FPD Chapter 597

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Beings that are known by many as the strongest. They wield power beyond what normal mortals can wield.

For many people, Gods are beings that have transcended humanity, worthy of worship, fear, and reverence.

Thus, when the immense mana and the powerful pressure belonging to a god descended in the capital, practically every battle stopped simultaneously.

Humans and daemons, weak and strong. Each person in the capital could not help but look up in awe at the power of a god.

“Welcome, Ancestor.” Haz Carmell bowed with an excited expression. “Please, help us to accomplish the dream of our family.”

The god did not reply. Instead, he looked down at the city with a pensive expression.

[… How strange. Normally, Terese would have not allowed me to appear in the capital.] The god murmured to himself. [Could it be that something happened?]

Curious, he looked towards the church.

However, he soon shook his head.

[It doesn’t matter. I should make use of this opportunity while I can.]

With these words, the god looked towards the hall.

Then, he harrumphed.

[Anyone that hinders the progress of the Carmell Family deserves to die!]

As soon as his words sounded, a powerful killing intent filled the capital.

Then, the once clear sky suddenly turned dark, as the sun in the sky disappeared completely.

In an instant, the entire capital was covered by a veil of ‘darkness’  and any trace of warmth was taken away, replaced by a cold and chilly wind.

Such a show of might stunned and terrified all the people in the capital.

Even the beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses like my grandfather, (Creig Quintin), and Headmistress Evelyn, turned completely pale.

This was a power beyond their compression. Something that they could not start to understand.

“Hanz, what is the meaning of this!?” The pope, who had been fighting me, shouted at Hanz with an enraged tone. “How do you dare to bring a god to desecrate the land of the goddess!?”

[Desecrate?] The voice of the god resounded in answer. [What do you know, mortal? How dare you to speak like that of a god?]

The god looked at the pope with a mocking sneer. Then, he waved his hand.

In an instant, the darkness around the pope intensified abruptly.

An intense chill attacked him and ice suddenly started to form around him.

The ice formed quickly. It was so fast that the pope was unable to react.

When he reacted, his entire body except his face was covered by ice.

The god looked at the sealed pope and snorted.

[Be thankful that you are a servant of Terese. Otherwise, I would have killed you.]

Done with the pope, the god looked at the rest of the people in the hall, finally fixing his gaze on Creig Quintin.

[I guess I will start with you.]

The god’s words made Creig pale.

He was not the only one. Every powerhouse in our side became ashen white.

Even Safelia, who had a contract with me and knew about my true strength, was terrified now that she was facing a god for the first time.

However, there were two people that were looking at that scene indifferently.

“… Is it [Darkness]?” I asked nobody in particular.

“… It should be [Energy Drain].” Ysnay replied nonchalantly. “Well, perhaps that dog himself thinks that his authority is something like [Darkness] or [Ice].”

I nodded in agreement.

To become a god, you must understand a portion of the laws at a certain level, and then gain the recognition of the world.

After that, you will get an [Authority] related to that law. In other words, you get permission to use the part of the power of the world related to the [Authority] you wield.

That is the source behind the power of a god, and that is the reason behind this god’s ability to freeze the pope so easily or his ability to engulf the capital in darkness.

However, something like that is nothing for someone like Ysnay or me.

For us, such a trick is just laughable.

Of course, it’s different for the rest of the people here. Thus, I should get rid of him quickly and end with this farce.

However, someone moved faster than me.

“Let me do it,” Ysnay said with a smile. Then, she took a step forward.

Fate was rewritten, moving her in front of the god, then, she looked at the god.

The sudden appearance of a person in front of him surprised the god. He could not help but look in amusement at the ant that dared to appear before him.

But as soon as he saw Ysnay’s face, the god froze.

His eyes shrank in fear, and his mana turned messy. It was as though the god had just seen something incredibly terrifying.


“It looks like someone decided to appear in the wrong place, huh,” Ysnay smirked.

[W-Wait a moment, I-I did not know you were here! I-I’m going to leave in this instant!]

“Too late,” Ysnay shook her head.

Then, fate around her shivered.

Countless threads containing every bit of information about the god appeared around Ysnay. She then extended her hand and stroked them as though she was playing a string instrument.

Each stroke manifested her power over fate. The first stroke stripped the [Godhood] off the god. The second stroke took his [Mana] away, and her third stroke stole his [Strength].

When she finished, only a pitiful old man remained in the sky, unable to move as Ysnay looked at him indifferently.

“P-Please… I-I did not know you were here… I-I p-promised to help you, remember?” The god pleaded. His voice, once filled with power, had turned into the feeble voice of an old man.

But Ysnay did not care about his pleas.

“You don’t need to worry. I have enough helpers already. One less will not make any difference.”

With a snap of her fingers, his [Fate/Information] was deleted from the world.

And as though an eraser passed over him, his body disappeared completely.

As though he would have never existed.


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