FPD Chapter 134

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Lightning Goddess’s Armor (2)


“Stop!” A crisp and childlike voice resounded. The owner of the voice, a petite girl of fifteen years of age, ran in front of Daisy and faced the guards with a look of anger. A young woman was standing behind her, looking at the imperial guards’ captain furiously.

“… What is the meaning of this!?” Lena asked angrily. The imperial guards looked at each other unable to answer.

Raul saw it and sighed. He then walked forward and bowed towards Lena. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, princess. How can I help you?”

“Explain this situation! Why are you attacking my brother’s servant!?”

Raul furrowed his brows. He looked around and realized that the commotion had attracted a crowd here. He did not expect the situation to turn so tricky.

He had heard that the prince had left in the morning and the only person in his room was his servant, so he did not expect much resistance. However, the servant turned out to be much stronger than he expected.

Despite it, though, he could not afford to step back now.

“Princess, I’m just following orders. Prince Bryan lost something last night and he suspects it’s inside this room, so he asked me to verify his suspicions.”

At that moment, the woman behind Lena snorted. “Raul, you know that the Imperial Guards don’t have the right to take actions against the imperial family! What you are doing now is a crime!”

“Elene, this has nothing to do with you!”

“It does! You are my husband! Why can’t you understand that the biggest taboo for the imperial servants is to participate in the imperial family’s disputes!?”

“Silence! Get out from here! This is not a place for women to speak!” Raul shouted.

“Raul, you…” Elene’s expression turned livid. She could not believe that this man was the same that she had married years ago. “Your hatred had blinded you! Why do you hate Prince Claus so much anyway!?”

Raul opened his mouth to answer, but at that moment, Lena chuckled with a dark expression.

“Sir Raul, are you saying that I’m not welcomed here?”

Raul froze, and he instantly realized his slip of the tongue. He had forgotten that the princess was here too, and she was a woman!

Lena did not try to mask the rage on her face. She spoke with an ice-cold tone uncharacteristic of her.

“Get lost. I’ll talk to my father about this later.”

Raul frowned. “Princess, that servant injured two of my men. We will not leave without taking her with us.”

“Are you going to ignore my orders!?”

Raul stopped talking, but his actions explained everything.

“Little sister, stop making a ruckus. Sir Raul is just doing his job.” Bryan suddenly spoke and looked at Lena with a smirk.

“Big brother, do you truly have to do this? Big bro Claus is your brother too!”

“That bastard is not my brother. Moreover, why are you so worried? Don’t worry, if the guards fail to find something inside, I’ll kneel and apologize to the two of you.”

“You…” Tears threatened to escape Lena’s eyes. She could not believe that her brother was doing something like this.

How could she don’t understand what was happening? If she let the guards enter the room, then they could easily put the ring inside and incriminate Claus.

“Guards, search the room. Make sure to search every nook and cranny.” Bryan ordered arrogantly.

“Yes, your highness.” Raul nodded and walked forward. He unsheathed his sword and prepared himself to subjugate Daisy.

But contrary to his expectations, someone else stopped him.

“Elene, what are you doing!?”

“I’m sorry, Raul. I’ll not allow this.” Elene said with a look of disappointment.

Raul stared at Elene and fell silent. Suddenly, he threw a fist towards her abdomen.

Elena opened her eyes wide. She tried to defend against the blow hurriedly, but the hastily-formed barrier she created was unable to stop Raul’s attack.

“Gah!” Feeling the fist hitting her abdomen, Elena vomited a mouthful of saliva and kneeled on the ground.

Seeing that, Raul snorted and passed her.

“Princess, give way.”

“I’ll not allow you to enter big brother’s room!” Lena growled.

“Then sorry about this.”

With a quick movement, Raul appeared behind Lena’s back and threw a blow towards her neck, trying to render her unconscious.

But at that moment, a strong feeling of danger assaulted him.

Instinctively, Raul moved away. The next second, a spear formed by lightning impaled the place where he was just a moment ago.

But before he could sigh in relief, countless lightning snakes attacked him from different directions!

Raul’s expression changed. He did not hesitate to unsheathe his sword and execute a defensive sword stance.

But the lightning serpents didn’t care about his sword. In an instant, he was drowned in a sea of lightning.

“Captain!” The imperial guards paled. Raul was the strongest of them, so if even he was unable to defeat Daisy, then this farce would end badly for them.

But in the next second, a blinding sword light appeared, and all the lightning serpents were sliced into pieces.

Raul looked at Daisy in rage. Although he had successfully defended against the last attack, he did not get out unscathed. Lightning burns of different sizes had appeared all over his body.

“Slut, I’ll kill you!” Raul’s growled.

Daisy snorted. She pulled the princess behind her and got ready to face the guards. She knew she was weaker than them, but even so, she was not going to allow them to pass.

All the mana inside her body turned into lightning, and [Lightning Goddess’s Armor] was executed at its limit. The current Daisy was at her strongest state ever!

“Die!” Raul cried. A storm of sword energy formed around him and flew towards Daisy. The powerful sword energy was so strong that Daisy felt insignificant before it.

It was the true power of the captain of the imperial guards, an eighth-layer powerhouse.

Daisy paled, but an expression of determination appeared on her face as she prepared herself to put her life in the line.

But then, a sigh resounded, and someone appeared in front of the guards.

“Stop.” He spoke.

… And the world obeyed.


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