FPD Chapter 132

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The Red Skull Gang’s Preparations


“The sun sure feels nice today.” In my disguise as Clark, I walked through the streets of the city and I put on a refreshing smile.

After a sleepless night with Daisy where we tried all the positions we thought about, my body felt really light. Daisy was becoming more and more proficient in lifting my mood. She truly was the perfect personal servant.

Talking about Daisy, her cultivation has shot through the roof. In the last week, she advanced from the third layer to the fourth layer peak, and last night, while we were intertwined in bed, her cultivation broke through once more to the fifth layer.

Of course, a big part of the reason her cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds is that I constantly use my mana to help her to cultivate. Moreover, each time we slept together, I use my proficiency in cultivation to purify her mana.

It was as though we were duo-cultivating, but all the benefices go to her. Mmm, in cultivation terms, I would be a cultivation cauldron.

In truth, even if I want to get benefices from sleeping together, it’s impossible. Daisy’s level is too low compared to me, and even if I absorb all her mana and vital energy, the improvement in cultivation I’ll gain is not worth the cost.

Of course, I’ll never do something like that.

After walking for a few minutes, I arrived at Red Skull’s headquarter.

Two gang members standing guard on the door saluted me respectfully when they saw me. They put one hand on their forehead imitating earth’s military salutes.


I recognized the two of them as part of the group that has been training inside the space-time tunneñ. As two of the people that know my strength the best, they were naturally much more respectful than the other gang members.

By the way, I was the one that taught them the military salute.

Next, I’m thinking of teaching them to answer ‘Sir, yes, sir!’

I entered the headquarters and walked straight towards my office. Strangely, I did not see Raven around. Normally, she comes to meet me excitedly when she feels I’m nearby.

I can feel she is inside the headquarters, though, so I’m not worried.

A few minutes entered my office, one young man and a young woman entered.

The first one was Marana, that after the tough training inside the space-time tunnel, was one step away from breaking through to the ninth layer. With a bit of luck, she could advance in the next few days.

The second person was a bandaged but handsome young man. He was standing behind Marana and looking at me with a respectful expression.

“You are Cline, right?” I said while looking at him. “It’s good to see that you are alright.”

The young man nodded and then bowed deeply. “Many thanks, boss, for saving my life and helping my sisters.”

“Don’t mind it. You are my subordinate now, so It’s normal to help you. If you want to thank me, then show it through your loyalty.”

“I understand. Don’t worry, boss! I’ll promise you that I’ll go through a mountain of blades or a sea of fire if you give the order!”

Marana heard those words and frowned, but seeing the look of admiration on her brother’s face, she decided to remain silent.

She had observed my character during the last week, and although she was still a bit wary towards me, she admitted that I was treating them rather well.

After Cline finished his oath of loyalty, I smiled and asked. “Did you came here only to show your loyalty?”

Cline blushed. Compared to his sister, he seemed much more innocent and straightforward. I kind of understand why he preferred to die than being used as a hostage against his sister.

Hesitating for a while, Cline finally made up his mind to ask. “I-I want to know if I can participate in the special training my sisters are doing.”

“Oh? Did you tell him about it?” I stared a Marana with a raised eyebrow.

“I can’t tell him the details due to the contract, so I only tell him that it was a very hard and rigorous training.” Marana answered.

I nodded in acknowledgment. “I see.” I then observed Cline closely. I realized that although most of his wounds were mostly healed, he was not in perfect condition yet.

“Wait until your injuries are healed then come again.” I decided.

Hearing that, Cline showed a disappointed expression. “But boss, I’ve mostly healed already! I can fight like this!”

I looked at the hot-headed young man and sighed. “Why are you in such a hurry?”

Cline bit her lips and fell silent. Seeing that, his sister brought a hand to her face and exhaled in exasperation. “Actually, he is anxious because he is now the weakest of us.”

Cline blushed and lowered his head.

Thinking about it, Raven is now a ninth-layer practitioner, and even Akilah is showing signs of breaking through to the eighth layer. Cline, that had been the second strongest of the Red Skull Gang’s leaders, was now the weakest.

I guess that it was a painful blow for a prideful and hot-blooded young man like him.

“If you want to participate in the training, then you must concentrate on recovering from your injuries. I’ll not bring you there if you are not completely healed.”

Cline could only nod reluctantly and leave.

Afterward, Marana gave me a short breakdown of the gang’s situation. She showed me the state of the gang business and the improvement of [Eternity’s Fangs]. But not everything was good news.

“We don’t have enough healers.” Marana said.

“What happened?”

“Many of Eternity’s Fangs members are injured each night during the training. Due to that, our healing mages are not sufficient to attend all the injuries. Moreover, all our healing mages are of low-layers, so they have trouble treating the graver injuries. We need at least five more healing mages, but a high-layer healing mage would be better.”

I fell silent for a brief moment before nodding. “I have someone perfect for the job. Give me a few days to convince her.”

“I understand.”

“Is there anything else?” I asked.

Marana shook her head. Seeing that, I moved my hands behind my back and put on a serious expression.

“In two days is the deadline I gave to the Blood Night Gang. Are the preparations to face them done?”

Marana’s expression changed. “Were you serious?”

“Of course. I told you before, didn’t I? My goal is controlling the Imperial Capital’s underground. Blood Night Gang is just the first one of my targets. If they don’t surrender in two days, then we are going to annihilate them.”


“Are you afraid? Marana, the current Red Skull Gang is not the same as before. We have Raven, a ninth-layer powerhouse; and you are also about to step into the ninth layer. Moreover, [Eternity’s Fangs] cultivation has advanced one layer on average, and the training inside the space-time tunnel has turned them into elites. If even like that we are unable to defeat the Blood Night Gang, then I don’t have a reason to nurture you.”

“But what if someone stronger than us appears!?”

“If something like that happens, I’ll intervene.”

Hearing my answer, Marana fell silent.

I looked at her fixedly before narrowing my eyes. “Tell the gang to get ready. Also, Tonight during the training I’ll help the ones that are about to breakthrough to take that step. It’s your opportunity to step into the ninth layer.”

“I understand.” Marana took a deep breath and nodded. “I’ll go then.”

Marana then bowed respectfully and turned around to leave.

Before she exited the door, I remembered something.

“By the way, where is Raven?”

Marana’s expression turned strange. “… She said that you can’t see her now. She is preparing something and told me that it’s a surprise.”

… The hell?

With a sigh, I used our soul connection to confirm that everything was alright with Raven and waved Marana away.

I then undid the spell that hides my identity and teleported back to the palace.

But when I arrived at my room, I found a group of imperial guards in a stand-off against Daisy.


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