FPD Chapter 233

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Subduing Safelia (2)


Safelia quivered. She could already imagine what was coming for her.

I walked behind her and touched her back. My index finger traced her spine slowly.

“Such a nice body…” I smiled.

Safelia shivered. Tears fell from her eyes and drenched the ground, but she refused to make even a sound.

I did not care. In fact, I enjoyed watching how she tried to keep a strong front. So, instead of attacking her instantly, I continued moving my fingers through her body.

It was not a tender touch. Quite the opposite, I made sure of causing a slight bit of pain every time, but at the same time, I used mana to provoke pleasure to her body.

Safelia’s body trembled each time I moved my finger. She bit her lips and gritted her teeth, refusing to show any reaction.

However, I could understand what she was feeling just by watching her body react. How her body tensed up, how she clenched her fist, how her legs quivered, and how love juices flooded her cave.

I smirked and put my mouth beside her ear.

“… Could it be you are feeling good?”

Safelia did not even look at me. Instead, she closed her eyes and started to pray.

“Oh, goddess, hear the voice of your daughter. I pray for your protection, that your love abounds in my body, and your grace fills my soul…”

I shook my head in amusement and chuckled. I then walked in front of Safelia and started to take off my clothes.

I make sure to be as loud as possible so Safelia could understand what was happening. And as expected, Safelia’s body started to tremble and her voice turned softer and softer.

“… Please, protect me from any evil… and h-help… h-help me… h-help me to overcome the t-trials you put in front of me…”

Towards the end, her voice was broken by small sobs.

“Scared?” I asked. Safelia shook her head stubbornly refused to look at me.

I shrugged and walked behind her. My hands touched her body, feeling her soft skin boldly and pinching her erogenous zones. The mana in my fingers easily broke into Safelia’s body, causing her a strong pleasure that only filled her with more despair.

For Safelia, the fact that she was feeling pleasure was even more humiliating than what I was about to do to her.

Finally, I grabbed her waist and raised her butt while she kneeled on four. Then, I positioned my stiff penis in front of her entrance.

“How wet. So miss Saintess in a pervert, huh.”

“… Please stop.” Safelia whispered.

“Hmm? I did not hear you.” I smirked diabolically and touched her entrance with my penis.

Safelia sobbed softly and finally looked at me. “… Please. I beg you. Anything but this.”

“Oh? And why should I stop?”

Safelia bit her lips. Her beautiful face was drenched in tears, and her lips were dropping small drops of blood. To be honest, I almost felt pity for her.

Almost, but I didn’t.

“You see, I don’t want to do this too.” I stroke Safelia’s face. “But as you can see, my little friend below is very anxious. What can I do to calm him then?”

“… P-Please. Not my purity. I beg you…”

“Mmm… Let me think about it.” I put a hand on my chin and feigned a pensive expression. Meanwhile, I continued rubbing my penis on the entrance of her cave.

I could see that Safelia was fiercely resisting. Due to my mana inside her, her body shivered each time my penis touched her cave. Each second, she was attacked by a fierce burst of pleasure.

However, she was doing everything in her power to get away from my weapon. Unfortunately, there was not much she could do with her hands tied.

At that moment, my holy weapon moved a bit upwards. There, it touched another hole.

Safelia instantly paled.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Sorry sorry. It’s just that I was thinking. You don’t want to lose your purity, right? But I need to vent in any way. So, what do you think if I use this hole?”

“…” Safelia bit her lips in humiliation.

“Hm? You don’t like it. Well, you are right. I prefer using the other place too.”



Safelia closed her eyes with an expression of humiliation and took a deep breath.

She knew. She knew I was just playing with her. She knew that I just wanted to see her expression of despair.

But even so, she could not help but grab that tiny ray of hope.

“P-Promise me… P-Promise me you will leave my purity… Please…”

I smirked. Does she truly think she has the right to negotiate with me?

But this made things much more fun.

I looked into her Safelia’s eyes and nodded. “I promise you. If you manage to satisfy me, I’ll leave your purity alone.”

Safelia looked down and nodded. She could hear the trap behind my words, but it was enough for her.

She had heard that men can’t do that for a long time. So, she only needed to endure until I was spent.

“I understand, do it.” With these determined words, a tear rolled down Safelia’s cheeks.

I smirked and positioned my penis on Safelia’s smaller hole. Of course, I made sure to put a layer of mana around my little guy to not dirty it. The layer of mana was incredibly thin, so it was not going to affect my pleasure in the slightest.

When Safelia felt my penis in her anus, she gritted her teeth.

I grinned and leaned on her body. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I trusted forward as hard as I could.

“!!! It hurts!” Safelia screamed in pain and drops of tears fell on the ground. Her entire body tensed up, and the muscles of her rectum tightened.

I hissed in pleasure and grunted. As expected, doing this anal feels great.

For a few seconds, I did not move. Instead, I savored the moment and enjoyed the tightening of Safelia’s rectum.

But when Safelia just got used to the pain, I thrusted again.


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