FPD Chapter 291

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Iris Sneaking In (1)


You already know the drill, guys. If you don’t want to be blue-balled, then wait until tomorrow (or become a pattern, that also helps)…



Despite my eagerness, the person outside did not seem to have the intention to enter soon.

Instead, she had a hesitating expression. She would ponder on something for a while until she was about to call my name, but then, she would stop and reconsider the situation, just for the process to repeat again.

To be honest, just looking at her like this was funny. Seeing her constantly-changing expressions had its own charm.

Eventually, though, it seemed as though her courage had vanished, and the girl sighed before turning around to leave.

But how could I let a fish that already bit the bait escape?

Before the girl could leave, I walked out of the tent and put on a surprised look.

“Iris, what are you doing here?”

“C-Claus, n-no, n-nothing, I-I was just passing by.”

I stared at her for a few seconds before smiling mysteriously.

Is it the so-called newbie luck?

Dina was so focused on hindering the other girl’s attempts to sleep with me that she ignored the non-threatening-looking Iris. And in the end, it was Iris who took advantage of that opportunity to sneak in until my tent.

Iris got a bit nervous when she saw my smile, but before she could understand its meaning, she felt something pulling her towards my tent.

When she finally reacted, my tent had been closed and she was seated on my lap.

Iris was startled. She only felt a blur and everything had already happened. She was completely unable to resist or object.


“Sorry about that.” I smiled and hugged her waist. “Technically, you are still Bryan’s fiancée, so it would not have been good if someone sees you outside my tent this late at night.”

Iris blushed. “Y-You are right… S-Sorry, I didn’t think about that.:.”

This cute girl… “Well, I’m happy that you came. So, is there something you want to tell me?”

Iris was startled before lowering her head in embarrassment.

To be honest, she had not thought about what to say after meeting me. The reason she came to my tent tonight was mostly an impulse. Even Iris herself was not sure why she did so.

However, admitting that she came here just to meet me was too embarrassing.

“… I-I just wanted to ask you w-what are your plans?”

I stared at Iris with an amused smile. When Iris saw it, she panicked.

“… W-What are you smiling for?”

I chucked. “Well, I just thought that you were too cute. Although, I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. I thought you came here to meet see me.”

“T-That is…”

“Oh?” I tilted my head and curved my lips up with a hint of laughter. “Could it be that I was right?”

Iris lowered her head and bit her lips. I wanted to push her down when I saw how cute she was behaving.

It was completely different from her distant behavior from before.

Seeing her like that, I could not help but lift her chin and stare straight into her eyes. Iris panicked and moved her gaze around the tent flustered, but then, she felt a moist sensation on her lips.

It was a kiss.

Iris’s eyes opened wide and her body froze. She could only watch as my lips savored her lips slowly.

The feeling of Iris’s lips was great, and the contrast with the expression of surprise in her brown eyes made the kiss even better. I did not hesitate to use my tongue to separate her lips and insert my tongue inside.

“Hmgh!” Iris’s body shivered. The surprise in her eyes was now even greater than before.

However, her body did not resist my advances. Quite the opposite, her teeth slowly opened up and allowed my tongue to go inside.

I smiled and searched inside her mouth with my tongue. Iris’s tongue was like a frightened fish, trying to escape from my hunt. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to escape.

Before long, my tongue caught hers. I then entangled my tongue with hers and sucked her saliva fiercely, savoring her breath.

“Hmm!” Iris let out a frightened cry, but her body turned soft on my arms. Her stiffened body slowly relaxed, and her breathing started to turn heavy.

A red hue appeared on her face, and slowly spread to her entire body. Her pure white skin seemed to be in heat, and her eyes started to lose focus.

Maybe aware of what was coming, Iris tried to twist her body out of my embrace, but I held it firmly while using my hands to slowly undress her.

“N-No…~” Iris softly moaned, but I did not stop. I already gave in twice recently, and there is a limit to how much I’ll endure.

Instead, I pressed Iris’s body on the mattress and put my knee between her legs. Iris tried to move away, but my kiss and my arms were like chains holding her down.

Meanwhile, my hands wandered through her body, slowly removing her shoulder straps and unbuttoning her clothes. Then, I gently slid her clothes down, leaving her breast exposed.

Iris’s body was petite, but instead of giving an undeveloped feeling, it was more like a lovable doll that you wanted to taint with your color.

Her breasts were of the perfect size, and her expression made her look like a bullied child. Even between the beautiful women I have slept with, she was near the top.

With her violet-colored spread on the mattress like a curtain and her glistening skin completely exposed, she seemed ready to be eaten.

“So beautiful…” I sighed while sliding my finger through her skin, caressing her collarbone, moving to her breast, and flicking her nipples.

“Nnn…~” Iris groaned and looked at me with a teary expression. I smiled and then started to remove her skirt. At the same time, I took off my clothes.

When both of us were naked, I admired her perfect body hungrily.

“Iris, you are so beautiful…”

Iris’s face turned red. She then observed my body too, but when she saw the huge thing between my legs, her face burned red and she closed her eyes.

Seeing the wetness between her legs, I smiled. It was obvious that Iris was very aroused after kissing for long. Despite it, though, she was biting her lips and her expression was a bit nervous. But such an expression made her look much more tempting than usual.

I kissed her shoulders before kissing her mouth. My weapon was already ready in front of her cave, only waiting for orders to start the invasion.

“Are you nervous?” I asked.

Iris opened her eyes a little and nodded. I smiled and put my mouth on her ear.

“… Remember to keep your voice down.”

Then, I moved forward.


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