11. Big Waves


Sleeping on a beach bed, wearing sunglasses, an aloha shirt and swim shorts, I really felt like I was at a resortっ!Thinking like that I watched the two angels in front of my eyes.

The angels who were innocently playing around in the sea・・・

(They really are angels!!)

After having lunch, I had the two wear the sexy swimsuits. They seemed a bit embarrassed but there were barely any people around the beach and they also wanted to try wearing such daring swimsuits so they willingly changed into them.

After they changed into these swimsuits, it goes without saying that in the name of taking commemorative pictures, I started taking pictures for later use・・・

While feeling embarrassed, they still cooperated in taking pictures sitting with legs in an M or on all fours, which would make even gravure idols lose face.

Then they went to play on the beach.

While I was ogling at the two angels a voice called out from behind.

「Oi, Mitsuru!」
「Senpaiっ! What about your work? Are you skipping?」

「I’m on a break. Here, some refreshments from my father. We’re sorry that there was a mistake」
Senpai brought me a foreign beer with a white and red design.

「Sure, cheersっ」
The two of us opened the beers and drank.

「Are you sure this is ok? You’re still working.」
「It’s fine. It’s hot so it will soon get out trough sweat」

「Well, I guess so」

「By the way, who would have thought that someone like you, who’s famous for not having any interest in girls would suddenly bring two beauties along・・・・」
「Ahahaha, well, I guess I haven’t really been around girls a lot, have I?」

「In our group, it was even rumored that you were gay for sure」
「Huh? Really?? How did such a baseless rumor come about」

「I mean, isn’t it strange that someone like you who looks like he should be popular with girls doesn’t have a girlfriend? In that situation, ・・・we could only assume you were gay・・・・But I’m glad. The mystery is solved!」
「I’m also glad that these strange misunderstanding got solved」

「You aren’t gay, you’re a lolicon・・・This really surpassed our expectations」

(He’s not wrong but・・・・・I can’t affirm something like that・・・)

「Moreover! Bringing two beautiful lolis and making them wear sexy swimsuits・・・Having a threeway today・・・Kuu・・Unforgivable! I’ll have to punish you in the name of the havens!」
「No no no, what do you mean a threeway・・・That’s the fault of the pension isn’t it?」

「No, even so, it’s still unforgivable! Spending a night with such beauties, it would be more strange if no mistakes happen! If it were me I’d definitely attack!!」
「I won’t do something like that! Besides, the two are like my sisters 」

「What are you saying? You don’t have any siblings, do you? Even if you try to hide your crime it’s useless! I’m envious, so I’ll report you to the police」
「Well, actually my father remaried・・・I mean it」

「Yes, it’s true even though it sounds like a joke・・・」

「So, what now? Did you just manage to get step-sisters?」
「Well, something like that」

「Even more unforgivable!! If they were unattractive I could still let it pass but・・・what’s up with those girls? They’re so, so cute! I can’t forgive it!! I’ll kill ya!!!」
「Ouch, ouch It hurts・・・Senpai・・・」

Senpai started strangling my neck.

「Apologise to all the girl fans in the country! Real step-sisters・・・Isn’t that too good to be true?!!!!」
「Uu・・・I can’t breath・・・I was also surprised・・・・ I’m dying~」

「Onii~! What are you doing?? Who’s that?」

Seeing me being strangled, the two came to our side.

As soon as the two appeared, Senpai suddenly let go of his hand and started smiling awkwardly.

「He’s my upperclassman from school and the son of the owner of the pension」
「Nice to meet you. I’m Sakaki」

(Oi Senpai・・・Stop ogling at them・・・I’ll kill you, you know)

「Is that so~ So you’re Onii’s senpai. I’m Umi. Nice to meet you~」
「I’m Nami. We’ll be in your care today」

「Unun, you’re very cute. Why don’t you just stop being his sisters and become mine」
(Hey, don’t just go around canvasing peoples little sisters)

「Nyahaha. What an interesting person. But my big brother is only this person. Since Onii is number one!」

While saying so, Umi overbearingly sat down on the same beach bed as me. With her bottom right in the middle of my crotch, she stuck close to me. Since she sat down letting her body lean onto me, I ended up hugging her with my arm below her chest.

Nami and senpai were looking at us with envious eyes.

(I understand about senpai but・・・Nami? Eh??? Could this be・・・Is this possible?)

「Hey, Onii? What are you drinking? I’m also thirsty, let me have some」
「That’s no good, this is beer」

「Eh? Mitsuru-san do you drink acohol?」asked Nami.
「Yeah, sometimes. Let’s keep this a secret from Sae-san, ok?」

「That’s no fair! I also want a drinkっ!」
「And on that note, senpai, please bring these two some drinks」

「Tskっ! What are you doing ordering your senpai around・・・・So?Is juice ok with you?」

「「Yes please!」」

After senpai went to get the drinks, I looked at the two again. Their bra was wet and so it became a bit transparent. I could see their nipples and areolae. The bottom part was also wet and stuck to them. Since it was also a bit transparent, I could clearly see a beautiful cameltoe and even the shape of their place.

(So Nami-chan・・・is the type with a big clit that shows it’s face・・・)

「Umm?・・・・Is it strange??」
Since I was staring so intently, Nami-chan asked that while hiding her body with her hands.

「Eh? No, it looks very good on you. I was just captivated」
「Is that so・・・ I was a bit embarrassed since it’s a little transparent but I’m glad if you like it」

「Onii!! Don’t just look at Nami-nee. What about me??」
「You also look good in it. You’re very, very cute」

「Ehehehe~ 」

As usual, Umi got angry as soon as I praise only Nami.

(I have to be impartial here *grin*)

「Well then, since we came all the way here, why don’t we take a commemorative picture・・・」
「Are we still taking them?!!」

(If I don’t take it now that it’s like this, then when do I take it!)

「Since we came all the way to the sea, isn’t it meaningless if we only take pictures inside?」
Saying so I took the two to the part where the waves hit the shore and started taking pictures.

「Ok, get on all fours, Oo~ That’s good~ It’s like you’re a model!」
『 *Flash*っ!』

I kept taking pictures while deciding poses for them to make. Even with their cheeks painted red, the two still listened to my requests.

(Uhyoo~ This is too sexy! Nami’s place・・・Isn’t it almost visible!)

On all fours with her ass sticking out, the wet swimsuit stuck tightly and was digging in. Trough the slightly transparent fabric, Nami’s place could be seen quite well. In the middle of two bulges, two adorable things were showing their faces・・・

It looked like Nami’s bottom part of the swimsuit had thinner fabric then Umi’s.

The top was thinner on Umi’s suit and her nipples and areolae became clearly visible.

(Ohh? Could it be・・・・ Nami・・・shaved it?)

I couldn’t notice until now since I was in a trance but, I couldn’t see any hair through the transparent swimsuit, it looks cleanly shaven.

(My god・・・I’m getting very, very excited)

「Onii・・・That place is getting big・・・」
Umi remarked unforgivingly・・・

「Ahahaha, since the two of you are so cute and sexy・・・it reacted」
Nami looked at the bulge in my nether region with surprised eyes.

Just then, I heard a voice call out from behind.

「Sorry for the wait~ Sorry I’m lateっ! I brought the juice」
(Tskっ! What are you doing getting in the way of my photo shoot ・・・)

Since senpai came with the drinks, the photo shoot regrettably had to end.

「Hey, Onii. Let’s swim together~」
「Yeah, sure・・・」

Nami and Umi drank their juice while taking a break. after that I took the two and headed towards the sea.

Umi and Nami were now floating with their bottoms in floating rings. Pulling on the string of the rings I took them out to sea.

Every time we passed a wave the two squealed, seemingly enjoying themselves.

When I got around the depth where the water reached my shoulders, every time a wave passed I would get submerged over my head. Wearing diving goggles, every time a wave came I could look at the bottom of the two from under the floating rings.

(Uhaっ! It’s digging in・・・This is the best♪)

Their bottoms were sticking out of the bottom of the ring・・・・・Looking at the front from inside the water, it was digging in as much as it could.

(Damn・・・・Umi too, Nami too, they’re just too sexy!)

While I was enjoying myself like that, from out at the sea『Zazazazaッ!!!』came the sound of the waves・・・・

「Oっ・・・Onii!! This is bad! That’s bad!」said Umi.
「Mitsuru-sanっ!!!!!」said Nami-chan getting tense.

This would be the best if we were surfing!A huge wave was approaching along with the sound. The thing approaching us wasn’t just a wave, it was a white-crested wave.

「Ahahaha, that’s a big one, isn’t it」
「I’m telling you this is bad!!!」
「Wouldn’t it be fun to ride over it」I said in a relaxed manner.

Compared to me who was fully prepared with diving goggles and was fine even if I went under the wave, the two had pale faces. Holding the rope to the floating rings tightly I prepared for the wave.

Along with that sound we were swallowed by the wave・・・・・

The floaty was capsized and both Umi and Nami were thrown out of it. From inside the water, I quickly caught Umi and made her hold the ring.

On the other hand Nami・・・・・

「Gobo, gobo, gobo, gobo・・・・・・・・・」
(Ah・・・・Is she drowning?)

I caught Nami from inside the water and being extremely scared she started clinging to me.

Holding Nami, I brought my head above the water.

「Haa, haa, haa・・・・」
Nami had teary eyes and an angry expression・・・

「Are you all right?」
Since Nami was clinging to me as hard as she could・・・・her chest・・・・

(Damn・・・they’re so soft・・・・)

「Fueeen・・・that was so scary~」
A statement so cute I couldn’t believe it came from Nami・・・・

「Ahaha, you’ll be ok now」
「Don’t let go!!! Absolutley!」

「Don’t worry, I won’t let go no matter what happens」
Hearing my words, while still clinging to me she put her head on my chest.

Nami calmed down a bit after holding me.

When I looked for Umi, I saw that she was already in the ring with her own strength and was swimming to the shore.

Nami was still holding on to me with her hand around my neck.

「Th, thank you very much・・・・」
「Ahahah, I’m just glad you’re safe」

Nami was clinging on to me without looking at me.



「That・・・・That’s my thanks for helping me・・・・」

Saying so with a red face, she entered the floaty again and started swimming to shore. I was left touching my lips, thinking about what just happened・・・

(Just now・・・・Was I kissed?・・・No wayっ??? For real???)

Note: In Japan, the legal drinking age is 20.