FPD Chapter 161

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Claus and Iris (3)


Iris opened her eyes wide. She looked at me as though looking at something unbelievable.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her mouth deeply. Her petite body rested on my arms docilely, too surprised to move.

One second, two seconds, our connected lips felt each other’s temperature. Eventually, I was not satisfied with simply tasting her lips.

Slowly, I inserted my tongue inside her mouth.


Iris could not believe it. She was looking at me while trying to process what was happening. When I finally removed my lips, she panted heavily.

“What do you think? Kissing is great, right?” I asked.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Mmm… This.” I kissed her again.

This time, Iris truly realized the seriousness of what we were doing. She started to struggle in my arms, but her strength could not be compared to mine.

I savored her lips again. My hands in her waist moved down softly, feeling her soft body.

“… Iris, I like you.” I said after removing my lips. Iris froze again, and I moved my lips to hers once more. Her petite body trembled fiercely receiving my kiss.

When the kiss ended, I looked into her eyes.

Iris turned red and looked down. Her face was a mix of many expressions, disbelief, astonishment, guilt, happiness… Many different expressions.

“… What do you think?” I asked.

Iris trembled. Soon, tears accumulated in her eyes and she started to cry.

“… S-Sorry, we can’t do this…”

I put on a sad smile and nodded. “I thought so. Hey Iris, have you never thought about how it would have been if you were my fiancée instead of Bryan’s?

Iris’s body trembled.

I sighed and kissed her lips again. Iris returned the kiss and put her hands on my chest.

“… Prince, stop it… W-We need to continue p-patroling.”

“You are right…” I smiled bitterly and released her.

Iris made a brief expression of loss, but it faded quickly. She then tidied her clothes and looked at the ground.

“I-I’ll be leaving first.”

Then, she ran out of the building with her fingers holding her lips, and her eyes were filled with tears.

I sighed when she was gone. Iris was a good and loyal girl. If she did not meet me, perhaps she would marry Bryan and become a perfect wife, married to a useless husband.

And I know that although Bryan is a scumbag, he loves Iris in his own way.

No matter how I see it, Iris is the perfect weapon of revenge against him. If I steal Iris from him, he probably will break down.

At that moment, the communicator ringed.

“Claus, Iris, come here. We need your help with something.”



Iris and I hurried towards Katherine’s position. Katherine and Rose were currently in the cafeteria.

When we reached there, we realized that the cafeteria was filled with students. Two groups of students were facing each other angrily, and Katherine was in the middle trying to stop them.

Just by hearing the mutters of the students around, I was able to understand the gist of the situation.

“Miss Katherine, why are you defending this scum!?” One of the students shouted. He was a commoner student called Joseph.

“Stop it, Joseph!” Katherine’s voice was ice-cold. “I’m not defending anyone. I’m simply stopping you from starting a fight here!”

“A fight? Hahahaha. Right, because they will kill me then! Like they killed Ash!”

“Heeh… Shut up, dog!” One of the students on the other side sneered. “Do you think we will dirty our hands to kill a rabid dog like your friend? Well, I admit that it’s good that scum like you dies and stop dirtying this school.”

“You!!! Do you think I don’t know you were plotting to kill him!? I heard you talking about it a few days ago!”

Gasps of surprise sounded in the cafeteria. The students in the surroundings looked at each other in surprise.

“Is it true?”

“So they killed him…”

“I knew that the members of the clubs were overbearing, but to think that they dared to kill a student.”

“Shhh. Don’t you know they have the backing of the crown prince? They dare to do anything.”

The students whispered between them.

“Shut up, insect!” The noble student’s face turned dark. “Another word and I’ll make sure to send you to meet your friend!”

“Hahahaha! Do you want to silence me too!? Why? Because I know your secret!?”

“No! For insulting a member of the nobility!”

The commoner student snorted and spit in the ground. “Fuck off your nobility!”

“You!!!” Instantly, various noble students took out their weapons. “Retract your words!”

“Stop it!” Katherine bellowed. “Do you think I’m not here!?”

The noble student scoffed. “You are just the headmistress’s dog.”

Instantly, the place turned silent.

The fact that Katherine was called the headmistress’s dog behind her back was common knowledge between the students, however, nobody dared to say it in her face.

For a simple reason.

“What did you say?”

She was very strong.

In an instant, the wind inside the cafeteria became alive. It circled around Katherine as a child defending its mother, ready to cut everything in sight.

The noble student turned pale, however, he refused to take a step back.

“Then, he must retract his words too!” He pointed to the commoner student.

In an instant, the tension had gone up to dangerous levels.

I observed the situation from aside. I knew about the tension between nobles and commoners since long ago. This institute used to be a school only for nobles, so when commoners students started to be accepted, the nobles despised them as dogs and servants.

The situation was worsened by the fact that the number of commoners students was very low, and many of them truly behaved like the dogs of the nobles.

However, I did not expect the situation to worsen to this extent. At the point where commoners and nobles were at each other throat.

This situation was not favorable for Katherine. She was a commoner, so if she favored a commoner, the nobles will say she is biased, and if she favored a noble, the commoners will say she sold herself to the nobles. Furthermore, the fact that a noble dared to insult her in public means that actually, the nobles did not think anything of her position.

I furrowed my brows. At this rate, the situation was going to get out of control.

The commoner student gritted his teeth in rage. “Haha, noble trash, are you not the dog of the prince too?”

Instantly, a livid expression appeared in the noble’s face.

“You… [Fire Spear]!”

And he was the first student to attack.


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