FPD Chapter 573

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Back in the Mansion (2)


It took almost five minutes before Evelyn calmed down.

When she finally did, I gave her a brief rundown of Katherine’s situation.

I didn’t tell her about the details, only explaining it as a contract between our souls that I used to give a bit of my power to Katherine.

Fortunately, Evelyn had been with me in the world of the mysterious Immortal, so she had an idea about my capabilities. Thus, after the initial surprise, she calmed down.

Even so, she could not help but sigh in admiration when she looked at her green-haired student.

“To think that you could push Katherine’s cultivation to the fifteenth layer. Boy, doesn’t it mean that you can create an army of beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses if you want?”

Well, I can.

But there is no point in doing something like that.

Even though fifteenth-layer powerhouses seem powerful to the people of this world, they are nothing in the face of Immortals.

Even if I made each person in this world a fifteenth-layer powerhouse, they would be unable to resist the unknown Immortal in the slightest.

It’s useless even if I made them stronger than that. Plus, it’s much harder to strengthen someone after they reach the limits of their bodies.

“Anyway, it’s good that you are back.” Headmistress Evelyn said with a tired sigh. “The situation in the capital right now is very bad. I’m sure you already noticed it.”

I nodded. I did notice it.

After the victory ceremony, when we were on the way to the mansion, I noticed that the atmosphere inside the capital was unusually tense.

It seemed like a bomb that was about to explode, waiting for the right moment to create chaos and destruction.

And I know the reason.

“The situation here is a mess.” Headmistress Evelyn smiled bitterly. “The birthday of the emperor is approaching, and one week after that is the marriage of your sister, Dina.”

When she reached that point, Evelyn glared at me angrily again.

Well, she is one of the people that know about my alter identity, so she knows that Clark is me.

Right now, she must be thinking something like ‘you are a scum that didn’t even spare his sister!’

Hehe, I know I’m great, thank you, thank you.

“It looks like the situation is complicated, huh,” I put on a pensive expression, feigning that I did not notice Evelyn’s glare.

Evelyn was already used to my shameless ways, so when she saw that I feigned ignorance, she did not insist on the topic. Instead, she followed my lead and nodded.

“It is. And unfortunately, I’m in the middle of this mess as well.”

I raised an eyebrow curiously.

“The institute?”

Headmistress Evelyn nodded.

“Thousands of deaths occurred in the grounds of the institute. Many noble families are trying to use that as an excuse to close it permanently.”

Katherine, who was listening to our conversation, changed her expression immediately.

“Wait a moment! Why do they want to close the institute!? I thought that the church took responsibility for the deaths!”

“They did, but the nobles do not care about that.” Evelyn smiled wryly. “A lot of nobles in the empire dislike the power of our Academy, and even the emperor does not see us favorably. This is the perfect excuse for them to get rid of us.”

… God, that is the reason I hate politics.

Sighing, I grabbed Evelyn’s hand and looked straight into her blood-red eyes.

“Don’t worry about that. After the next week, nobody will be able to mess with the institute.”

Headmistress Evelyn smiled wryly and nodded. “I hope so.”

Just at that moment, four people arrived at the mansion.

My two sisters, Dina and Lena, plus Daisy and Louise had come from the palace.


Lena rushed towards me as soon as she entered the mansion, smiling from ear to ear cutely.

I chuckled softly and hugged her, patting her blue hair and kissing her cheeks and nose so many times that she turned completely red.

“My little princess, how are you? Did you miss me?”

“… Mm. I missed you, brother… Welcome back.”


“It looks like Lena is as attached to you as always, huh, little brother.” Dina followed behind Lena and smiled lovingly when she saw me. I chuckled again and extended my arm, pulling Dina towards us and hugging her as well.

“Did you miss me, sister?”

Dina rolled her eyes. But she then smiled and hugged me tightly, putting her head on my shoulder.

After we separated, I looked at the two girls following her and smiled again.

“Daisy, Louise, I missed you. Thank you for helping Dina while I was away.”

“Your highness, I missed you as well.”

“Don’t worry about that, Claus. We are happy to be of help.”

Such cute girls…

I smiled softly and hugged them as well. The two girls blushed slightly, but they accepted my hug with happy expressions.

After that, Lena grabbed my hand and asked me to tell her about the war. I agreed happily and started to talk about it, telling my little sister about how amazing I was and how I defeated the daemon army singlehandedly.

Listening to my exaggerated story, Lena giggled happily.

Before long, the entire group was gathered around me, chuckling and laughing as they listened to my words.

Just like that, the party continued until late at night, when we decided that it was time to sleep.

But a few minutes after I entered my room, I heard someone knocking on the door.

With a smile, I opened the door and found Raven, Daisy, and Louise waiting for me outside.

“Your highness, can we sleep with you tonight?” Daisy asked with a smile.

I, of course, did not refuse her. Quite the opposite, I was more than happy to accept her offer.

The three girls were a bit embarrassed after they entered my room. After all, although this was not the first time that we did a foursome, they still felt rather embarrassed about it.

Daisy was the boldest, quickly taking the initiative and hugging me as she planted a kiss on my lips.

After that, Raven approached me as well, hugging me from the back and kissing my nape.

Seeing that, Louise blushed and stopped hesitating; and before long, the four of us were rolling on the bed, with most of our clothes gone.

But before starting the so-awaited round of sex, I stopped and put on a serious expression.

“Girls, there is something I need to tell you.”

Then, I told them about the fusion of souls.

It has been almost two weeks since I used the technique on Safelia and Katherine, and my soul has already recovered from it. Right now, I can use the technique three more times.

And now that Daisy, Louise, and Raven are here, there is no need to hesitate anymore.

So, after getting their consent, I started to process of making them my dependents.

That night, I got my third, fourth, and fifth dependents.

Afterward, we spent the rest of the night drowning in sex.



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