FPD Chapter 225

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Adult Stuff (3)


Almost without a warning, my member pierced Susan’s cave.

Susan gasped in surprise. Her body, that had not recovered yet from my last stunt, shivered fiercely.

I smirked and started to thrust, moving my waist up and down and slamming my balls on her hole.

Susan was already completely wet, so my member slid inside easily. It pierced her lower lips and hit her womb.

“Ugh…” Susan let out a soft groan of pain and pleasure. She tried to twist her body again, but I was holding her hands so she could not move.

For some reason, seeing her helpless state filled me with even more lust. I felt an incredible urge to bully her just to see her teary eyes.

“Y-Your highness, s-slow down…”

“Sure.” I smiled, but my actions did not follow my words. Instead of slowing down, my thrusts became faster. Susan gasped deeply and groaned in pleasure.

I licked her neck and armpit and bit her nipples. One of my hands was holding her hands above her head firmly, while my other hand caressed and pinched her abdomen and legs.

Finally, my hands moved to her vulva. I used my fingers to rub the small plains of short hair between her legs, making Susan moan loudly.

Then, when Susan was getting used to the pleasure, I pulled the hair up.

“Ughn…~” Susan moaned in pain. A shiver ran through her body and her walls tightened around my member,

I took a deep breath and continued bulling her. My teeth left small marks around her breast and neck, biting and licking mercilessly.

I made sure of using mana to make the process as pleasurable as possible, but even so, it was painful for Susan. However, the mix of pain and pleasure combined together to bring her orgasm to greater heights.

“Y-Your highness…!” With a loud cry, I felt Susan’s first orgasm.


After the flood of love juices drenched my waist, Susan gasped. She opened her eyes and panted heavily while looking at me with a pitiful expression.

She was like a small animal being bullied by its owner, without a place to vent its grievances.

However, I was still not satisfied. There was a trick I had to sue yet.

With a malicious smile, I licked her ear and bit her earlobe.

“I never thought my beloved Susan would have such a perverted side.”

“… Your highness…”

Susan’s teary eyes were adorable. So adorable that I wanted to see more of them.

“However, I’m a bit worried. Do you think your mother and siblings heard you with how loud you were?”


Susan’s eyes opened wide. She looked at me as though looking a ghost and her face turned pale.

But in the next moment, she felt my member moving again.

Susan moaned involuntarily, but she instantly remembered my words just now and tried to cover her mouth.

Unfortunately, her hands were firmly on my grasp, so the pitiful Susan could only bite her lips while she tried to muffle her moans.

“S-Stop… Y-Your highness, wait…”

“I’m sorry, I can’t wait.” I smirked and put strength on my waist. Suddenly, my penis pierced her deepest part. Susan gasped and her body shivered. She bit her lips until leaking a bit of blood, but even like that, her mouth let out a soft grunt.


Meanwhile, the rest of my body continued doing his work. I brought my mouth to her shoulders and bit her, drawing a bit of blood. The bite provoked that Susan’s walls tightened even more around me, and my member found a bit hard to move.

So, I thrust hard while enjoying her tight cave. Susan shuddered and quivered as her body spasmed due to the pleasure.

“Ahnn…!” Finally, she let out another loud moan.

“How lewd…” I laughed and whispered in her ear. Susan paled briefly, but the pleasure she was feeling overwhelmed her thoughts and made her moan again.

After she moaned for the first time, Susan was unable to continue suppressing her moans. She moaned and screamed loudly. Her body twisted below me, and her legs wrapped around my waist.

I released Susan’s hands, and Susan instantly wrapped them around my neck. At the same time, she brought her mouth to my shoulder and bit hard.

I grunted and turned around her body. Then, I thrust and thrust inside her in a doggy position. Susan’s moans became even louder and lewder. I’m sure that her mother could hear them easily.

Her cave had long became filled with love juices. The amount of love juice Susan produced was enough to drench the bed completely.

The slippery sounds of my holy sword piercing her resounded in the room. It was mixed with the sound of her moans and created a choir of pervert sounds that overwhelmed Susan’s senses.

Finally, when I felt she was about to orgasm again, I decided to bring our lovemaking to an end.

Grabbing her waist, I moved in and out quickly. I slammed my waist on her ass while I used my teeth and tongue to bite and lick her back. Susan’s body shivered repeatedly and her eyes turned blank.

“Y-Your highness… So deep… T-This… I-I’m dying…”

Then suddenly, her body spasmed.

Once, twice, and thrice.

I grunted. The attacks of my waist turned faster and finally, I felt my second orgasm coming.

Thus, I thrust one last time and deposited my white-hot stuff inside her womb.

“Cumming…~” Susan screamed loudly arched her back. Immediately after that, her body lost strength and she collapsed in the bed.

I took a deep breath and lay over her.


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