FPD Chapter 137

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The True Goal


“Big brother, what was that!?” Bryan asked angrily.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you promise him that!? I’ll never give him my woman!”

“Calm down, Bryan.” Alan frowned in displeasure. “I never said I was going to give her to him.”

“But you promised that you were going to give him an answer in one month! Is that not the same!?”

“Idiot.” Alan sighed tiredly. “I don’t understand how someone like you was born in our family. Even if I promised him an answer in one month, it does not mean that I’ll agree, right? I can offer him another thing. Moreover, we will probably not have to pay for anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“The dead can’t speak, little brother. If Claus dies, nobody will ask about the debt.”

“Huh?” Bryan was startled, but in the next second, he understood his brother’s implications.

Then, he smiled.

“So it’s like that, hahahaha.”

Alan also smiled. “Try to avoid Claus if it’s possible. It will be bad if he realizes something. Hehe, let him enjoy the last month of his life.”

The laugh of the two brothers resounded in the palace.



After everybody was gone, only Daisy and I remained in front of the room. Lena also wanted to stay, but she had to attend to her dance classes and had to go. Elene, on the other hand, put on a hesitating expression, but in the end, she left without saying anything.

“Sigh, how tiresome.” I shook my head and stared a Daisy with a gentle expression. “And you, little fairy, what were you thinking when you tried to receive Raul’s attack, huh? What would I have done if something happens to you?”

“… I’m sorry, your highness, but I could not allow them to invade your room, even if my safety was at risk!”

“Silly girl, you are much more important than my room. I don’t care if the room is destroyed, but if something happens to you, I’ll become crazy.”

“Even if you don’t care, I do.” Daisy looked at me firmly. “Your highness, I’m your maid. Looking after you is my responsibility, and that includes protecting everything related to you. Moreover, you would have been in trouble if they put the ring in your room.”

I shook my head. “Actually, the one in trouble would have been you.”


“A ring is not enough to deal with me, but they would have found the form to push the blame to you. If the guards really enter the room, then you would have been accused of theft. You are my most trusted servant, so taking care of you is the same as cutting my right arm.”

“But if they wanted to deal with me, why don’t put the ring in my room? It would have been much simpler that way.”

“It’s to pressure me. If the ring is found in my room, and I say that you didn’t steal it, then the only other suspect will be me. That way, if I want to save you, I’ll have to admit that I was one that stole the ring. Alan and Bryan probably would have been happy to see something like that.”

“H-How insidious!” Daisy’s mouth was agape.

“Bryan was not the one to come with this idea, he is not that smart.” I said. “This was Alan’s idea. Does he want to see me suffer before giving me the final blow?” I asked to myself. Although [Akashic Sight] allows me to know the cause and effect of the situation, it doesn’t allow me to know the thoughts of others; not with my current level of strength at least.

“Anyway, the important thing is that you are alright.” I smiled and kissed Daisy’s forehead. Daisy shily put on her head on my chest and smiled.

But then, as though remembering something, she looked up with a puzzled expression.

“Your highness, why did you ask for something like that? Prince Alan and Prince Bryan will never agree to that condition, and even if they agree, her majesty will surely oppose. You even gave them one month of ti–”

“I know.” I grinned.


“I know they will not agree, that was not my goal in the first place.”


“You see, Bryan already suspects that Iris and I have an affair. What do you think he will think now that I asked him to cancel his engagement?”

“… That you and miss Iris are really in an immoral relationship!”

“Touché. Plus, I’m sure that Alan will forbid Bryan from getting close to us for the time being. So, if I took advantage of that to stay beside Iris and slowly win her heart, how do you think Bryan will feel when I got his woman?”

“… Your highness, you are truly evil.”

“Hahahaha, well, it’s just a little part of my revenge.”

“But I can see that miss Iris is a very traditional girl. Even if she hates Prince Bryan, she will not betray him easily… Young master, you will not harm her, will you?” Daisy narrowed her eyes.

“Of course not. Besides, I have a bit of a story with Iris. I can make use of that to slowly capture her heart.”

Daisy looked at me fixedly and finally sighed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll support your highness anyway. By the way, your highness, I was very courageous today. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?” Daisy curved her lips up in a seductive smile.

I hugged her waist and pressed her body against mine. Taking a deep breath, I smelled the sweet essence of her hair and slowly brought my lips close to hers.

But at that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Daisy pouted, but she dutifully separated her body from mine and went to open the door.

But when she was the person outside, she was slightly surprised.

“Hello, Daisy. Is Prince Claus in?”

Elene was outside the door.


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