FPD Chapter 93

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Daisy’s Punishment (2)


“It’s time for your punishment, little Daisy.” I whispered softly in her ear with a teasing tone.

Daisy quivered. Her eyes turned moist, and her cheeks turned completely red.

“I-I understand, your highness.” Daisy said.

I smirked and pulled Daisy towards a chair. I then sat down and looked at her.

“W-What?” She asked.

“Mmm… I’m thinking about the appropriate punishment. Why don’t you start by serving my little friend below?” I said while looking right into her eyes.

“O-Okay, your highness.” Daisy nodded shyly before kneeling between my legs and unbuttoning my pants.

Instantly, my weapon rose skyward to meet her.

Daisy made a startled expression and touched it timidly. “So big…”

“Why are you so surprised? It’s not the first time you see it.”

Daisy blushed. “Yeah, but I still think it’s big. I don’t understand how it can enter inside me.”

“Oh? Then I’ll show you later. Maybe you will be able to learn something. Now, start servicing me.”


Daisy then used her hands to rub my weapon. She moved her hand up and down slowly.

It was Daisy’s first time giving me a handjob, so she was a bit awkward at the start. However, she quickly found the method to make me feel the most pleasure. After all, Daisy and I have had sex several times now, so she more or less knows how to pleasure me the best.

Her softs hands wandered on my rod, caressing it softly. Daisy looked at my rod as though she was enraptured, unable to move her gaze away.

I kept looking at her with a mysterious smile. I did not bother to move or help Daisy, after all, it was her punishment, and she had to find a way to accomplish it.

Daisy’s breath turned heavier. She continued moving her hands slowly, up and down, trying to please to the best of her abilities.

But even after using her hands for more than 10 minutes, I did not show any sign of climaxing.

Daisy soon started to become nervous. Even though she was excited about having sex in this place, she knew that the longer she takes to satisfy me, the higher will be the chance of someone discovering us.

Daisy looked up at me with a pleading expression. My lips curved up in an evil smile and I opened my mouth.

“You can try using your mouth. I taught you how, right?”

Daisy blushed and nodded. She then remembered when she gave me her first blowjob.

So, she stuck her tongue out and started by licking my lowed head.

Her tongue licked my penis carefully. She used her soft tongue to envelope my dick, licking it as though it was ice-cream.

Quickly, the movements of her tongue became quicker and more experienced.

But when she realized that her small tongue was not enough to bring me to the peak, she opened her lips.

In the next instant, my rod was engulfed by an incredible pleasure.

“Ugh!” I grunted and held Daisy’s head. Daisy looked up at me with my little friend inside her mouth and began to move her head up and down.

Slippery noises started to appear. Daisy’s mouth swallowed my stick completely, using her tongue to play with it.

Seeing her face while she gave me a blowjob brought my excitement to a new height. I caressed her short brown hair while she tried her best to please me, her master.

Daisy looked at me as though asking if she was doing it right, so I patted head twice in consent. Seeing that, Daisy turned happier and accelerated her movements.

Her tongue was like a small playful animal, moving around my weapon repeatedly, teasing and licking it. I looked up at the ceiling while enjoying her work.

At the same time, Daisy sucked my penis as though it was candy. Her expression seemed as though she was tasting something incredibly delicious

With her increasingly faster movements, it became harder and harder for me to endure. I grabbed her hair and tensed up my body in a try to make the pleasure longer.

For more than ten minutes, Daisy licked and sucked my weapon nonstop. She focused completely on making me feel as much pleasure as possible, without caring about anything else.

Finally, I felt my ammo being ready to be shot.

The next second, I grabbed Daisy’s head with my two hands and pushed my waist forward.

“Mmm!!!” Daisy opened her eyes wide of the surprise. She felt my weapon going beyond her mouth, entering her throat and piercing it.

“Ugh!” I could not help but let out a groan of pleasure feeling her throat widening to accept my rod. The incredible feeling of dominance brought by the deepthroat was too good to be described in words.

Before Daisy could get used to having her throat invaded, I started to piston. I pistoned inside her throat repeatedly, without giving her a chance to take a breath.

“Mmm… Mgh… Mgha…” Daisy tried to say something, but my rod did not allow it. Helpless, she could only grab my legs to try to support herself.

“I’m coming!” I exclaimed after a few seconds. I then held Daisy’s head and thrust deeply inside her throat one last time.

The next instant, hot and thick semen was shot inside Daisy’s mouth.

Daisy gaged. Today was just her second blowjob, and although the first one was also a deepthroat, I was more violent today.

I did not take my penis out. Looking at Daisy’s panicked expression, I smiled evilly.

“Swallow it!” I ordered in a sadistic tone. Daisy did not have more options but to obey my orders and try to swallow the hot semen.

She could feel her consciousness turning hazy. She needed to breathe, but my penis on her throat made it very hard.

Finally, after struggling for a few seconds, Daisy swallowed it all.

I smiled and took my penis out. Daisy instantly coughed fiercely and looked at me with a pitiful expression.

“Cough… Your highness… cough…”

I caressed her head with a smirk. “I’m punishing you, remember? Punishments need to be hard. Now, let’s start the next part of your punishment.”

Daisy was startled. But before she could react, I carried her to a table and put her upside down.

“Kya!” Daisy let out a cry of surprise, but in the next instant, she felt how I lifted her dress and lowered her panties.

In less than one second, Daisy’s unprotected ass was in front of me.

“Y-Your highness?” Daisy tilted her head with a worried look. For some reason, she had an ominous expression.

However, I did not plan to stop.

Bad maids need to be punished.

Besides, I want to show something to the peeping tom looking at us through the gap in the door.


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