FPD Chapter 710

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Biting the Bait


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When I finished explaining my plan to E’Athar, she looked at me with a strange expression.

“… This plan… Are you sure it will work?”

“Of course, it will work. Trust me.”

E’Athar looked at me with a strange gaze, but after a few seconds, she sighed.

“I will trust you.”

“I won’t disappoint you.” I grinned and looked at the sky through a window. “Come on. Let’s start with our plan.”

With a wave of my hand, the torrential rain calmed down. Soon, the wind returned to normal, and the thunder and lightning disappeared.

In less than one minute, the rain had stopped completely.

Ten minutes later, the dark clouds had disappeared, allowing the sunlight to descent.

Only a rainbow remained behind, reminding the daemons that the storm was real.

As I expected, the emperor’s army and the rebel army started to advance towards the city as soon as the rain stopped. Both of them were determined to eliminate the variable that E’Athar represented.

If they could not guarantee that E’Athar would join them, then the best option was to eliminate her.

E’Athar saw that and sighed despondently.

“To think that the day when my father and brother are trying to kill me would arrive.”

“Don’t let it bother you. It was worse in my family.”

“That doesn’t make me feel better.” E’Athar smiled wryly before looking at the generals following her. “Tell the soldiers to get ready.”

One of the generals hesitated slightly.

“Your highness, the soldiers are very tired… I don’t know if they can endure another battle.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t need to fight this time.”

The general was surprised, but he nodded.

Half an hour later, the soldiers under Princess E’Athar were standing on the city walls with tense expressions on their faces.

E’Athar was standing in the highest place of the city walls, overlooking the two armies outside the city. She could see the armies of her father and brother getting ready to attack the city again.

“… Are you sure that the plan will work?” E’Athar could not help but ask once more.

“It will.” I nodded. “You just need to do what I told you.”

“Okay.” E’Athar took a deep breath and stepped forward, reaching the edge of the walls. Then, she took another step forward.

But instead of falling from the wall, she stepped on the air.

One step, two steps, three steps. Eventually, she was midway between the city and the two armies, floating in the sky with a solemn expression on her face.

Only then did she stop.

All the eyes on the battlefield were on the princess. Some were filled with curiosity, others with doubt. But every one of them was waiting for her to speak.

Then, the princess opened her mouth.

“Brave soldiers of the empire!” E’Athar spoke up powerfully, making her voice reverberate throughout the entire battlefield.

“Today, thousands of us are gathered here, ready to shed our blood on the battlefield.

“Since ancient times, we daemons have been brave. No race can compare to us when it comes to bravery. Every one of us is a powerful warrior.

“But, why is it that we are directing our blades to our brethren?

“Thousands of daemons have died today under the blades of their brothers and sisters, what is the reason!?

“Ambition? Greed? Hatred?

“We are killing each other in a senseless war that will only weaken us!”

A heavy silence spread through the battlefield. No daemon dared to talk.

The princess’s eyes moved through every daemon as she sighed.

“For thousands of years, we fought against the elves, against the beastmen, and against the humans. Today, however, we are fighting against ourselves. Every life lost is the life of one of our siblings. When did we fall to this point?

“I, E’Athar Deora, Second Princess of this Empire, can’t allow something like this to continue.

“Listen, soldiers of the empire. Today, I challenge the Emperor and the Crown Prince to a duel. You can come yourselves or send a champion, but I will participate myself.

“Let’s battle. With our honor and lives in the line, let’s decide the rightful owner of this empire. The loser will surrender to the winner will become the new leader of the empire.

“This way, no more blood needs to be shed!

“Do you dare to accept my challenge!?”


For several minutes, no voice could be heard.

Neither the emperor nor the crown prince replied.

E’Athar could not help but become nervous. ‘Could it be that the plan failed? Yeah, that is normal. Why should father and brother risk the throne in something as silly as a duel?’

Since the start, E’Athar did not think the plan would work. There was no reason for either the emperor or the crown prince to accept her challenge.

People in power won’t bet their future on something like a duel. They preferred to eliminate the variables slowly until their chances of victory are one hundred percent.

However, she did not know that I had played a small trick.

When E’Athar was talking, I used a bit of mana to make her words more persuasive.

It was similar to brainwashing, but with milder effects. Even though E’Athar did not know, every daemon that listened to her words subconsciously agreed with her.

It was just a small trick, but it was enough to turn a seemingly silly plan into the perfect strategy to win this war.

This plan had a small weakness, though.

This kind of brainwashing could be dispelled easily for someone at the level of an Immortal, such as Bringer of End.

However, if he did something like that, I would take advantage of that to track him and get more information about whatever he is planning.

Unfortunately for me, Bringer of End did not bite the bait.

As for E’Athar’s father and brother.

“I accept your challenge, my daughter.”

“I accept it too, E’Athar. You are right, let’s decide everything with a duel.”

They bit the bait completely.

Now it was time to reel them in.


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