FPD Chapter 98

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“… Is something wrong with you?” Dina asked while looking at Daisy and Andrea. For some reason, she had the feeling that the two had done something she was not going to like.

Seeing their blushing and tired expressions, Dina narrowed her eyes. She then looked at me, who was seated reading a book, with a suspicious look.

Andrea’s face turned even redder and she looked away. Daisy, on the other hand, bowed slightly with a small smile. “We are alright. It’s just that his highness was giving us some tips about cultivation.”

Dina looked at Daisy fixedly. She could not shake off the suspicion that something else happened in this office.

But when she realized that none of us was going to say anything, she shook her head and sighed. “Anyway, it’s good that you are here early. We have work to do today. By the way, is it just me or there is a funny smell in the office.”

Our expressions stiffened. Andrea seemed like she wanted to find a hole to hide, and Daisy looked at me with an it’s-your-fault expression.

Dina watched our reactions and furrowed her brows suspiciously. “As I thought, you three are hiding something from me.”

I smiled wryly and shook my head. “You are imagining things.”

Dina’s eyes turned into slits. She then fixed her gaze into Andrea, who seemed as she was the easiest to intimidate. “Andrea, what happened?”

Andrea turned nervous. “N-Nothing happened, cousin. I-I swear.”

“Mmm… Suspicious.” Dina’s stare almost made Andrea cry.

Fortunately, Iris entered the office at that moment. She looked at us and tilted her head. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing.” I spoke immediately to change the topic. “Dina was going to tell us something, right sister?”

Dina shot me a you-will-not-escape look, but she nodded and looked at Iris.

“… Yes. We have work to do.” She then walked towards a drawer and took out a stack of papers. “We need to fill these formularies with the information about each club and classroom. Claus, Andrea, and Daisy just entered the institute a few days ago, so this is also an opportunity for them to get used to the students and the locations of the clubs.”

Dina then explained everything and looked at us for a brief moment. “Andrea and I are going to the classrooms, and Iris will take Claus and Daisy to the clubs. Anyone wants to add something?”

We shook our heads simultaneously. Dina nodded and distributed some of the papers to us.

The formularies were pretty basic. Ours only needed to be filled with the name of the club, activities, president, vice-president, secretary, teacher-in-charge, and members of the club. We did not need to fill them right away, but this information needed to be collected before the weekend.

After that, if any of the clubs got a new member, they needed to report it so the student council can have a detailed record of the students’ activities.

Daisy, Iris, and I departed towards the clubs. Iris led us and explained to us the structure of the academy. She was pretty detailed with her explanations.

The first impression I got from Iris was that she was a timid girl. However, after interacting with her for a while, I learned that she was very serious.

I was surprised that she knew the names of most of the students and teachers, even the ones that just entered the institute a few days ago. She knew where we could locate them, and their backgrounds.

It was very impressive for a normal human to remember all that information. However, Iris did not seem to think that it was something great. Instead, she took it as something normal.

By the way, the institute was truly big. We spent most of the afternoon walking from building to building before finally giving the information to all the clubs.

Once we were done, we took a short rest and decided to return to the student council’s office.

“But you sure are knowledgeable, miss Iris. You knew the name of all the people we met.” Daisy said impressed.

“It’s nothing.” Iris replied slightly embarrassed. “I was the student council’s secretary for the last term, so I had to know the names of all the students and teachers.”

“Is it so? Anyway, it’s impressive.” Daisy smiled.

She was right. I can’t imagine myself learning the names of all the students if I were a normal human. I remember that in my original life I had trouble remembering my birthday… Sometimes, I would even forget the name of my classmates.

… Yeah, I’m not lying.

Anyway, I could see that Iris was a pretty hardworking girl. I was sure that she was the type that would not stop studying before making sure that she knew the answers to all the possible questions of an exam.

We continued walking and chatting lightheartedly. Daisy and Iris quickly got along and started to talk about different topics. I was a bit surprised, after all, Daisy was my servant. Most nobles would not talk to her if it was not necessary.

However, Iris did not seem to care about it. She treated Daisy the same way she treated me. No, she was closer to Daisy than me.

Unfortunately for us, happy times don’t last long, and misfortune is always waiting to ruin our mood. While we were walking towards the student council’s office, a group of men appeared before us.

I frowned, and when I realized the identity of the men, I frowned even more. Without hesitation, I took a step forward to protect the girls.

“What do you want, Bryan?” I asked in an ice-cold tone.

Yes, one of the men was my second brother, Bryan.

He was being accompanied by three young men. I only recognized one of them, a slightly fat noble called Luca.

My brother looked at me and smirked. He then shot a lascivious look to Iris behind me and walked forward.

“Get lost, bastard. I need to talk with my fiancée.”


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