10. To the Beach


「It’s finally done~~!!」
「Good job, you did well」

I stroked Umi’s head and she looked happy.

「Thanks~ It’s all thanks to you. I’ve never finished my homework so fast before!!」
「Ahaha, it’s because you worked hard」

Finally, Umi’s summer homework was over and tomorrow we would go to the beach for one night and two days as planned.

「How are you doing, Nami-chan?」
「I’m almost done!」

Nami, motivated by the trip tomorrow, was also doing her best with her homework.

Since both Nami and Umi finished their summer homework in the morning, all three of us went shopping in the afternoon. Beachballs, floaters, diving goggles or even beach sandals, they didn’t have any of the equipment needed to go to the beach. So I bought them toys and necessities.

The trip this time ended up quite expensive but there was something even greater to be earned.

The chance to witness two beauties in sexy swimsuits.

I have several teen-idol DVDs but I can’t touch them・・・・Right now before me were two beauties who would put teen-idols to shame. I could have them wear sexy swimsuits and touch them as much as I wanted while pretending to play.

My heart and my nether region grew big with expectations for tomorrow’s beach trip.

Since the two of them looked very happy, I was glad that everything worked out despite everything that happened earlier.

Having finished shopping and returning home, I loaded everything we bought into the car. We planned on leaving early in the morning. Dad also happily lent us his car so preparations went forward without any trouble. Sae-san also seemed like she would also gladly let them go, seeing how happy the two of them were.

I thought the trip would go ahead without any problems, however, just then, my phone rang・・・A problem had appeared.

「Umi-chan, Nami-chan・・・・ Sorry, could you come to my room for a bit?」
I called the two who were resting in the living room after finishing dinner to my room.

「 What happened?」asked Nami.
「 What is it~???」asked Umi.

「 The truth is, a problem appeared・・・・ Just now, I got a call from the pension where we were going to stay tomorrow・・・」
I told the two of them what my senpai who worked at the pension told me during the call.

Since this time all three of us ended up going I had reserved two rooms, however, because of the pension’s mistake, they could only guarantee us one room・・・・ the room was a double・・・ so a room with only a double bed.

「So, what will you do?」
「Eh? I don’t mind. I can just sleep with Onii」said Umi.

(Well, I wasn’t worried about Umi. The problem was Nami-chan)

「Umm・・・・So all three of us would sleep in a double bed?」asked Nami.
「Yes, it would be a bit cramped but it’s not like we wouldn’t be able to sleep.」

「Is that so・・・・what would happen if I were to say I don’t want to?」
「Since that’s the only room I can only cancel the trip」

「・・・・・・・・I understand. I have no problem either」
「Are you sure it’s fine? You’ll have to sleep with me you know?」

「It’s fine. Umi is also there after all・・・And I think it might be more fun if we’re all in the same room」

(I’m glad・・・I thought it would be fine with how Nami-chan was acting lately, but with this, I can truly rest easy)

「Then it’s decided! And also, we should keep this a secret from Sae-san. We don’t know what she’d say if she knew we will sleep in the same room.」
「Okeeey~ I understand」said Umi.
「I understand. I also don’t want to ruin the beach trip so I’ll keep it a secret from big sister」said Nami.

There were a couple of problems but in the end, we went to the beach as planned.

Since tomorrow we were leaving early in the morning, tonight Umi didn’t come to my room so I also went to sleep early. The next day we got up at 4 and left at 5 o’clock.

We left early to avoid getting caught in traffic.

「Uhyaa~っ!!!!!! It’s the sea!!!」
Arriving at the pension without any problems, Umi got out of the car and ran off towards the sea. Nami-chan also followed behind her.

The pension we rented this time was right in front of the beach. This place was a beach around a bay away from the swimming area. There were three pensions around here and unless someone lodges at them they can’t come here to play.

It felt a bit like a private beach.

After greeting the owner of the pension I brought the luggage from the car inside.

「Oi, Umi! Nami-chan! I’m going to the room!!」
Since we could enter the room as soon as we arrived, I decided to go there first. I called back the two who were at the beach and headed to the room.

「Oo~!! Such a nice room~! Touっ!!」
As soon as she entered, Umi dived towards the double bed.

「It really is good. The room is pretty and it’s also quite wide」
Nami-chan also seemed to like the room.

「Well then, let’s get changed and head to the beach!!」
「Yoshaaー! Swimsuits~!!」

Umi started getting undressed

She was naked before anyone noticed, trying to take out her swimsuit with her back towards us, but・・・・・Nami-chan looked at her with a pale face.

「U, Umi!! What are you doing in front of Mitsuru-san・・・・」
「Huh? What??」said Umi.
「What? What happened?」I added.

Then I noticed・・・・・Since I had gotten used to seeing Umi naked, it completely slipped my mind・・・

「Waitっ!!! Umi-chan! Tell me before you get changed so I can turn around.」
I tried to save the situation by saying・・・・

「Huh? Aっ・・・・Kya, kyaa~ That’s right~ Onii was still here~」

(Oi Umi・・・You’re definitely not going to be an actress・・・・)

Nami-chan looked at us with doubt in her eyes・・・・

「If you also want to get changed I’ll turn around now」
「A, yes・・・You absolutely mustn’t look」

「Un・・・It’s ok, I’ll do my best and endure」

I could hear the sound of clothes being taken off. When I thought that Nami-chan was naked behind me, my nether region started reacting.

(I want to see・・・I have to resist・・・・There’s still time)

「I’m done」
When I turned around at Nami-chan’s voice, there stood two beauties in swimsuits.

(Uhyou~!! This is good! It’s even better with the two of them together!!)

I started ogling unconsciously.

The two were wearing the swimsuits that they chose themselves. Even without wearing the sexy swimsuits they looked amazing.

「Ok, get close together and strike a pose~ Get ready」

I recorded a memory for the two of them with the camera.

I changed in my swimsuit as well and took out the sun lotion.

「Umi・・・Do you want to put the sun lotion on yourself?」
「No, you do it」

I started spreading lotion all over Umi’s body from behind.

「Umi, the bra is in the way. Could you take it off for a bit?」

After Umi took the bra off, I started spreading the sun lotion on Umi’s back from behind. Then I moved my hands to the front and start spreading it around her chest as well.

「Will you wear the other swimsuit later?」
「Yeah, I’ll wear it in the afternoon」

「Is that so・・・・Then we’ll have to get lotion here as well」

I started spreading the lotion on her chest as well. Since the swimsuit shows sideboob and underboob we have to make sure to cover them as well.

Of course・・・While also lightly massaging them.

「Ahaha, Onii, that tickles! There・・・Nipples don’t get sunburntっ!」
「Is that so? Too bad」

Nami was looking at us in silence.

「Well then, Umi is done」
「Thank you~ Onii」

「Since you’re already done preparing please go and get the beachball ready. You can borrow a pump from the people at the pension」
「Ok~ I’ll see you later~!」

Umi happily went back to the beach.

「You are next・・・・Do you want to do it by yourself」
「No! I・・・Please do it for me as well!!」

(Really?? This・・・I’m lucky)

I made Nami-chan stand, got on my knees and started spreading the lotion.

From her thighs I slowly went upwards・・・・I kept carefully spreading it until I got to her hips.

When I spread it to her thighs, inner thighs and the part at her hip, Nami-chan’s body turned red while she was trying to resist the fingers touching her.

「In case your swimsuit goes out of place・・・・・」
Saying so I continued spreading with my fingers inside her swimsuit.

Next, I turned her around and started spreading the lotion the same way on her whole body. Especially around her ass, pushing the swimsuit until it became like a t-back. Even when I went that far, Nami just silently let me put the sun lotion on her.

「Umm・・・Could you take off your bra?」
「I understand・・・・」

Same as I did with Umi, I started spreading it around her breasts with my hands from behind.

「I’ll touch your chest a bit・・・Is that ok?」
「Yes・・・It’s fine・・・Do it the same as you did for Umi・・・」

I started spreading the sun lotion around on Nami’s breasts・・・・

(This is bad・・It’s so soft・・・but it also has elasticity・・・These breasts are the bestっ!!)

While I lightly massaged, spreading the lotion, Nami was letting out seductive sounds「Nっ・・・Haa・・・」

I wanted to keep touching forever but I couldn’t do that!

「Ok, You’re also ready!」
「Th, thank you・・・」

While saying that, Nami-chan’s cheeks were slightly red, looking very sexy・・・

After that, Nami-chan helped me put on sun lotion as well and we returned to the beach.