FPD Chapter 473

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Convincing Lilia


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After talking with Dina and Daisy for a while and discussing the current situation, I left the room.

It was already late in the night, but I still had another place I needed to visit tonight.

Thus, I disguised myself as Clark and teleported to another part of the city. A nice and hidden house located in the noble district.

Not even one minute after I arrived, a woman appeared in front of me and bowed with a respectful expression.

“Boss, you are here.”

“Marana. How is the situation?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Almost everything is just as you expected. However…”


“Our men noticed some strange people entering the capital lately. They did not seem like normal people, so I fear they are here with ulterior motives.”

I fell deep in thought for a moment before expanding my senses through the entire city.

A few seconds later, I understood Marana’s meaning.

Certainly, there are a lot of strange people in the capital right now.

There are several times more powerhouses than normal. So many powerhouses that it’s alarming.

And I’m sure most of them are not here to participate in Dina’s marriage tournament.

“It looks like they already started their preparations…” I muttered to myself.

They probably took advantage of the emperor’s announcement of the tournament to infiltrate the city. After all, having powerhouses come to witness or participate in this kind of tournament is normal, and even if someone notices the unusual number of powerhouses, he will not suspect anything unless he is incredibly sharp.

Plus, most of these people are spread around the entire capital and they did not seem to be in contact with each other, so it’s hard to notice they are part of the same group.

But when the chaos in the capital starts, these people will act as a hidden poison that will bring the empire to its knees quickly.

However, I don’t have time to worry about them right now.

“Keep an eye on them and tell me if you notice something amiss,” I told to Marana before walking to a counter a few meters away. “You should go to your position. The empress will arrive soon.”

Marana nodded and gave a few orders. Soon, several members of the Red Skull Gang appeared inside the house and started to act as though this place was a pub.

Yes, I’m currently in the place where I usually met the empress. I have an appointment with her tonight.

Not even five minutes after I arrived, someone knocked on the door. I sat down on the counter with a smile, grabbed a cup of alcohol Marana served before, and nodded to her to indicate she should go to open the door.

A few seconds later, I felt someone sitting beside me.

“You are here,” I said with a smile while swaying the cup of alcohol in my hands.

“How could I miss our meeting? I can only see you once each week, so I treasure this opportunity a lot.”

I smiled and took a sip of the drink in my hand. Only after that, I looked at the woman beside me.

She was a beautiful woman with long and wavy blond hair and beautiful green eyes. Her body emitted a powerful aura only found in people of authority, and a nice fragrance came from her skin.

She was currently using a disguise, so her usual beautiful features were a bit dull, but even so, I could recognize her easily.

The empress of this empire and my father’s wife, Lilia Riea.

When she saw my smile, Lilia smiled seductively and leaned towards me.

“Should we find a more private place to have a chat?”

I took one last sip of alcohol and chuckled.

“As you wish, beautiful lady.”

Standing up from my seat, I grabbed Lilia’s hand and pulled her towards the second floor.

We then went to the room we always use and entered inside.

As soon as we entered the room, Lilia turned off the artifact she used to disguise herself, revealing her stunning features. She then rushed towards me and hugged my body as her lips searched for mine intensely.

I returned her kiss just as intensely, pushing her body against a wall and making her gasp.

However, before our lust could get out of control, I separated my lips from her.

“We need to talk about something first.”

Lilia looked at me with glazed eyes, but when she noticed my serious gaze, she nodded.

“What is it?”

I thought my words for a moment before opening my mouth.

“I’m planning to participate in the tournament.”

Instantly, Lilia froze.

Quickly, her gaze turned frosty and a slight killing intent started to leak out of her.

“What do you mean? Do you plan to marry the daughter of that bitch?”

I was inwardly displeased when she called my sister like that. But on the outside, I smiled gently and caressed the empress’s hair.

“Calm down. It’s not as you think.”

“No? Hah… To think that that bitch once stole my husband from me. Now her daughter wants to steal you from me as well!?”

I could feel Lilia’s killing intent and hatred from her words. It was obvious how much she hated my mother and us.

It was a hatred born from her sense of superiority and the desire to be above everybody else.

“Now that I think about it, you agreed rather quickly when I asked you about the tournament. Was it your intention since the start?” Lilia asked with a sharp expression.

Seeing the wariness and distrust in her eyes, I could not help but chuckle.

“You are right. I thought about it since then.”


“You can’t blame me for that, can’t you? Any man would want such a beautiful princess as a trophy. Plus, it’s not bad for you.”


“Well, Princess Dina’s mother stole the emperor from you, right? Then don’t you think it will be fun to do the same to her daughter? Princess Dina will marry me, without knowing that I’m sleeping with her most hated enemy and we planned her downfall together. Moreover, once I’m married to Dina, we will more opportunities to meet without raising the suspicions of others.”

The empress was startled by my words.

She fell silent for a few seconds, before looking at the ground in hesitation.

“… I’m not sure about it.”

“Think about it. It’s not a bad idea. Plus, do you truly think I’ll forget you after I have her? Do you have so little trust in yourself?”

Lilia furrowed her brows as though thinking about something.

She could see I was determined to do this, and I was. My identity as Clark was the best to participate in the tournament.

He had the backing of the empress (even although my relationship with her was not public), so I will have not opposition once I win the tournament. With the empress speaking for me, the emperor will definitively accept it even if my background is a bit unclear.

I could create another identity hurriedly, but the emperor or the empress might see through it. Of course, it will be different if I use Ysnay’s abilities, but I don’t want to owe her another favor.

Sensing my determination, the empress’s expression turned bitter.

“… Do you truly want to have her?”

“I do.” I nodded firmly. “I hope you can help me with it tomorrow. Consider it a favor for your lover.”

The empress looked at me with an expression of hesitation and loss, unable to decided what to do.

But finally, she nodded.

“… Okay.”

Woah, it went easier than I thought.

I thought I would have to coax her a lot more.

It looks like she has fallen for me more than I thought.

I kissed the empress’s lips and put on a gentle smile to reassure her that everything was going to be alright. But after the kiss, the empress pushed me away.

“I need to think about it a bit… Sorry, not tonight…”

I was disappointed inwardly. But I did not show it in my face.

After all, her reaction is pretty normal.

“Let’s talk about the situation of your son then,” I said to shift the topic. “I will tell you about what I investigated during the last week.”

The empress nodded and sat down on the bed, keeping a certain distance from me.

What a shame. It looks like I will have to visit someone else tonight.



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