FPD Chapter 467

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Hiding in a Tent (2)


A soft gasp resounded in the tent, signaling the beginning of our intercourse.

As soon as she felt my member entering inside her, Andrea shivered. Her mouth let out a soft moan that filled me with excitement.

But immediately after that, Andrea remembered the soldiers outside. She hurriedly used her hand to cover her mouth and stop her moans from spreading.

Fortunately, it seemed like the soldiers did not hear anything, so Andrea sighed in relief.

Of course, I was never planning to let them hear her. Andrea is mine, why should I let other men witness her sexiness?

It was just a game. Although Andrea did not know it, I had put a barrier around the tent to ward off anyone that wanted to enter and block our sounds from spreading outside.

To Andrea, though, the only thing separating us from the soldiers was the thin fabric of the tent. Thus, she bit her lips and covered her mouth with her hand, trying her best to be as silent as possible.

I chuckled softly and bit her hear. “How fortunate. It seems like they did not hear us. I wonder how they would have reacted if they see us having sex inside this tent.”

Andrea quivered. Her body turned weak, and her vagina tightened around my penis.

I grinned and continued my thrusts. At the same time, my hands sank on her soft butt, holding them tightly as we continued engaging in our wild lovemaking.

Andrea’s face had turned completely red, and her lust was clearly visible in her eyes. She did her best to suppress her moans as much as she could, but even so, I could hear her soft and muffled moans occasionally leaking out.

She was so sexy that I could not help but kiss her neck and collarbone, licking her nape passionately and tasting the slightly salty flavor of her skin.

Each time she felt my kisses, Andrea shivered slightly, almost unable to control her excitement.  In fact, the only thing stopping her from moaning out loud was the fear of someone hearing her.

But at the same time, that fear increased her excitement to a crazy level. Her body turned hotter and hotter and her breath turned ragged, clearly filled with lust.

Her sweet muffled moans and the slurpy sounds caused by the rubbing of our lower organs were the only sounds we could hear in the tent.

When I saw how hard Andrea was trying to suppress her moans of pleasure, I wanted to make her scream out loud more and more. I wanted to see her helpless expression as she screamed unable to hold on the pleasure.

“Uuu… Anhn… C-Cousin…”

Andrea looked at me with teary eyes asking for mercy. At the same time, though, her vagina was clenching my penis tightly, as though it wanted to squeeze my semen out.

Feeling the tightness of her vagina, my raging hard penis moved faster and faster, ravaging her honey cave and tasting the heavenly pleasure brought by her flesh.

In front of my faster movements, Andrea’s hand that was grabbing the fabric of the tent gripped it tighter and her moans became slightly louder. Andrea immediately panicked, pressing her remaining hand against her mouth even harder in a try to stop her moans.

But it was useless. Each time she felt my penis going in and out of her, Andrea’s voice became louder and louder and she felt herself slowly losing her reason.

I thrust deep inside her, feeling the tightness of her walls centimeter by centimeter, and hitting the entrance of her womb with each thrust.

Each time I pierced her, I could not help but think that this body of my cousin was only for me. Each inch of her white skin was only for me to see, only for me to enjoy.

The feeling of possessing her in body and soul filled me with ectasis.

Perhaps because she was feeling the same, but I felt Andrea’s vagina clamping my rod tighter, as though trying to fuse with it and make us one.

I grunted and pushed my hips forward with even more strength, rubbing my rod against the walls of her cave and making her let out a long groan of joy.

“Aaaa… C-Cousin… I-I love you…”

Andrea muttered stutteringly, doing her best to make her voice as soft as possible. But even like that, her voice turned strangely high-pitched by the end, sounding like a cry.

“I love you too.” I breathe on her ear and bit her nape, making Andrea’s body quiver and her face morph into an expression of ectasis.


“You are mine, Andrea… Only mine…”

“M-Mm… Uuu… C-Cousin…”

I grinned and hugged her waist, pressing my body against her as I continued my thrusts. I felt my tip reach her uterus with each hit, stimulating her insides and sending bursts of pleasure through her entire body.

Andrea looked down, panting and moaning as she tried to control the sounds coming out of her mouth. Meanwhile, I moved as I wished, enjoying her soft body as much as I wanted.

“Uuu… S-Softer… O-Please…” Andrea said with a groan, finding harder and harder to control her voice.

Instead, I hugged her tighter as my hips started pistoning even harder and faster, making Andrea’s moans quicker and ever so slightly louder.

Eventually, she was unable to control her voice.

“C-Cousin… C-Cumming…!” With a cry, Andrea looked up and tensed up her body.

Her body trembled violently, and her legs twitched as though they were about to give in. At the same time, Andrea’s vagina clenched my penis powerfully as a flood of love juices drenched my pelvis.

I grinned and moved even faster, making the orgasming Andrea moan louder and louder, unable to control her voice.

She was so loud that half of the camp would have heard us if not for my barrier.

Finally, when her orgasm finished, Andrea panted heavily and gripped the fabric of the tent to stop her body from falling.

“That felt so good, Andrea. As expected, my cousin is so sexy.” I said with my erected penis still inside her.

Andrea blushed before pouting slightly, as though blaming me for bullying her before.

Suddenly, though, she seemed to think about something.

“C-Cousin! T-The meeting!”

But before she could move, I rocked my waist.

Andrea shivered involuntarily. Her vagina once more tightened around my penis and her face melted in pleasure.

In the next instant, though, she looked at me in panic.

“C-Cousin… S-Stop… W-We’ll be late…”

“… Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied yet.” I said feigning a distressed expression and moving my erected penis inside her vagina. “I think we should go for another round, what do you think?”

Andrea turned completely red. She did not show it, but she was utterly embarrassed. Just now, when she orgasmed, she was so loud that she was sure half of the camp could hear her. She did not dare to do something like that again.

But looking at my mischievous expression, she knew I was not planning to stop.

Therefore, she bit her lips and put on a determined expression.

“I-I’ll use my mouth, s-so please…”

I was slightly startled, but quickly, my mouth curved up in a grin.

“I see, that is a good idea.”



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