FPD Chapter 260

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Hiding in the Office (1)


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“Mm…~” Louise moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist.

I pushed her against the wall and kissed her mouth fiercely. Louise answered my kiss with the same passion and invaded my mouth with her tongue.

Louise’s beautiful body heated. Her hands moved restlessly, grabbing my back as though she was trying to fuse with me.

After a few seconds of kissing, we separated our lips. Louise snorted with an expression of pure lust and looked at me while licking her lips.

I smiled and grabbed her butt, moving my hands freely between her ass, and anus, touching her tailbone and running my finger through her spine.

Louise gasped and stretched her neck while curving her back. I took advantage of that to kiss and suck her defenseless neck and kiss her collarbone.

One of my hands moved up, slipping down the shoulder strap of her dress and releasing her milky-white skin. My mouth then moved down and kissed her shoulder before going down until her breast.

“Aann…~” Louise gasped and her arms tightened around my neck. Her blonde hair fell through her back and her lips curved into a smile.

In just seconds, Louise had turned from an elegant young maiden into a goddess of lust.

“Louise…” I whispered her name in her ear and licked her earlobe. The sweet aroma of her skin assaulted my nostrils, and her beautiful neck glistered with a small drop of sweat.

Inevitably, our lips meet again. Then, our tongues started a fight for supremacy, trying to dominate the other fiercely.

Unfortunately for Louise, her experience was unable to compare to mine. Quickly, she surrendered to my advances, gasping and moaning while trying to cope with the pleasure.

I held her body hungrily and moved through the office, finally putting her on the desk of the earl. There, our fight intensified, with Louise starting to unbutton my shirt while kissing my neck.

At this point, she had stopped caring about the fact this place was the office of her father.

I, on the other hand, was a bit more careful. Using my mana, I moved the things on the desk to a safe place. Just in case the earl comes.

“Claus, hurry up…” Louise panted while removing my clothes. I grinned and inserted my hands below her dress, playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples.

“Ngh…~ Softer…~”

“You are very sensitive.”

Louise blushed and stared at me with excited eyes. Her mouth opened briefly, and her glistening lips attracted my mouth.

I pressed my lips against her before licking her cheek, neck, and shoulders. And finally, I lowered her dress to suck on her breasts.


Louise grunted and hugged my head, pressing it against her twin mountains. I grinned and used my teeth to bite her nipples slightly, causing her to spam.

“N-No…~” Louise gasped softly and her nipples turned hard.

I continued messing with her breasts, biting and sucking her areolae. Marks of teeth appeared around them, leaking a slight bit of blood.

“C-Claus, stop… Mmm~… it hurts…”

Despite saying that, though, her arms continued holding my head tightly.

“Louise, you are so lewd.” I whispered while kissing her neck. Louise moaned happily and looked at me with an expression of ecstasy.

Finally, she finished unbuttoning my shirt. Her small tongue extended and licked my chest, moving towards my nipples seductively and playing with them.

Meanwhile, my hands moved down towards her thighs, slowly advancing below her dress until reaching the place between her legs.

When I arrived there, I smiled mischievously and used my finger to stroke her slit.

“Ughgh~!” Louise gasped. Just the feeling of my fingers touching her slit over her panties was enough to almost make her come.

Watching her reaction, I used my thumb to rub her entrance slowly until I found her clitoris. Then, I started to pinch and rub her clitoris, teasing Louise at my heart’s content.

Between grunts and moans, Louise wrapped her arms around my neck and panted heavily on my chest.

“Claus…~ Hurry up…~”

“Mm? Hurry up? What are you talking about?”

Louise looked at me with pleading eyes. But when she saw I was still smiling with a teasing expression, she snorted and moved her hand towards my pants.

Louise then used her lovely hands to try to release my beast. Unfortunately, her unfamiliarity with men’s clothing made the job a bit hard.


Louise looked at me again. Seeing her appealing expression, I decided to stop teasing her and lowered my pants.

Instantly, my powerful weapon sprang up ready for battle.

Louise gasped and fixed her eyes on it. In a daze, she used her hands to grab and rub my dick while observing it.

“it’s so weird.”

“It’s not the first time you see it.”

“Yeah, but last time I did not have the chance to observe it carefully.”

I smiled. Looking right into Louise’s eyes, I removed her hands away from my rod and wrapped them around my waist.

Then, I leaned my waist forward and put it right on her entrance.

“Mmm…~” Louise moaned and moved her waist forward to meet with my penis, but I smirked and moved back.


“Tell me that you want it.”

Louise was startled before blushing. “S-Stop it…”

I curved my lips up and moved my penis towards her vagina again, rubbing it softly but without entering inside.

Frustrated, Louise tried several times to make me insert it, but I moved back each time.

“Claus, hurry up… Father can come anytime.”

“Mmm, you are right… But I want to hear you say it.”

Louise blushed again. But when she saw I was not going to change my opinion, she gritted her teeth and lowered her head with a blush.

“I-I want it.”

“Oh? What is it that you want?”

Louise looked at me with teary eyes, but I remained with an unperturbed smile.

Finally, she bit her lips and opened her mouth in shame.

“I-I want you inside.”

As soon as these words sounded, I thrust forward.

Immediately, my weapon slid inside Louise’s crotch.

Louise gasped. As though she was waiting for that, she started to move her waist up and down, swallowing my penis every time she moved her waist.

I sighed and held her waist. My mouth moved towards her neck and breast, licking and sucking on them while my holy sword pierced deep into her insides.

Just like that, Louise and I played crazily on the desk of her father.

But at that moment, we heard footsteps coming from the corridor.

Using my senses, I discovered it was the earl accompanied by someone else. An expression of surprise appeared on my face, but it was quickly replaced by an evil smile.

To think this kind of situation would end happening.

Elated, I brought my lips towards Louise’s ear and whispered something gently.

“Louise, your father is coming towards here.”

Instantly, it was as though a pot of cold water was poured on her.

“F-Father…? C-Claus, w-what are we going to do?”

“Shhh, calm down. I have an idea.”

Then, I carried Louise towards a corner of the office and put an illusion around us. At the same time, I used magic to hide anything amiss in the room.

Then, I kissed Louise’s mouth and smiled. “If you don’t want to be discovered, you must remain silent.”

One second later, Earl Riea entered the office.


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