FPD Chapter 363

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First Night in the New House (1)


“Daisy, can you help me to hold that kitten?” I asked.

“Of course, Your Highness.” Daisy walked towards Raven with a smile and hugged her from behind. “Miss Raven, can you accompany me for a while?”

Raven tilted her head. She tried to struggle out of Daisy’s arms, but Daisy held her tightly and bit her cat ears.

“Calm down, Miss Raven. Let’s watch first how His Highness plays with Miss Andrea.”

Raven looked at Daisy for a few seconds before nodding in understanding.

When I saw that, I grinned. As always, Daisy knows me well.

As expected of my personal maid. She understands my intentions with just a few words.

While sending a loving smile to Daisy, I started to remove Andrea’s clothes and bit her earlobe.


Andrea shivered and turned completely red. She could not help but feel ashamed by the fact I was removing her clothes in front of another two women.

After all, Andrea was a timid girl. And although she had already had sex together with Daisy once, she was still embarrassed by the prospect of a foursome.

At the same time, though, she felt strangely excited.

I grinned and moved my hands below her clothes, rubbing her breast and pinching her nipples softly.

Andrea gasped. She involuntarily tried to grab my hand, but I used my other hand to stop her and continued playing with her body.

“C-Cousin, stop… N-Not like this…”

“Why?” I asked with a smirk.

“… I-It’s embarrassing…”

“Oh? You don’t like to be seen by others?”

Andrea looked down unable to face my gaze. At the same time, she was panting softly due to my caresses.

I chuckled softly. Then, I gently kissed her neck and shoulder and continued removing her clothes.

Andrea had come to my room wearing a see-through nightgown, so it was very easy to remove. I slid down the shoulder straws while I kissed her shoulder and arms.

Each time I kissed a part of her body, Andrea whimpered softly. She was dying of the shame and excitement she was feeling.

Looking at her teary blue eyes, I could not help but think she was beautiful. With her red hair, white skin, and bashful expression, she seemed like an innocent fairy in an embarrassing situation.

Soon, I removed her nightgown completely. Andrea shivered when she felt the slightly cold air of the room against her skin and involuntarily covered her body with her arms.

I stared at her naked body with a spellbound expression before sighing in admiration.

“… Cousin, you are very beautiful.”

Andrea hummed a soft sound of acknowledgment, too shy to do anything else.

I laughed softly. Watching my shy cousin in such an embarrassing situation was a bit entertaining.

It was so entertaining that I could not help but want to continue teasing her.

With a smile, I looked down at the place between her legs and removed Andrea’s hands that were covering it.

Andrea panicked and tried to struggle against me. Unfortunately, my beautiful cousin was unable to fight against my strength.

Thus, her lower body was soon exposed before my eyes.

Andrea was wearing a pink lace panty. It was a bit cute, but at the same time seductive. To be honest, it matched well with her.

Most important, though, it had a wet spot in the place protecting her slit.

When I saw that, I smiled playfully and looked at Andrea’s eyes.

“What do we have here?”

Softly, I pushed my finger towards Andrea’s panty and rubbed it against the undergarment.

Andrea shivered. Tears of embarrassment filled her eyes. She used her hands to cover her face hurriedly.

Andrea’s face had turned so red that she seemed like an apple.

Such an Andrea was incredibly cute.

“… Cousin, stop teasing me…” Andrea asked me with a pair of pitiful eyes. Her aggrieved expression seemed like a bullied pet.

I chuckled and kissed her lips. Then, I pushed her body against the bed.

“I love you,” I said.

Andrea blushed and moved her gaze away, she would have liked it more if I said it when we were alone.

But even so, her lips curved in a smile.

I shook my head and removed my clothes. Then, I moved my hands to her legs and slowly pulled down her panty.

Andrea looked at me with an anticipating expression. Her eyes were glazed and her mouth was slightly opened. I could see her chest moving up and down due to the excitement.

When I finished removing her panty, I moved my hand through her beautiful legs, caressing her thigs and softly rubbing her secret cave.

“… Nn…” Andrea moaned softly and twisted her body as though inviting me. At this point, I was ready to start my attack.

So, without hesitation, I opened her legs and positioned my spear in front of her entrance.

“I’m going in.”

Without waiting for Andrea’s answer, I drove my waist forward.


Andrea groaned. She immediately closed her eyes and let out a small grunt.

She could feel my huge member entering inside her, slowly opening her lower lips and pushing inside her centimeter by centimeter.

“… Nn… Ahn…”

With two soft moans, Andrea twisted her body on the bed and gasped.

And then, I started to move.

While looking straight into her eyes, I put my hands against the bed and moved my waist.

Up and down, in and out. Each time my waist moved, my penis invaded her honey hole.

“Anh…” Andrea moaned. Her cave was immediately filled with love juices, and her arms moved, trying to hug my back.

I moved quickly, thrusting my member inside her fiercely. It was as though I wanted to reach to her deepest part with my thrusts.

Each attack was accompanied by Andrea’s seductive moans, and each time she moaned, I feel even more excited and moved even faster.

It was a vicious circle of lust that pushed Andrea deeper and deeper in an abyss of pleasure.

“Cousin…. S-Slower…~ Mm…”

Andrea groaned. Her eyes looked at me hazily, and her mouth opened and closed seductively.

I did not hesitate to push my lips against hers, using my tongue to open her lips and invade her mouth.

Andrea closed her eyes and endured my attacks as an obedient little wife. Her tongue was entwined with mine, and her arms caressed my chest lovingly.

But eventually, she was unable to endure my thrusts. Each time I pierced her, her body shivered softly, slowly accumulating in an incredible outburst pleasure.

“Uuu… Uuu…”

Andrea gasped. She gripped my arms and held them tightly.

At the same time, I bit her nipples and thrust inside her deeply.


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