FPD Chapter 654

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Invasion of Monsters (3)


While Dina’s group was facing the monsters in the Imperial Institute, the second group, composed of Dayana, Iris, Clara, Clarice, and Nana, was fighting the monsters that managed to reach the capital.

The members of the second group were not very good at fighting, and they did not have much battle experience. But even so, every one of them had reached the fifteenth layer of mana after Claus made the contract with them. It meant that in terms of pure mana, they were the strongest beings in this world, only below the gods.

Plus, none of the monsters that reached the city was stronger than the twelfth layer, making the situation manageable.

Despite that, tens of people had been killed by the monsters already. These people died before the girls could kill the monsters.

After the girls killed a panther-like monster, Clarice and Nana were panting heavily and throwing up the food in their stomachs.

“Are you alright?” Clara asked worried, and Clarine and Nana nodded.

“Don’t worry… It’s just that we are not used to this.”

Dayana, Iris, and Clara looked at them in sympathy.

Unlike the former, Clarice and Nana were normal commoners before meeting Claus. They had never fought a battle before, and this was their first time seeing so much blood.

In fact, the weapons they were using were two daggers that looked like kitchen knives. They did not know any magic, and they did not have experience wielding any weapon, so these were the only weapons they could barely use.

But using a kitchen knife to fight against giant monsters meant that they had to be very close to the monsters to injure them, making it very stressful for the two girls.

They even froze in fear when the first monster appeared; and in their panic, they swung their knives crazily without to the air. Fortunately, the other girls were there to help them, or they could have been injured by the monster.

“… I think I threw up everything I ate in the last two days,” Nana said with a pale face.

Clarice forced a smile and patted the back of her sister-in-law. However, her face was just as pale as Nana’s.

Fortunately, their powerful mana helped them to recover quickly, and soon they were back to normal.

“I hope you rested enough because another one is coming.” Dayana suddenly said while looking at a giant monster approaching the city. “Get ready!”

The rest of the group nodded. A few seconds later, a twelve-meter-tall monster that seemed like an ogre with a body full of scales reached the city.

*ROAAAARRRR!!!* The ogre roared and glared at the girls with bloodshot eyes. It then growled and charged towards the city!

“Careful!” Iris shouted and the girls jumped away, but the monster crashed against the city walls, destroying a portion of it!

“Dammit! Don’t let it enter the city!” Dayana shouted, and the other girls attacked it instantly.

The monster was not very strong compared to the girls, just at the twelfth layer of mana. But due to the girls’ lack of experience, they could not defeat it easily even when they joined hands.

They fought it for several minutes, breaking one of the ogre’s arms and injuring it several times. But when they were about to kill it, another monster appeared in the distance.

“Dammit!” Dayana cursed and her expression turned ugly.

The new monster seemed like an insect, and it was just two meters tall. Its aura was not very strong either, around the tenth layer, so it normally would have not been a difficult opponent for the girls.

But as they were busy fighting the ogre, the monster easily bypassed them and rushed towards the city.

“That direction…!” Clarice paled, and Nana opened her eyes wide in fear.

“Mom, dad!” She shouted.

The rest of the girls understood immediately. The monster was going towards the part of the city where their family lived.

Dayana looked in the direction the monster was going and cursed. She then gritted her teeth and spoke to the two girls.

“You two go and take care of it! We will kill the ogre!”

“But…!” Clarice hesitated. They barely could keep the ogre in check with the six of them joining hands. If Clarice and Nana left, then the pressure on them would increase greatly.

“Just go! You don’t need to worry about us! We are Claus’s women, remember!? We won’t be killed by this weak monster!”

Clarice bit her lips and nodded. “Understood! Thank you!” She then grabbed Nana’s hand and rushed towards the second monster.

Thanks to their powerful mana, the two girls managed to catch up to the monster quickly. But when they arrived, they saw the monster massacring several civilians indiscriminately!

Moreover, they saw Nana’s mother, Lluvia, frozen in fear while the monster approached her.

“Mom!” Nana shouted, and her eyes turned red.

She instinctively sent mana into her feet, suddenly increasing her speed and arriving in front of the insect monster in an instant!

The monster felt the danger and turned around to face Nana, but the petite girl was not intimidated. She grabbed her knife with both hands and thrust it towards the monster angrily.

“Die!” She shouted, and the knife pierced the monster!

The monster cried in pain. It tried to struggle, but Nana’s knife was too powerful. I cut through its internal organs, destroying several of them before finally piercing its heart.

Then, the knife stopped.

And the monster fell dead.

Seeing that, Clarice and Lluvia opened their eyes wide in surprise.

The two of them quickly rushed towards the monster, only to see Nana panting heavily and covered in insect blood.

“… Nana, are you alright?” Clarice asked suddenly.

Nana pulled the knife out and nodded. She then put on a serious expression and looked at Clarice and her mother.

“… Miss Dayana is right. We are the women he loves. We are the women of an Immortal. How can we fear these monsters?”

Clarice was stunned. She looked at Nana in surprise, only to see that her usual innocent and carefree expression had been replaced by a look full of determination.

“… My boyfriend is fighting an enemy much more powerful than these monsters. As her woman, I have to defend the capital in her stead.” Nana stated.

Clarice fell silent before smiling wryly.

“I never thought that I would be taught a lesson by you, little Nana. You have grown up.”

“Sister Clarice?”

“You are right. While Clark is not here, we need to protect the capital.”

She then gripped her kitchen knife and put on a firm expression.

“Let’s go, Nana. We need to help the others.” Clarice said. But then, she remembered about Lluvia and looked at her. “By the way, Mother-in-law, will you help us? Even if you don’t have a contract with him, you are his woman as well.”

Lluvia was dumbfounded and looked at Clarice and Nana with a confused and nervous expression.

“What in the hell is happening…?”

Nana smiled and kicked the corpse of the insect monster.

“We are protecting the city, mom. Hurry up and grab a knife. We need your help.”

Lluvia looked at the body of the insect and gulped down.

How was she supposed to kill something like that!?


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