FPD Chapter 182

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Rapier vs Sword (2)


“When?” Kyle was astonished. He was sure he had escaped my attack completely, however, I had managed to cut his neck.

For an instant, he felt a shiver running through his spine. If he would have been even a second slower, he could have died.

And even if the headmistress intervened and saved him, he would have lost the duel. Defeated even before my third attack.

Kyle’s expression turned completely serious. He finally understood why my brother was so wary of me.

“Such a fast sword.” He muttered and looked at me. I replied with a smile and took a step forward. Then, my sword was piercing towards his neck.

Kyle stepped aside and shook his rapier. The rapier moved like a snake trying to bite my neck, but I blocked it with my sword and cut towards his chest.

Kyle jumped back. He then filled his rapier with mana and thrust forward despite the distance between us.

With each thrust, the mana in his rapier was shot towards me, creating mana projectiles filled with piercing sword intent.

I did not panic. My body flashed briefly as I weaved through the attacks. With each step, I left one of the projectiles behind, until finally appearing in front of Kyle again.

Kyle’s expression changed. He hurriedly twisted the hand holding the rapier, creating a rotating attack that seemed to absorb the wind in the surroundings.

The powerful attack seemed to pull me towards the rapier. It exerted a powerful attractive force that forced the opponent to receive the attack.

Sword Technique, [Rotating Edge]!

My eyes narrowed. The mana inside my body started to circulate at high speed, creating a countering force around me.

Then, ignoring his attack completely, I closed the remaining distance between us.

“Bye!” Seeing his expression of horror, I smiled and stabbed towards his heart.

But Kyle was not ready to give up yet. When my sword was about to pierce his body, he opened his mouth.



– He let out a powerful roar.

Mana was infused in his voice, turning the roar into a powerful shockwave that sent everything around him flying.

It was a powerful mana technique, [Lion’s Roar]!

At the same time, he activated a movement technique to move away.

However, the scene that appeared in his sight next shocked him.

A sword was cutting through the shockwaves, coming straight to his chest.

The overbearing sword cut through everything. The edge of the sword sliced the shockwave apart and erased the mana it carried. Then, it continued forward, moving through space to chase after him.

Kyle panicked. He could feel that regardless of how much he struggled, this sword would pierce his heart.

“Not yet!!!!” Kyle bellowed. As the last struggle to save himself, he mobilized all the mana in his body and used it to create a barrier.


The thick mana barrier stopped the sword’s advance. Kyle sighed in relief and looked towards me.

But in the next second, he saw a smile on my face.

[Reality Render]!

It was just the weakened version of the technique, not enough to cut through space, however, it could pierce Kyle’s mana barrier as though it was a sheet of paper.

Under Kyle’s dumbfounded gaze, my sword glowed brightly, cutting through the barrier and piercing his chest.

Kyle’s face was filled with terror. He felt the sword piercing his chest, going through his heart and reaping his life. His body lost all its strength and his legs gave up.

But when he looked down, he realized that my sword had not pierced his heart.

Instead, it had been stopped just before killing him.

Headmistress Evelyn used her flawless hand to stop the tip of the sword and looked at me with an angry gaze.

“Were you not planning to stop?”

I shrugged. “I knew you were going to stop me.” I then pulled back my sword and put it on its sheath.

Evelyn looked at me speechless. She could be considered as the person with the greatest knowledge of the extent of my abilities, so she was clear that if I wanted to kill him, I just needed to snap my fingers.

The fact that I took so long to defeat a small sixth-layer practitioner meant that I was going easy on him.

Evelyn shook her head helplessly and sighed. She then raised her voice and announced the result.

“The winner is Claus.”

The entire arena was completely silent.


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