FPD Chapter 323

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Witch of Unending Fates (2)


Sorry guys, this chapter was supposed to be longer, but I’m a bit busy and had to cut it short.

“Long time no see you, old friend.” The beautiful woman said with a gentle smile.

… I was not sure about how to answer her.

In the end, though, I let out a soft sigh.

“Long time no see you, witch.”

She smiled. With a step, she appeared in front of me. I did not stop her, but my mana was ready to counterattack.

“… It feels strange to see you like this, Willian. Last time I saw you, you were very different than now.”

“Well, each reincarnation means a completely brand-new body. It’s normal if there are differences… Willian, huh. Was it my name is one of my past lives?”

She smiled wryly. “Right, I forgot about that part. How should I call you this time then? [The Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity]? Or should I use your name in this world?”

“Just call me Claus. Right, I forgot to ask for your name.”

This time, I could feel she pause briefly.

Then, she stared at me with a sad and bitter expression.

“… So you still don’t remember my name, huh?”

“You already know how it is. I stopped remembering names long ago.”

“Yeah. Never bringing the feelings of your other lives over your new life is one of your rules. You already told me about it. However, don’t you think it’s unfair to people like me?”

I fell silent.

Every time I reincarnate, I wipe off parts of my memory. These parts include the names and traits of all the people I met during my last life.

Besides that, I also transform all the ‘feelings’ of my past life into ‘information’.

The woman I loved, the children I had, the people I hated. I transform all these feelings into simple information. Simple data.

That is one of the methods I use to stop myself from becoming crazy after living for so long.

Unfair? Perhaps. But it was necessary.

Besides, she doesn’t have the right to accuse me of being unfair.


“You were the reason I started to do this in the first place, witch.”

She smiled bitterly. “You are right, I don’t have the right… My name is Ysnay, by the way. I hope you remember it this time.”

I did not answer. That is practically impossible.

As I said before, I wipe off all my feelings every time I reincarnate. That is a way to unburden my mind.

However, there are a few feelings I kept during my many lifetimes.

And one of them is related to this woman, Ysnay.

I forget the love I felt for her, and the hatred I felt when she betrayed me. But I remember her betrayal.

What I felt back when she betrayed me is still fresh in my mind.

Nor the hatred neither the rage. Just the feeling of betrayal. Just the disappointment of knowing the person you trusted the most betrayed you.

I have kept that feeling inside me since then.

To remember to myself to never again put my trust in her.

“What are you doing here, Ysnay?” I asked tiredly.

Ysnay walked towards me slowly. Then, she let herself fall into my arms.

“… I… I just wanted to see you, Willian… Please, let me remain like this for a while… I have missed it for a long time.”

“[Loneliness], huh,” I said with a complicated expression.

Ysnay put on a self-deprecating smile. “I have already lived for a very long, long time. And I’m not like you, who can leave everything behind with each reincarnation and start a brand-new life… I… I can’t bring myself to mingle among mortals anymore. It’s too boring…”

I sighed. That is the basic difference between Immortals and mortals.

Immortals are beings that live for too long. So long that normal mortals can’t start to estimate it.

So eventually, Immortals stop being able to interact normally with mortals.

For Immortals, one hundred years are like one month for mortals. Sometimes even less. And one month is not even enough to enjoy your time with a pet, but it is enough to make you feel pain when the pet dies.

But few mortals can reach to one thousand years of age, much less go beyond that.

“Not every Immortal is like you, Willian. Not every Immortal can bring themselves to play with mortals as you do.”

Play, huh.

Perhaps, she is right.

But playing like this is what has allowed me to live for so long.

I sighed. In the end, I can’t bring myself to think like her.

“Well, you are an oddball among Immortals, Willian.”

I frowned. “Stop peeking into my thoughts. Is that truly the right way to use fate? Also, my name is Claus, not Willian.”

Ysnay giggled. “Well, if you want to stop me from reading your thoughts, just shield them… Anyway, I see that you have been living a very fulfilling life this time. How many wives? Let me see… Wow, it’s a lot… What? This time you decided to create a huge harem?”

“Something like that,” I said calmly. “Also, don’t interfere with the fate of the people around me. I don’t want to have to kill you again.”

“Calm down, I know my position.” Ysnay shrugged with a bitter smile. “By the way, what happened to your soul? That injury seems very bad… Wait a moment, the fluctuation in the laws I felt back then… Did you go against the Universe’s laws!?”

I looked at Ysany and smiled. Instantly, Ysnay’s face turned stern. “Are you crazy!? Do you know the consequences of that!? Why would you d–Wait! It can’t be! You… You succeeded…”

“Not yet… But I’m close… I probably will be able to do it soon.”

Ysnay’s eyes opened wide. Then, her expression turned complicated.

“… Is it so?”

“I hope you don’t get any funny ideas, Ysnay. If you try anything to stop me from accomplishing my goal, I don’t mind killing you a few hundreds of times more.”

Ysnay smiled bitterly, but soon, her smile returned to normal.

“Don’t worry, the last thing I want to do is to make you hate me again. But… Your daughter is here. She will definitively not allow it.”

This time, I was truly surprised.


But when I mentioned her name, Ysnay froze.

Then, she sighed in a self-deprecating manner.

“… You still remember her name.”

I fell silent.

She was right, I still remembered her name.

Her blood-red eyes, her golden-red hair. I remembered almost everything about her.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I try, I can’t remember our first life together.

That life has become simple data.

That is what I owe to her.


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