FPD Chapter 531

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Aunt Sera’s Seduction Plan


“Sera, hey, wait!”

Dayana ran after her big sister with an amused smile. Seeing how flustered her sister was, she could not help but chuckle.

Sera, on the other hand, was completely embarrassed.

She walked quickly until arriving at her room and throwing herself in the bed.

She wanted nothing more than dig a hole and hide inside after her nephew’s proposal.

Dayana chuckled again and sat beside her, looking at her sister with a smile.

“Come on, sister. Is it so embarrassing?”

“Is it not?” Sera glared at Dayana angrily. “That boy, to think he dares to propose marriage to his aunt!”

“I think that was cute. To be honest, my heart is still beating fast.”

Sera opened her mouth to refute Dayana, but she then fell silent with a blush.

Well, she could not deny she felt a warm feeling traveling through her body when she heard these words.

Remembering the serious expression in the blue eyes of her nephew, Sera could not help but blush.

But immediately after that, she shook her head.

‘No no no no, he is your nephew, Sera. How can you feel like that?’

“Heh, it had been a while since the last time you like this, sister,” Dayana could not help but smirk.

“Who do you think is at fault?” Sera growled embarrassed. “I still can’t believe you teamed with Claus to get me into your sh-sh-shameless games!”

“Well, we are sisters. Good things must be shared.”

Sera shot a fierce glare to her sister.

Good things? She dared to call having sex with her nephew a good thing!?

Moreover, it was a threesome! A threesome with her sister and her nephew! And more than once!

Goddess! How could her family be so perverted!?

“… Sigh, I’m already a lost cause. But I must think of a way to stop protect Lina.” Sera murmured with a determined look.

“Huh? Are you still thinking about that?”

“Of course! Lina is my baby daughter! How can I let Claus take advantage of her!?”

Dayana shook her head with an amused smile.

This big sister of hers…

“You know that you will be unable to stop Lina forever, right?”

“… Perhaps, but… I’m her mother! I must protect her as long as possible! Hmph! That brat is dreaming if he thinks he can get my daughter so easily!”

“He already got one, though.”

Sera stiffened before gritting her teeth determinedly.

“That is another reason I must protect Lina!”

Looking at the solemn expression on her big sister’s face, Dayana was almost unable to control her laughter.

Well, this was amusing in its own way…

“What is your plan then, Sera? I don’t think it will be easy to stop that nephew of ours.”

Sera fell silent and did not reply. Instead, a pensive expression appeared on her face.

There were many ways to stop Claus and Lina’s plans for tonight.

However, most of them were just delaying the inevitable.

For example, she could try sleeping in the same room as Lina, but she could not do it forever.

Or she could talk with Lina and convince her that it was too soon. But judging by the way her youngest daughter looked at that bad and shameless nephew, she did not think it would be very effective.

No, she needed something that made Lina hesitate about sleeping with Claus.

Even if it was only for a while. It was enough if it delayed Claus’s plans by one month or two.

Sera knew that it was just delaying the inevitable, but as a mother, she needed to try.

And finally, she came with a plan.

“… I need to make Lina disappointed in Claus.”

“Huh? How are you planning to do that?” Dayana asked curiously.

“Well… What if Claus doesn’t visit Lina tonight and instead sleeps with another woman?”

“Huh?” Dayana was stunned.

“Yes, it’s a good idea.” Sera nodded to himself. “If Lina discovers that Claus stood her up for another woman, she will be very disappointed with him!”

Dayana was speechless. What the hell…

“How in the hell are you going to do that?”

“Of course, I’ll seduce him! I’m sure Claus will be unable to resist my mature charms!”

A speechless expression appeared on Dayana’s face.

She could not understand how her sister arrived at this crazy idea.

“… You realize that Lina will be very hurt after it, right?”

Sera froze abruptly and put on a complicated expression.

But then, she heaved a soft sigh.

“I know, but… It will be a test for Claus as well. If he is unable to resist my seduction and he doesn’t keep his promise to Lina, it will mean that I was right.”

Dayana fell silent and stared at her sister deeply.

After hearing these words, Dayana realized something.

Sera was not doing it just for her daughter. She was doing it for herself as well.

Most likely, she was planning to use it to determine if she was going to accept Claus wholeheartedly or not.

After realizing that, Dayana could not help but think that her sister was… very naïve.

Yes, naïve.

Knowing that sly nephew of hers, how could he not notice Sera’s intentions?

He probably would be able to see through her with just a glance.

But now that she thought about it…

Mm, yes, it could be interesting.

Looking at her sister, Dayana smiled and stood up.

“Well, as long as you are happy. Just be careful of not going overboard.”

“… I know. I should start to prepare.”

Dayana sighed and left her silly sister alone as she left the room.

Then, she snickered and walked towards another bedroom.

The bedroom of her beloved nephew.

“Claus, are you here?”

“Aunt Dayana?”

“My cute nephew, I just learned something interesting.”



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