FPD Chapter 689

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After receiving the news of the messenger, we headed to the palace.

The palace was filled with a somber atmosphere. None of the nobles or ministers in the palace showed expressions of nervousness, but their aura showed what they thought about this battle.

It would be very hard.

The Beastkin Alliance had attained victory after victory recently, defeating and annexing several human kingdoms successively.

The Arcadian Empire, on the other hand, had just experienced a civil war and a disaster that destroyed part of the capital.

At a single glance, anyone could see which the strongest party was.

But when Dina sat confidently on the throne, the nobles seemed to be infected by her attitude and relaxed slightly.

“What is the situation?” Dina asked.

“The troops of the Beastkin Alliance have appeared at our borders. Initial estimates suggest that they have three-hundred-thousand men. Our border army is confronting them currently, but with their numbers, they will be unable to stop the beastkin if they attack.” A noble reported.

“I understand. Do you know who is leading the Beastkin Alliance’s army?”

The noble gulped a mouthful of saliva before opening his mouth.

“… The Blood Empress herself.”

The words of the noble caused a stir in the hall.

The Blood Empress. A Foxkin Girl that used force to take control of the Beastkin Alliance before leading them through victory after victory.

Her title and bloody means had become infamous through the continent.

But Dina knew more about the Blood Empress. She knew that she was in truth, an Immortal.

A being of unfathomable power able to destroy this world in an instant.

However, unlike the nobles, she was not nervous.

From the start, she was already prepared to face her.

“How about our troops?” She asked.

“Two hundred thousand men have been drafted after you declared the state of war, Your Majesty.” Another noble replied. “However, they are scattered through the empire. We will need at least one month before our troops can be gathered at the border.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. I have a way to take care of that.”

The noble seemed like he wanted to say something else, but when he saw Dina’s ice-cold expression, he swallowed his words.

Actually, as early as one month ago, when Emilia declared her challenge against the girls, Dina had declared the state of war throughout the empire.

She ordered the drafting of troops and the preparation of supplies for a war against the Beastkin Alliance.

Although some nobles found her orders baffling, after the Beastkin Alliance conquered the kingdoms between it and the Arcadian Empire, they understood the gravity of the situation.

Thus, for the last month, the empire had already started to prepare for this war.

However, the nobles had not expected the war to start so quickly, so there were not enough troops on the border of the empire yet.

However, Dina and I had already discussed it before. We decided that I would use my abilities for that.

I will use my abilities to manipulate space to transport the troops to the border.

Anyway, it’s already pointless to continue hiding my abilities, plus many people already know about my power after the civil war.

Dina gave several orders to the nobles in the hall before looking at me.

“Claus, it’s time.”

“I understand, sister.”

Nodding calmly, I extended my senses.

Immediately, the entire empire appeared in my mind.

Using my thoughts, I ordered all the troops scattered through the empire to get ready to depart to the border.

Although some people were surprised by the strange situation, before long, two hundred thousand men were ready to march to the border.

However, they would not need to march this time.

I willed it, and space bent to my will. In the next instant, two hundred thousand men had been teleported to the border of the empire.

In an instant, an army of two hundred thousand men had appeared in front of the beastkin army.

“Done,” I told to my sister. “It’s our turn now.”

“Understood.” My sister nodded at me before looking at the nobles in the capital and explaining the situation. “Take care of the capital after I’m gone. Don’t worry, it’s not the time for the empire to fall yet. The beastkin won’t win. Brother, let’s go.”

I nodded, then, I teleported together with my women to the border.

With a thought, a built a mansion behind our army. It will be our headquarters as we fight the war.

My girls were already used to my abilities, so they were not that surprised, but when we arrived we found that the soldiers of our army were flustered.

After all, they had been suddenly teleported to a completely different place without their knowledge.

I needed to use a little bit of my abilities over the soul to calm them down. After that, my women started to work on the remaining preparations.

In less than one hour, a chain of command had been established, and the supplies had been organized.

We were ready to start fighting this war.

But just at that moment, a petite figure appeared in front of us.

Golden-red hair, blood-red eyes, and fox ears and tail.

She was Emilia Softley, the Blood Empress, and also the Immortal bearing the title of Incarnation of Endless Power.

As soon as she appeared, her aura spread through the entire mansion, assaulting my girls.

But unlike last time, my girls received it head-on without showing any fear.

“Oh?” Emilia raised an eyebrow slightly. “You are a bit better than last time. It looks like dad went all out training you.”

Dina snorted and took the initiative to face her. “What are you doing here, Emilia?”

“Obviously, I’m here to see if you are ready to face my challenge. It would be boring if you are defeated quickly.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t be the ones losing,” Katherine growled.

“Is it so?” Emilia’s lips curled up. “Let’s hope that you are more than just words. Show me that you are worthy to stand at dad’s side.”

“We will,” Daisy stated determinedly.

Emilia smiled and looked at me. “Dad… Will you wish me luck?”

I smiled wryly. Should I?

When she saw my expression, Emilia’s gaze became slightly sad, but she nodded.

“I understand. But I won’t lose.” Then, she broke through space and appeared above the beastkin army.

With an ice-cold expression, she muttered one word.


And the war started.


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