FPD Chapter 81

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Subjugating the Red Skull Gang


The gang members woke up slowly after a few minutes of forced sleep.

However, they soon realized that their limbs were tied up. Bindings of mana kept their limbs immobile, making it impossible for them to move.

Frightened, the gang members looked around with expressions of fear. They tried to find the monster that rendered them unconscious.

Soon, the three strongest gang members woke up.

When they realized that they could not move, their expressions changed. Comparatively, though, their reactions were much calmer than the other gang members.

“… What do you want?” The red-haired woman, who is also the leader of the Red Skull gang, looked at me with an ice-cold look.

I smirked. “I already told you, didn’t I? I’m interested in becoming an underground boss.”

The woman’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. Despite being defeated and having her life and death in my hands, the woman remained arrogant and staunch. I was slightly surprised by it, after all, I could feel that her staunchness was not feigned, and instead, truly came from her heart.

This woman was someone that preferred to break before she bends.

“… Hah, and what did you think? Did you think that defeating us in battle would make us loyal to you? I bet you are thinking of making us your women and then taking the gang for yourself.” The woman spat on the ground with a mocking look.

I nodded “You are right. I truly thought of that. Of course, I’ll not force anyone of you to become my women, but I think you don’t have more options but become my subordinate.”

“I prefer to die before following you!” The woman snarled in hatred and disgust.

I was a bit surprised. Hatred? Disgust? It looks like this girl has a story.

However, that was not important now.

“I see, truly formidable. I admire your will. However, if you die, all your subordinates will die too. I heard this girl calling you ‘sister’, right? Do you truly want to see your sisters and all your subordinates dying with you?”

The woman was startled, and then, she fell silent.

“Sister, don’t listen to him! I don’t mind dying with you!” The rapier-wielding woman yelled.

“… Mm.” The shadow-like girl looked at the leader with a determined expression.

On the other hand, the remaining gang members were looking to their leader with expectant expressions. Although some of them seemed ready to die with their leader, most of them were pleading to her with their eyes.

The leader observed that scene with conflicted emotions. She then stared at me and heaved a sad sigh.

“… Despicable.”

“True. However, I can see that if you don’t surrender, your two sisters will not surrender either, and then this gang will become useless. If something like that will happen, I prefer killing all of you and taking over another gang.”

The woman fell silent. She could see in my eyes that I was not joking. If she rejected my proposal, I would kill everybody here.

“… I have some conditions.”

“Sister!” The rapier-wielding woman disagreed, but a glare of the leader shut her up.

“Do talk. I’ll consider them.”

“First, we never bully the weak, the poor, or the sick. We only steal from the rich. Second, we don’t engage in kidnapping, slavery, or assassinations. Third, we don’t sell drugs.”

“… Pretty clean for an underground gang.” I could not help but exclaim in surprise. “But in fact, I like that. I hate most of these things actually.”

The woman heaved a sigh of relief. She then hesitated for a moment and opened her mouth again. “… There is one last condition.”


“… We are not your properties. We will never become your sex toys.”

I looked into her eyes and smiled. I’m sure that my smile seemed pretty evil, but the leader kept a firm expression despite it.

“I wonder. Don’t worry, though, I promise I’ll not force any of you to do something against your will.”

The woman looked at me and nodded. “Then from today, you are Red Skull’s leader.”



Once the red-haired woman agreed to hand me the Red Skull gang, I released all the gang members from their bindings. Fortunately, none of them attempted to do something foolish like attacking me after being released. I guess that my feat of subjugating the gang so easily intimidated them enough.

By the way, the red-haired woman’s name was Marana, the rapier-wielding woman was called Akilah, and the shadow-like girl was called Raven.

I was especially surprised after seeing Raven. She had cat-like black ears and a long black tail. Her body was very petite, around 1.5 meters tall, and her face portrayed an expressionless look.

It was my first time seeing a beastman in this world. I knew they existed, but I never met one before.

Moreover, she was one of the cat race. As a man of culture, I consider cats and foxes are the best when it comes to beastwomen.

Of course, I also like wolfs, dogs, tigers, bunnies, and raccoons. But hey, how can they be compared to cats and foxes?

I was forced to suppress my urge to rub Raven’s ears. For some reason, though, Marana and Akilah’s eyes were piercing my back.

C’mon, I’m sure that my gaze was pretty normal… right?

Of course, Raven’s appearance was not the only thing that attracted my attention. Instead, I was more curious about her strength.

Marana told me that Raven was 25, but I knew it’s a lie. Raven’s age was at most around 15, but her strength was already in the seventh layer!

That was astonishing! Even the hero’s talent seemed to pale in comparison. I understand why Marana and Akilah wanted to hide Raven’s true age.

However, I quickly found the reason behind her strength.

Her daggers.

Two daggers covered in miasma. Cursed daggers that had accepted Raven as their master. Devilish weapons that gave their users great strength in exchange for their lives.

However, besides the daggers, there was something else… Something I wanted…

I looked at Raven fixedly without caring for Marana or Akilah’s murderous gazes. My gaze was incredibly serious, at the point that the three girls quickly realized that something was wrong.

After looking at her for a while, I opened my mouth.

“You know you are going to die soon, right?”

““Huh?”” Marana and Akilah’s expressions froze.


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