FPD Chapter 382

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Exposed Problems


We left the palace after the audience with the emperor. We then boarded a carriage to return to the institute.

During the way, the carriage was unusually silent.

I could see a trace of worry in Dina’s face and a curious light in Evelyn’s eyes. Normally, I would have started a conversation with them already to ask them what was wrong.

However, I was currently thinking about the words Safelia told me when we left the palace.

[The goddess started the plan.]

I knew what that means.

The goddess is planning to make a move soon.

In the end, she could not stop herself from putting her hands in Clara.

I sighed. Well, I was already expecting this.

Even if I have shown a very powerful strength before her, comparable to gods even, a high and mighty goddess like her will not be intimidated just by that.

It’s unfortunate, though. I was planning to use the goddess in the final battle against the Immortal, but now it seems like I need to change my plans.

Mm… What should I do?

Thinking about it, Alice is also related to a god, huh.

If I’m not wrong, that god is aiming for Terese’s position as the main goddess of the empire.

There is another possibility, though. If I want, I can create a brand-new god of my liking.

Safelia, perhaps? What would she think if I ask her to replace the goddess of order?

Mm… But Safelia is already my woman. Making her a god means I will have to leave her behind in this world.

… I’ll ask for her opinion later.

Plus, I’m not planning to kill the goddess right now. The current Church of Order is useful in many ways. But if I kill the goddess, some things will turn very troublesome.

Besides, killing the goddess when her plan is about to succeed will be much more interesting. I’m curious about the look in her face when she sees all her preparations fail badly.

It surely will be very entertaining.

While I was lost in my thoughts, my sister opened her mouth.

“Claus… Are you sure it’s alright?”


“… I think Saintess Safelia was too rash. Her words and actions today pushed us against the emperor with no way back. I don’t know if that was the right choice… Of course, we have always been against the emperor, but now she exposed the conflict to all the nobles.”

I looked at my sister with a smile on my lips before chuckling.

“Quite the opposite, it was perfect.”


“Certainly, now most of the nobles are clear that we are against the emperor. But that also exposed something.”

“… That we are being backed by the church. Mm, yeah, I think that this news will attract some nobles to our faction.”

“Not just that,” I said playfully. “It exposed a much graver problem.”

Dina was confused. “What is it?”

“The emperor is losing control of the empire.”


“Think about it.” I continued calmly. “Firstly, the emperor was unable to realize that an unknown person had brainwashed thousands of his subjects in the capital and almost caused a disaster. Second, the church disagrees with his government, and third, at least two of the princes are already directly opposing him.”

Dina was stunned. “You are right. With such obvious signs of unrest, some of the nobles will start to doubt the emperor’s grasp on the empire.”

“Exactly.” I chuckled. “And some ambitious parties will make use of this chance to make their moves. In that situation, we just need to give the situation a small push and this empire will come crumbling down.”

Dina furrowed her brows and fell deep in thought. After several seconds, she shook her head.

“It will not be so easy. The hidden power of the Imperial Family is very deep. If the situation gets out of control, these old men will not stay quiet.”

You are right. Hidden History will not let the empire be destroyed.


“It will happen. Believe me. Soon, the empire will enter a period of chaos. At that moment, we will get our revenge and at the same time, you will appear as the savior of the empire, quelling the rebellion and becoming the new empress of the empire.”

Dina fell silent with a complicated expression.

I smiled slightly and caressed her head.

“Don’t worry. Just continue trying to gain the support of more nobles, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Dina nodded. “I understand. Thank you, brother.”

“It’s alright. Everything for my beloved sister.”

I could see Evelyn rolling her eyes from the corner of my eyes.


A few minutes later, the carriage arrived at the Imperial Institute.

To our surprise, the institute was surrounded by Imperial Guards. The imperial guards stopped us from entering the institute even after knowing our identities.

Evelyn frowned. When she was about to ask for an explanation, we heard a voice coming from the side.

“You are finally here.”

It was from Alice.

“Do you know what happened here?” Evelyn asked. “Where are Katherine, Rose, and the others?”

“… Nothing much. After such an incident, it’s normal for the Imperial Guards to appear. Miss Katherine and others are alright, don’t worry. But the Imperial Guards asked them to give a statement about the situation and took them to their headquarters. I’m a noble, so I could give my statement here, but they are commoners, so they do not have these privileges. I decided to wait here for you to tell you about the situation.”

Evelyn nodded. That was normal after such an incident.

“Thanks, Alice.” I thanked Alice before walking towards her and whispering something on her ear. “By the way, it’s already time.”

Alice was startled. But one second later, she smiled sweetly.

“I understand, my prince.”

After saying that, she turned around and left, followed by her butler and her knight.

After Alice left, Dina looked at me suspiciously, but I ignored her.

The fun will start soon…



At the same place.

An old man was seated inside a library, looking at a wall with a dazed expression.

“… Is it true?” He asked loudly although he was the only person in the library.

But strangely, a voice replied to him.

[It’s true… I can concede your most desired wish… I can give you the strength you want. Tell me, do you want strength?]

“Strength…” The body of the old man trembled, his dazed expression turning into a face full of excitement. “Yes… I want strength…”

The gears of fate continued moving.


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