FPD Chapter 687

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Before the Challenge (3)


Meanwhile, in the capital of the Beastkin Alliance.

A tense atmosphere filled the place. Every man, woman, or child in the city had a solemn expression, and a trace of fighting intent could be seen in their eyes.

Troops had been recruited all over the country, and any beastkin of enough age had been drafted into the army. This country had been turned into a war machine.

In the center of the capital, a palace had been built to honor the person that turned the Beastkin Alliance into the current powerful country.

Emilia Softley, the Blood Empress.

But right now, the palace was completely empty. Not even a servant or a guard could be seen on it.

As for the Blood Empress, she was inside a pocket dimension she had created.

Emilia’s forte was energy laws. She was not that good when it came to time, space, gravity, or any of the other laws.

But just like Bloed, she knew a bit about every law.

And fortunately, her knowledge was enough to create this pocket dimension.

It was far from being comparable to the pocked dimension that her dad built to train his women, but it was more than enough for Emilia’s purposes.

To train a group of powerhouses strong enough to defeat her dad’s women.

And today was the final day of their training.

Emilia had managed to turn more than one hundred beastkin into Irregulars.

Any of them was as strong as a god, and some of them were even stronger. Just in terms of energy and numbers, they vastly surpassed Claus’s women.

However, the methods that Emilia’s used to make them like this were much crueler than Claus’s methods. Only one-tenth of the people she chose survived her training, and none of them had more than ten years of life left.

Moreover, unlike Claus’s women, they had not found their path. Instead, Emilia had forced them into a path of her choice.

It gave them overwhelming strength, but it was the same as stopping them from progressing any further during the rest of their lives.

However, Emilia did not care. As long as they could defeat her dad’s women, she was satisfied.

And the beastkin in this pocket dimension did not care either. To them, it was an honor to be trained by the Blood Empress herself, even if they had to die in the process.

Standing proudly inside the pocket dimension, the fox girl looked at the hundred or so beastkin with her blood-red eyes and an ice-cold gaze.

“Your training is done. All of you are the ones that survived after this hellish training. You are the strongest beastkin in this planet.

“““Yes, Your Majesty.”””

“Now, it’s time to show the world your power.

“Tomorrow, we will start the war against the Arcadian Empire. It will be our hardest battle until now, and many of you will die.

“However, you are not allowed to lose.”


“You have only a purpose. To defeat the powerhouses of the Arcadian Empire, and to make them powerless before our invasion. You must trample them like ants!”

“““Kill! Kill! Kill!”””

“Now, what are you going to do when the war starts!?”


“What will happen to the ones that oppose us!?”


“What do you want!?”


“Good.” Emilia’s eyes glinted with coldness as the beastkin facing her looked at her in admiration. “Show these women your power.”

To the beastkin, Emilia was an object of fear, awe, and admiration.

When she first appeared and killed the rulers of the Beastkin Alliance, using force to control the country; many beastkin feared and resented her.

But then, she led the beastkin to conquer a human country after another, shocking the entire continent.

Before Emilia appeared, the beastkin had been the weakest race in the continent. They could not compare to humans, demons, or elves.

But once Emilia became the empress, the beastkin became a feared race.

And now, they were about to attack the strongest human empire.

None of the beastkin here doubted that she would succeed again.

They did not mind sacrificing their lives for her. Any of them would happily die if Emilia asked them to. They were downright fanatics that believed in Emilia’s power.

Even when she told them that this war would be very hard, they were full of confidence.

After all, to them, Emilia was invincible.

And not even the strongest human empire could stop her.

Emilia’s lips curved up slightly when she felt their confidence and killing intent.

“I’m sure dad will be surprised when he sees them.” She said with a happy chuckle.

She was anticipating the expression on her dad’s face when her men defeated the women that he defended so much.

Of course, she would be happy if his women won. After all, that meant that she would be together with her most beloved dad for the rest of her eternal life.

But she had her pride as an Immortal.

She loathed the fact that she had to share her beloved dad with other women, thus, at the very least, these women had to show her that they were worthy of her dad.

Thus, this war was her test to them.

She did not plan to go easy on them. If they could not even overcome this level of difficulty, they were better off dead.

Plus, at the bottom of her heart, she really wanted to kill them.

Emilia hoped that they succeeded, but she also wanted to make them disappear from her dad’s life.

It was a contradictory feeling that made her feel complicated.

“Sigh, it’s all dad’s fault. Why did he have to get interested in these women?

“No, no. It’s these women’s fault! Yes! They dared to seduce dad! They deserve death!

“Yeah, hmph! Even if I can’t defeat them this time, I will make sure to give them a good beating!

“I have to show them that the one that loves dad the most is me.”

The battle for the right to remain by Claus’s side was about to start.

And neither Emilia nor any of Claus’s current women planned to lose.

They were going to show their beloved that they were the most worthy to stand beside him.


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