marana and Raven remained quiet, but the two did not seem keen to enter that place either.

“Is it so?” I grinned. “Unfortunately, all of you will have to enter there tonight.”

“Over my dead body!” Akilah gritted her teeth.

My grin became wider. I then raised my hand and snapped my fingers.

Marana’s expression paled. A dangerous feeling invaded her, warning her that something bad was about to happen.

But unfortunately, she was too weak to stop it.

An instant later, 252 magic circles appeared, one per person. The magic circles encircled the gang members’ bodies and sealed their movements. Only Raven did not have a magic circle.

“Hey, what are you doing!?” Akilah asked in rage.

“Mr. Clark, this is not nice.” Marana looked at me with an indifferent expression, but her back and neck were sweating crazily of nervousness.

However, I ignored their pleas and pointed to the portal.

Then, the magic circled moved towards the portal, carrying the gang members with them.

“Wait wait wait! What are you do–”

“See you in six hours.” I interrupted them with a smile and waved my hand in farewell.

The gang members tried to struggle out of the magic circles, but they were too weak to stop me. In less than ten seconds, they were gone.

A nervous expression appeared on Raven’s face. “… Brother.”


“… Do I have to go too?”

“Of course.”

Raven looked at the portal that seemed as the maws of hell and gulped.

“… Can I not go?”

“If you want, I can tie you too.”

Raven paled and shook her head repeatedly. I grinned and patted her head. Then, in a calming tone, I spoke.

“Don’t worry, that place is not too dangerous, you’ll be fine. Now go, you also need to grow stronger.”

Raven looked into my eyes, and in the next second, put on an expression of determination.

“… I’m going.”

She then jumped inside the portal.

I hummed a soft tune and thought about what was awaiting them inside. I’m sure the headmistress will be surprised if she knows that I found a use for the portal so quickly.

Thinking about it, I better don’t tell her. I don’t want to have a thirteenth-layer mage chasing after my life.


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