FPD Chapter 502

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Daemon Princess (2)


When I finished treating her injuries, the daemon princess was gasping and panting heavily.

Her face was completely red, and her eyes were unfocused. Occasionally, her body shivered softly.

Well, I guess I was too far with my prank.

I could not help it, though. Not when I had the opportunity to tease a daemon princess.

Any man would understand my behavior.

The daemon princess was a very beautiful girl. She had the characteristic grey skin of daemons; however, her skin was whiter than most daemons I had seen.

Her ponytail-tied hair was as white as snow, creating a beautiful contrast with her light grey skin. As for her eyes, instead of the usual yellow eyes of daemons, they were slightly golden.

Judging by her features, she was around twenty-years-old or so. The fact that she had become a twelfth-layer practitioner at this age was exceptional.

All in all, she was a very beautiful girl. Even taking into account human aesthetics, she was a stunning beauty.

And having such a beauty panting heavily on my arms was truly a powerful temptation.

I guess that any man other than me would have thrown her onto a bed already to ravage her.

After several seconds like that, the daemon princess finally recovered.

As soon as her eyes regained focus, my face entered her sight.

But when she saw my teasing smile, her face turned red in shame and anger.


Forgetting completely about the fact that she should be silent, the princess released her mana and threw a punch towards my chest.

I stopped the punch easily and released her, allowing her to take several steps back.

“Is it as you treat the man that saved your life?” I raised an eyebrow in a teasing manner.

The princess was startled. Only at that moment she realized that her injury had stopped hurting.

Looking down, she noticed that the wound on her abdomen had disappeared completely, as though it was an illusion.

Not even a scar had been left behind.

If not for the hole on her clothes and the blood all over her body, she would have suspected that what happened just now was a dream.

“… I, I’m healed.” The princess stared at me in surprise.

But immediately after that, she remembered the embarrassing method I used to heal her injuries and her face turned dark.

“Even if you were healing me, it did not give you the right to take advantage of me.”

“Hey, that was the only way if I wanted to heal your injuries quickly.”

“Really?” The princess looked at me suspiciously as I nodded and made sure to put on the sincerest expression I could make.

I guess I don’t need to say it, but obviously, I’m lying.

I mean, if I just wanted to heal her, I could do it without going through such a troublesome process.

Just injecting my mana and accelerating the metabolism of her cells would have been enough.

But hey, it would have not been me if I don’t take advantage of that situation.

The princess narrowed her eyes, still not convinced of my explanation. However, it seemed as she did not plan to insist on it anymore.

“… Very well, I guess I will believe you for now. Prince Claus, is it? What is the reason you are here? What do you want? Think carefully about your answer. The only reason I have not called the guards is that you saved my life, but if I realize you have sinister intentions, I won’t hesitate to call the guards, even if it means exposing my wrongdoings.”

I stared at the princess fixedly before shrugging.

“Is it not obvious? I’m here to get information about my enemy. That way, it will be much easier to destroy them on the battlefield.”


“However, now I’m very interested in something else. Princess, it looks like you don’t agree with this war, right?” My eyes narrowed into slits.

When the princess heard my words, she briefly froze.

It was just by an instant, but I managed to catch it.

It looks like I’m right, huh.

I noticed it when the princess was eavesdropping on the daemon’s higher-ups’ conversation. Back then, the princess was startled when the daemon general mentioned sacrificing the entire army.

That was the reason she knocked something off a table and was discovered.

However, she did not plan to admit it.

“… I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Mm, it’s troublesome.

It’s obvious this girl is very wary of me. In fact, she is treating me as an enemy.

However, it’s not convenient for me.

If we continued like this, our conversation will not advance.

With a sigh, I called upon my soul and used it to influence the princess’s soul slightly.

I did not brainwash her. I simply made it so she finds my words more trustworthy.

This way, our conversation will be easier.

Now, let’s continue.

I feigned an expression of hesitation before putting on a serious look.

“Actually, princess, you are not the only one that is against this war. I am against it too. I feel that something about this war is fishy.”

The princess was stunned. “You too!?”

“It looks like the princess also noticed something, huh?”

The daemon princess fell silent. But after several seconds, she seemed to make up her mind.

“I should not talk about it with you… However, I don’t think I have many options right now.”

Putting on a self-deprecating smile, the princess stared straight into my eyes.

“You are right, Prince Claus. I don’t agree with this war. In fact, since a while ago, I noticed something wrong with it.”

“Something wrong?”

“Yes, I think someone is manipulating the higher-ups of the daemon empire. Someone wants to use this war to achieve his or her goals.”


It looks like I finally found a useful clue.



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