FPD Chapter 279

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Where Are The Monsters?


The next morning.

Daisy, Iris, and I left the camp after a quick breakfast.

Today, the forest was covered with a light mist. Clouds of rain adorned the sky, and the wind carried the smell of earth.

It was as though the forest itself had turned gloomier.

“… It looks like there will be a storm.” I said.

Iris and Daisy nodded. “… I thought the situation could not turn worse.” Iris said.

I glanced at Iris with a curious look. “It looks like you hate rain.”

“… I don’t like it very much.”

“Is it so? I, on the other hand, love the rain. The fresh smell of earth when the rain falls onto the ground is intoxicating… Besides, perhaps the rain will wash away this pungent smell of blood.”

“Blood?” Both Daisy and Iris were confused. Try as she could, they could not smell the blood I was mentioning.

I smiled without answering them. At the same time, I thought about all the bodies I had detected since we started to walk.

… It looks like the number of students that were killed last night was a lot bigger than I thought.

Most of them were students on Alan’s side, of course. But there were a few innocent students that were killed without knowing anything about the situation. They were innocent victims of this conflict.

Even if the teachers and Dina did everything in their might to protect the students, it was normal if one or two of them were unable to be rescued. Plus, a group of daemons that attacked Dina’s camp as well, and some students and teachers died during the battle.

And that number was only going to increase as this nightmare continues.

Well, I don’t need to worry about them. It’s not like I obligated to save them or something like that.

While we were walking, a frown appeared on Daisy’s face. That frown became more obvious the longer we walked.

“Is there something bothering you, Daisy?” I asked.

Daisy was startled, but quickly answered. “… It’s just… Don’t you think there is something strange about this forest, your highness?”

“What is strange?”

“… We have not seen any beast or monster since we entered the forest. In fact, I have not seen many living beings at all. it’s like the forest is dead.”

So, she finally realized.

Certainly. Since we entered the forest, we have only faced other students and daemons. We have not seen any monsters.

I looked at Daisy in praise. “So you noticed it too, huh. You are right, it’s very strange.”

“… Now that you mention it. The bodies of the daemons we killed yesterday were still in the ground when we woke up… Normally, the smell of blood would have attracted monsters and beast.” Iris said finally realizing that something was wrong.

“… Your highness, I think we should investigate it. Perhaps, it’s part of the crown prince’s plan.”

Actually, I already know what is happening.

When I used Akashic Sight, I saw the entire situation of the forest. And of course, it included the situation about the monsters.

But I did not refute Daisy. After all, her suggestion is something that adjusts to my plans.

“Let’s try to catch one of Alan’s men and ask him.” I said.

“… Do you think they will talk?” Iris asked.

I looked at her briefly and smiled. “Don’t worry, if they know something, they will speak.”

Finding a student was very easy. I just led the girls towards the direction of one and we ‘coincidentally’ met him. Then, after a short fight, he was caught.

We then tied him to a tree and surrounded him with ice-cold expressions.

“Now, tell us. What is Alan planning?” I asked.

“… Pah. Do you think I will tell you something?” The student we caught spat on the ground in disdain.

I sighed. Damn, this is so tiresome.

I can use a bit of hypnosis to get him to speak. But it would defeat the purpose of catching him. I need his confession to look as truthful as possible.

Just for the sake of Iris, of course.

“Daisy, a bit of lightning, please.”

“Huh? Oh, okay.” Daisy hesitated slightly before producing a lightning spell on her hand. One second later, she threw it towards the young man.

“Arghg!” The young man screamed and pain. His body twitched several times, and smoke came out of his body.

“P-Prince Claus, is it alright?” Iris asked hesitantly.

“We need this information, Iris.” I said with a sigh. “If Alan is planning something, we need to know about it as fast as possible. Daisy, continue.”

“Y-Yes, your highness.”

Fortunately, the young man was not very brave. After three bolts of lightning and a bit of hypnosis from my part (nobody noticed it), he spat out everything he knew.

“… In other words, you only know that Alan used an unknown method to gather the monsters in the center of the forest. Do you know what he is planning?”

“N-No… Please, I don’t know anything else… Let me go…”

I nodded. “Thank you, that was very helpful.”

With a wave of my hand, my sword pierced his forehead.

He died instantly, as painless as possible.

“Let’s go.” I said to the girls.

“W-Where to?” Asked Iris.

“Of course, to the place where the beast are. We need to know what Alan is planning.”

Iris and Daisy nodded. But then, Iris looked at me with a determined expression.

“… Claus, I… I have finally made my choice.”

I raised an eyebrow. Finally.

“Oh? And what is it?”

Iris opened her lips after a brief silence. “You are right. If I want something, I need to fight for it. I don’t want to be the tool of anyone!” Her voice sounded very determined.

I could not help but smile in satisfaction.

“Very well. Then, will you help me in my revenge against Bryan?”

“… Your revenge, is it?”

I nodded. This part was the most important. And Iris’s cooperation was necessary if I wanted to sink Bryan in despair.

After several seconds of hesitation, Iris nodded.

“… I’ll help you.”


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