FPD Chapter 200

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The Daughter-In-Law too? (2)


I kissed Clarice’s lips gently and my hands moved on her back, stroking it tenderly.

Clarice sighed. She looked down and saw my huge weapon before leaving a cry of surprise.

“So big…”

I smiled and kissed her ear again. Meanwhile, my hands roamed to her breasts and started to play with them.

I could sniff Clarice’s scent from her delicate skin. A soft smell of flowers mixed with the sweet smell of her shampoo.

My blood boiled with desire. I kissed her neck and licked it, tasting her beautiful body and provoking a moan from her mouth.

“N-No, stop…~” Clarice pleaded, but her arms wrapped around my neck and hugged it.

I smirked. The next second, my other hand moved down and arrived at her secret cave. Lifting her panties, I inserted a finger in it.

Clarice gasped. Her body shook slightly, and her arms hugged my head tighter.

I started to move my fingers, slowly teasing her insides while my mouth kissed and licked her neck and collarbone. Then I kissed her shoulders before returning to her lips.

Clarice offered little resistance this time. She opened her mouth to receive my kiss and extended her tongue. Her tongue wrapped around mine, exchanging saliva and tasting each other.

“Nnn…~” With a soft grunt, Clarice closed her eyes. She enjoyed our kiss while my hand played with her body freely.

My index finger entered inside her while my thumb played with her clitoris. Clarice trembled when she felt the unexpected pleasure, and her mouth let out a muffled grunt.

I used my other hand to play with her breast, flicking her nipples and caressing her belly.

We spend a while pressed against each other, feeling each other’s warmth and enjoying each other’s body.

Clarice quickly turned wet. She had married not long ago, but her husband left soon after they married and only returned once each month, so he could not satisfy all her desires.

Moreover, she had heard rumors about the things he did when he was away. To be honest, she was disappointed with him.

So, although she was struggling with the idea of betraying him, she could not deny it felt good.

With one hand playing with her hole, another on her breast and my mouth glued to her lips, I slowly enjoyed this married woman. I could feel her body turning hot in excitement for what was about to come.

When our lips separated, Clarice breathed a mouthful of hot air. She looked at me with a lost expression and wrinkled her brows.

At that moment, I increased the movements of my hand down in her private zone.

“Hmmm…~ A soft moan let out Clarice’s mouth. Her back arched and her body shook slightly.

Then, she felt something coming out.

“I-I’m cumming…~” Clarice panted softly. Her body tensed for an instant before convulsing violently.

Then, her lower cave let out an enormous amount of love juices, drenching my hand and the sofa.

“!!!” Clarice’s body spasmed violently. She looked up for a few seconds before suddenly collapsing in my arms, with her head on my chest.

“Huff… Huff…” I could hear her heavy breathing. Her eyelashes shivered softly, a proof of the pleasure Clarice just experienced.

With a smile, I lifted her body carefully. I then positioned her crack right above my rod, which was waiting to start its expedition.

But at that moment, Clarice seemed to react.

Perhaps because her recent orgasm soothed her lust slightly, she seemed to have realized the weight of what she was about to do and started to struggle.

“W-Wait, wait, I think we better no–”

But it was too late.

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, my waist moved up.

Instantly, I invaded her holy place.

“Uuhhh…” Clarice let out a soft moan and looked up, her arms fell helplessly to the sides and her body turned soft.

I took a deep breath. Different from Lluvia, Clarice’s cave was tighter. The feeling I got when I penetrated her was completely different.

I could feel her hole wrapping around my holy sword. The walls of her vagina tightened around my penis, granting me indescribable pleasure.

I looked at Clarice’s eyes and heaved a sigh of satisfaction. Then, I started to move.

Up and down, my waist entered and exited her cave repeatedly, creating slamming sounds that resounded in the room.

“Uuuh… Ahn… W-Wait…~” Clarice put her hands on my chest and tried to push me away, but her strengthless body shivered and collapsed on my chest. I hugged her soft body overbearingly and kissed her neck.

My mouth breathed in her ear while I sniffed her scent and enjoyed her ripe body.

“So wet, Clarice.” I whispered in her ear. “You are such a pervert.”

Clarice blushed and hid her head in my arms. I smirked and continue thrusting. Clarice’s body moved together with mine, moving up and down every time I pierced her.

Her womb seemed to suck my penis, as though it wanted to squeeze everything out of me. I grunted in pleasure and increased my speed.

Faster and faster, harder and harder. Soon, Clarice’s moans had gone from soft hums to loud cries that resounded in the living room.

Clarice hugged my neck and searched for my mouth. I responded to her and kissed her delicious lips. Meanwhile, I flicked and pinched her breasts, and occasionally bit her earlobe.

Perhaps because she had suppressed her libido for too long, Clarice quickly turned into a sex-machine. She went from simply receiving my attacks to cooperating with me and moving her ass up and down to increase the enjoyment of the intercourse.

“Clark, Clark, Clark…~” Clarice moaned my name and pulled my hair. I wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her tightly and thrusting with even more strength.


“S-So good!”

Suddenly, Clarice’s movements became faster and faster. I felt her body tensing up, and her arms tightened around my neck.

Aware that her orgasm was coming, I accelerated my pistoning speed. Clarice gasped and raised her face in delight. Her body arched seductively and her toes curled down.

Then, her body shivered violently.


Feeling the sticky liquid oozing from Clarice’s cave, I knew she had cummed.

I smiled. Clarice’s body turned completely soft, falling helplessly on my chest.

Then, I started to move my waist again.

“Nn…~” Clarice twisted her body slightly and moaned. At this point, she was still coping with the aftertaste of her last orgasm and could not resist my thrusts.

But suddenly, someone’s aghast voice interrupted us.

“Clarice, Clark! What are you doing!?”

Instantly, Clarice woke up.

Clarice’s face turned completely pale. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw a naked middle-aged woman looking at us with anger in astonishment in her eyes.


Lluvia had woken up.


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