FPD Chapter 563

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Eating a Daemon Princess (1)


Sword rays flashed, followed by bursts of mana and several magic spells.

Each sword ray, burst of mana, and magic spell carried power beyond the twelfth layer, showing the immense strength of the three people fighting right now.

But of the three people fighting, it was obvious that one of them had a clear advantage.

“Daemon Sword, [Lonely Sword].”

With Princess E’Athar’s ice-cold voice, her sword flashed, releasing an immense sword light that shocked each one of the daemons nearby.

The daemon general replied with a sword attack of his own. At the same time, the cardinal of the Daemon God Church supported him with a protective barrier and several spells.

But despite that, their attacks were quickly overwhelmed by the princess’s sword light.

Seeing that, Princess E’Athar’s eyes glinted. She took one step forward, her body vanishing briefly only to appear behind her two enemies.

When they realized it, their expressions changed.

But it was too late.

With a cold snort, the princess stabbed her sword in the abdomen of the cardinal.


The cardinal groaned in pain and vomited a mouthful of blood. He glared at the princess with anger as he tried to gather mana to cast one last spell.

Unfortunately, the injuries that he suffered in the previous battle combined with the current sword in his abdomen impeded it.

“Dammit…” Cursing bitterly, he felt his body turn heavy as his consciousness became hazy.

When the cardinal collapsed, the princess pulled her sword out and looked at the daemon general with a smile.

“You are the last one, general.”


Enraged, the general infused all his remaining mana in his sword and released an attack towards the princess. But Princess E’Athar just shook her head calmly.

Then, with gentle movements, she parried the attack of the general aside and used the strength behind it to spin her body and thrust her sword towards the general’s abdomen.


With an expression of shock, the general watched how the princess’s sword cut his skin, pierced his abdomen, and destroyed his mana core.

His knees gave him, and he kneeled in despair as his strength left him.

As a powerful practitioner, he understood immediately the meaning of having his mana core destroyed.

He had been crippled.

Princess E’Athar looked at the general indifferently and pulled her sword out. She then pulled his hair up to lift his face.

“You are stronger than me, General. But with your injuries, did you truly think you could win against me? I hope you enjoy your time in prison, General. Someone, take them away.”

Two daemon soldiers stepped forward and walked towards the daemon general and the cardinal. They then carried them towards the prison of the camp.

Meanwhile, the rest of the daemon looked towards Princess E’Athar with complicated emotions.

However, none of them spoke.

Even when the princess crippled the general and the cardinal, nobody stopped her.

Right now, Princess E’Athar was not only the most powerful practitioner here but also the person with the highest status.

Moreover, after her great performance repelling the humans that came to steal the supplies and then the courage she showed when she took the lead to help the daemons escape Fort Mist, many of the daemons here respected her from the bottom of their hearts.

Princess E’Athar looked at them and smiled elegantly. Then, she stabbed her sword on the ground and spoke up.

“As the person with the highest status, I’ll take control of this army from today onwards. If any of you have an obsession, speak now!”

Nobody spoke.

Princess E’Athar moved her gaze through the daemons in front of her and smiled.

“Good. You can go and rest then. But I want a detailed report of the situation for tomorrow morning.”

With these words, Princess E’Athar left arrogantly.

Five minutes later, she returned to her tent.

But as soon as she entered, she saw a handsome blue-haired young man waiting for her.

“I thought you wanted to kill him, Princess?” I said with a small smile.

The princess froze momentarily. But then, she rushed towards me and hugged me with an excited expression.

“We did it! Claus, we did it! Hahahaha!”

“Calm down, calm down. I know, I know.”

“Hahahaha, the face of the general when I stabbed my sword in his abdomen. That bastard deserved that!”

I smiled wryly. Girl, you sure are vengeful.

Chuckling softly, I caressed her soft white hair and hugged her waist.

“Why did you not kill him? I thought you wanted to do it.”

Princess E’Athar snorted. “I still want to. However, it’s better this way. Someone needs to claim responsibility for the death of so many daemons. He will be killed by my father later anyway.”

I could not help but look at her with a look of praise.

It looks like this girl thought it well.

“Then, should I call you General E’Athar now?”

The princess rolled her eyes and grinned.

“You should. Why, do you want to be my subordinate?”

“Of course not. I told you that I prefer to be your husband, remember?”

The princess rolled her eyes again and snorted.

“Dream on. I will marry a nice and loyal man, not a womanizer that likes to tease women like you.”

“Really?” I feigned a disappointed expression. “It looks like my feelings did not manage to touch the beautiful princess then.”

“Mm. You need to try harder.”

“I will.” I chuckled. “However, don’t you think that I deserve a reward at least?”

The princess blushed. She used her beautiful golden eyes to look at me and smiled bashfully.

“You are right, I should reward you.”

Then, she tiptoed and planted a kiss on my lips before looking at me with a completely red face.

“… Enough?”

I grinned and shook my head.

“I think I need a bit more.”

Smirking, I lowered my head and kissed her mouth fiercely.

When our second kiss ended, the princess looked at me hazily and licked her lips.

In the next second, she jumped towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

Then, our lips were locked in a third kiss.

This time, though, both of us knew that it was not going to end with just a kiss.



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