FPD Chapter 354

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The Second Message


“… So you are leaving the palace, huh, little brother.”

A voice came from behind me just after Lena left.

It belonged to my favorite black-haired sister. My big sister and the third princess of the empire, Dina Quintin.

“The news travels fast,” I replied.

“Well, not every day a prince leaves the palace.”

True enough.

“Why are you leaving now, Claus?” Dina asked curiously.

I shrugged with a smile. “To be honest, the atmosphere in the palace is depressing. Plus I wan to live the dream of any man.”

Dina fell deep in thought. But soon, she heaved a long sigh.

“It’s not like I can stop you. Just… Control the number of women, okay?”

Sister, you truly know me well.

“I will.” I will not.

“But sister, are you not going to move with me?”

Dina hesitated briefly before shaking her head. “I want to, but I can’t. If I want to become the next ruler of this empire, then now is not the moment to leave the palace.”

That is true.

The palace is the center of the authority of the empire. So, for Dina, remaining here is imperative.

Dina sighed and spoke up. “Lately, I have been trying to socialize with as many nobles as I can. Besides, I have participated in several of the kingdom’s meetings to show my face at the ministers… I have not announced my interest in the throne yet, but I’m sure some nobles have started to suspect something and are wondering if it’s alright to support me.”


Plus, after the incident in the forest of wolves, Dina’s popularity in the empire has shot through the roof.

Many of the commoners have even started to bemoan the fact that Dina is a woman. Some nobles even said that if Dina would have been born a man, she would have been the perfect candidate for the throne.

Of course, part of these rumors is due to us. The Red Skull Gang has made sure to spread Dina’s name as much as possible. Currently, Dina has become one of the popular topics in the capital.

People speak more about Dina than about my dead brother.

And all of that is to increase Dina’s influence in the empire.

At a time like this, it’s not a good idea for Dina to leave the palace.

“Such a shame. I would have liked to live with you.” I sighed.

“… I’m sure you don’t have any good intentions.” Dina blushed slightly and rolled her eyes. “Anyway, how is your progress going?”

I put on a serious expression and told Dina about the things I have done recently.

Although Dina doesn’t know my identity as Clark yet, I did tell her that the Red Skull Gang is related to me, and I’m using it to spread her influence in the capital.

Moreover, I also told her that I secured the collaboration of the church and they will support us when the time comes.

Dina’s expression turned exited. When she learned that the Red Skull Gang exterminated the other three big gangs in the capital, her excitement reached to the peak.

Soon, though, she frowned.

“But Claus, neither the emperor nor the three big families will accept their loss easily. The underground of the capital is an important asset for them, They will make everything in their power to retrieve it.”

I nodded. Of course, I know that.


“Don’t worry, big sis. I have a plan.”

Dina narrowed her eyes. Soon though, she smiled.

“Well, I’m sure it will be fine then. It’s your plan after all… Hey brother…”


“… Are you sure it’s alright? I mean, I think you would be much better emperor than me.”

I was startled. But then, I smiled amusedly.

This girl…


“Dina, be honest with me. Do you want to be the emperor or not?”

Dina hesitated briefly. But soon, she bit her lips and nodded.

“… But I’m not sure If I can do it alright… I mean, what if I mess everything up?” Dina spoke anxiously.

How rare. Normally Dina is not one to show her weak side.

I think she is probably stressed by the situation in the capital and the palace.

In a time like this, my duty as her little brother and beloved is to cheer her.

“Fool. I will be with you.” I said. “To be honest, I don’t like to be embroiled in politics. But I don’t mind doing it to help my lovely sister and wife.”

“Who is your wife, idiot!?” Dina blushed shyly.

I grinned and kissed her lips stealthily. Then, I spun her body around and hugged her back.

“Sister, if you want to be the emperor, do your best go for it. Don’t worry about the rest. Even if you mess it up, I will be next to you to fix it.”

“… Thanks…”

I kissed Dina’s head and hugged her body tightly, feeling the warmth of her skin.

Dina’s face turned completely red and lowered her head.

“… Brother, let go… Someone could see us.”

“Just for a little bit more, okay?”

“… Okay.”



At the same time, in the palace.

Lilia was holding a stone in her hand. It was a stone that appeared in her room suddenly.

She knew what this stone was. It was the same kind of stone she received a few days ago.

A stone containing a message.

But Lilia did not dare to see what was inside.

… She was afraid.

Afraid of learning that her beloved son was dead.

During the last few days, Lilia had been doing everything in her might to learn the origin of the stone.

Not only she mobilized the forces of the Riea Family and the Empire, but she also paid private investigators to investigate more about the situation.

Unfortunately, she found nothing.

No matter how much they investigated, they found not even a clue.

Lilia sighed. After several seconds of hesitation, she finally decided to see what was inside the stone.

But when she sent mana inside, her expression changed.


A scream of rage and despair left her mouth. At the same time, tears overflowed her eyes.

Inside the stone, there was the image of her son losing an arm.

She could hear his screams of pain, terror, and despair, and she could see his blood falling to the ground.

But she could only watch how her son, Bryan, suffered. Unable to do anything.

When the image finished, a message appeared on her mind.

[We warned you about this, didn’t we? We warned you that if we learned the empire or the Riea family made any strange movement, we were going to kill him.

[But we are merciful. This time, we will forgive you with just this little punishment. But this will be the last time.

[We hope you forget about against us, empress. We are more powerful than you think. The empire and the Riea family, they can’t hide their movements from us.

[Now. Since today onwards, it’s better if you don’t contact the emperor or your brother. You are smart, Empress. Don’t do something you will regret later.

[Sincerely, the Immortal Soul.]


The empress threw the stone against the ground in rage, despair, and fear.

Then, she sobbed and cried.

During one hour, she cried and cried until she ran out of tears.

At that moment, Hope entered the room.

“… Your majesty…”

“Go away, Hope.”

“But the princess is here. She says she is coming to bid you farewell. She is going to live in the city with Prince Claus from today onwards.”

In normal circumstances, Lilia would have raged after hearing this news.

But now…

“… Now I don’t have time for that, Hope. Send her away.”

“But your majesty…”

“I told you, go away!!!”

“… Yes, your majesty.”

Once Hope left, Lilia stared emptily to the wall.

But suddenly, she saw something.

An object was lying on a table.

It was a card. A card that a man gave her a few days ago.

Instantly, hope appeared in Lilia’s eyes again.

Then, she stood up.

“I can’t give up yet.”

And she started to plan a way to meet that man secretly.



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