FPD Chapter 155

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Reluctant Landlady (3)


“… I have never betrayed my husband before.” Lluvia said with a look of resignation.

I smiled. “There is always a first time.”

Lluvia smiled wryly. “… I guess so.” She then looked at my face and sighed. “I’m ready.”

I nodded. Lluvia’s body was laid in the bed, completely prepared for my invasion.

Love juices had drenched her secret entrance, and her face had a slight blush. Despite her attempts to not enjoy her time with me, Lluvia could not help but feel a slight nervousness and anticipation now that we were about to start.

I put my member against her entrance. Lluvia gasped and grabbed the sheets of the bed. Even although she did not say anything, her widened eyes showed she was impressed by my size.

I held her waist and slowly moved forward. My sword slowly invaded her sheath, feeling the wetness and hotness in the hole I was invading for the first time.

“Nnn…” Lluvia was unable to suppress a moan. She tried to bit her lips to use the pain against the pleasure, but I suddenly pierced forward.

In one movement, I invaded her insides completely.

“!!!” Lluvia gasped. Her face contorted in pain and pleasure, and a tear rolled down her cheek. I licked her tear and started to thrust, starting slowly and quickly picking up speed.

“S-Slow down…” Lluvia pasted. But I just smiled and started to move even faster. My penis pierced until her womb, making her body completely mine.

My waist moved up and down, attacking constantly as the waves of the sea.

Lluvia brought her finger to her mouth and bit it, but even that was unable to suppress the incredible rush of pleasure.

“S-Stop… W-Wait a bit…” She said in a panic. She had the feeling that her mind was about to be lost in the sea of pleasure.

Instead of answering, I kissed her mouth again. The kiss was incredibly intense, using my tongue to invade and explore each corner of her mouth.

But this time, her body was not so unresponsive as last time. Under the effects of the pleasure, her tongue involuntarily entangled around mine, savoring my saliva and getting lost in the feeling of our kiss.

“Mmmm…” Lluvia moaned. Her body started to respond to her movements, and her hands hugged my neck. I continued moving my waist, piercing once and again, enjoying the thrill of having sex with a married woman.

The fact that her husband was sleeping on the second floor only made things more exciting. Even Lluvia seemed unable to resist the joys of the guilty pleasure.

Maybe because it had been long since the last time she had sex, Lluvia was incredibly lustful. Once she lost herself in the pleasures of sex, her body seemed to respond to each one of my movements. It seemed as though her body was a desert wanting to quench its thirst.

“Ahhnn, ohhh…~ N-No…~ Husband…”

“Mrs. Lluvia sure is lewd.” I breathed on her ear. Lluvia snorted and kissed my neck.

I was surprised seeing that. This woman sure was quickly losing her inhibitions.

But she was clearly weaker than me. Just a few minutes after we started, her cave tightened around my penis and her body spasmed.

“N-Nooo…~” Lluvia let out a loud cry and wrapped her legs around my waist. I savored her orgasm while my penis forced itself to continue the battle despite the increased pressure.

The feeling of her wet flesh wrapping around my penis was incredible. Each time I thrust forward, it was as though tens of layers of flesh licked my dick and pleasured my penis.

With each attack, my penis hit the mouth of her womb. However, the pleasure of the orgasm seemed to help her to clear her mind. She opened her eyes wide and pushed my chest.

“S-Stop… It’s eno– Mmmghhh!”

After a powerful thrust, Lluvia was unable to continue resisting.

“N-No~ Ahhnnn…~ Please…~”

I held her waist firmly and pierced her faster and deeper than before, messing her insides. Lluvia lost her breath and could only hug me and resist my attacks.

The intense attacks brought her to the second orgasm. Seeing that she was about to orgasm, I also accelerated. Lluvia felt my penis becoming bigger and faster and panicked.

“O-Outside…! Please!”

Of course, I ignored it.

With another thrust, I unleashed my seeds inside her womb.


Lluvia turned pale. Drops of tears fell from her cheeks. She had completely betrayed her husband.

“Peter… Sorry… Sorry, husband… Sorry.”

I let out a deep sigh and withdrew my weapon.

Lluvia trembled and the semen I shot inside her slid out of her cave. I admired the sight and smirked.

Lluvia closed her eyes and wiped her tears. “Sorry, husband… Sorry…”

But then, she felt my hands against her waist.

“… Clark?” She asked.

I smirked and turned her around. Then, I invaded her again.

“W-Wait…” Lluvia tried to escape, but I pressed her against the bed and started a new round of sprinting.

Completely tired, Lluvia was unable to resist my attacks. Before long, her moans were resounding in the room again.

“Ahhhnnn…~ Mmnnn…~ Ahhss…~”

“Hehe, tell me, am I better than your husband?”

“… S-Stop it… Ahhnnn…~ No more…~”

“Mmmm… You need to satisfy me first.”

Lluvia was unable to answer. The married woman held the bedsheets and moved at the rhythm of my thrusts. Panting and moaning with each attack.

Unfortunately, it was about time for classes to start, so I could not play with her for long.

Waiting for her next orgasm, I accelerated and thrust with even more strength. The stronger attacks quickly overwhelmed Lluvia, bringing her to a new peak.

“A-Again….!” Lluvia screamed and curved up her back. Seeing it, I accelerated one last time before finally putting my seed inside her womb.

When the orgasm finished, Lluvia collapsed in the bed.

I heaved a sigh and observed my masterpiece proudly.

Man, I love this life.


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