16. Job Transfer(Part 1)


The next morning, after having our breakfast we quickly returned to the beach.

Just as promised, Nami was wearing the perverted swimsuit. It also seemed like Umi liked the perverted swimsuit so she wore hers without having to ask her.

We played to our heart’s content. Blue sky, blue sea and cute step-sisters・・・・

It was already normal for Umi, but today even Nami stuck to me assertively. She embraced my arm, pushing her breasts into it through the perverted swimsuit ・・・・As if to stir me up even more, she sat on all fours. I was truly as happy as I could be.

From time to time, other male clients of the pension were ogling in them wearing their swimsuits・・・Recieving those gazes, the two weren’t at all annoyed and were even standing confidently.

When Nami sat up from the beach bed after a short rest, between it and her crotch was a thread of sticky transparent liquid. When I looked at her swimsuit more closely, the crotch portion alone was strangely wet and darker than the rest.

It was proof that her swimsuit was stained with perverted juice.

It was very clear since other parts were already getting dry. I whispered her ear teasingly.

「Nami-chan, that part of your swimsuit changed color from your overflowing juices.」

When Nami-chan noticed the state of her swimsuit, she turned red and jumped in the sea to cover it up.

After that, each time I pointed it out to tease her, she turned red and her place got even wetter. Having it pointed out by me appeared to call forth her shyness and excitement.

With a red face Nami was struggling to say something.

「What is it? Could it be that being looked at in this perverted state made you so excited you can’t bear it?」
Nami shyly nodded her head up and down.

As she had promised the previous night, she came to tell Mitsuru that she wanted to masturbate. It looked like she had acknowledged that Mitsuru was going to give her dirty orders.

「Is that so・・・But we can’t return to the room anymore, you know」

We had already checked out of the pension. Since we can still use the shower room we won’t have any problem getting changed, but the room that we slept in was already getting cleaned for the next guests.

I surveyed the beach and an idea floated into my head.

The beach there was almost like a private beach, having only 100m horizontally. With rocks on both sides, it made it hard to see, making the beach isolated. The day before when I took them out with the floaters, I saw that there was a bit of sand on the other side of the rocks as well. So just like yesterday, with their asses in the floaters, I pulled Umi and Nami beyond the rocks.

After I went around the rock, there was a beach 10m in width and 3 meters across.

In the depths of the beach there was a small forest that looked like it couldn’t be crossed. Thanks to the rocks sticking out, this place couldn’t be seen from anywhere around it.

Most of all, one could see everything from the sea・・・・but I took them there anyway.

「Amazing! No one could see this place from around here」
It seemed like Umi understood my intentions immediately.

And after hearing Umi say that, Nami also understood the reason I had brought them there.

「U, umm・・・・Could it be・・・・here?」
「Correct♪ Since no one can see this place from around here it’s perfect for Nami-chan to masturbate, right?」

「・・・・That・・・In such a place?」
「That’s right. In this kind of place, come on, take off your swimsuit・・・It’s an order」

As soon as I said the word order, Nami lowered her head.

On the other hand Umi・・・・striped naked in the blink of an eye.

「Amazing!! ・・・It feels like we’re doing something veery wrong~」
Umi was enjoying being naked outside in daytime.

「Come on, you too, Nami-chan・・・Do you want to lose to Umi?」
With her head down, Nami still wasn’t taking the swimsuit off.

But, I noticed something was strange about her behavior.

「Haa, haa・・・Mitsuru-san・・・Please order me again」

「Eh? Ah, sure・・・Take off your swimsuit and strip naked」

Nami’s eyes were those of someone who was cumming. When I ordered her, she took off her swimsuit.

「Aaahh・・・Getting nacked in such a place・・・」
Even if she said that, from the bottom of the swimsuit she was taking off a string formed to her crotch.

「Haa, haa・・・It’s too much・・・I can’t resist・・・・」
Naked, and with her legs spread to shoulder width, Nami started touching herself.

「Ngh・・・Ahhh, this feels so good・・・」
「HGetting naked and masturbating outside, you really are a pervert」

「N, no・・・・I’m not・・・Ngh・・・But・・・」
「But? It feels so good you don’t know what to do, right? Your hands can’t stop anymore」

「Yes, I can’t stop・・・It feels amazing・・・I’ve never felt this before・・・」

With drunken eyes from the pleasure, Nami kept on spreading her legs, becoming bowlegged while touching herself in a trance.

「Ah・・Ah・・Ah・・・」her voice leaked, matching the movement of her hand.
「How is it? does it feel good to be seen masturbating?」

「Yes・・Ahh・・・It feels amazing・・・And・・・」

「Being naked outside・・・makes me so excited・・・It feels good・・・Haa, haa」

(This girl is amazing・・・With a bit of training she seems like she’ll become an obedient M slave・・・)

「Come on, spread it with your fingers and show us」
「Ahh, that’s embarrassing・・Please look・・・Please look at how I masturbate~」

「Amazing, naked outside and spreading her pussy, Nami-chan is a really lewd perverted woman」
「No・・・It was an order・・・」

「And yet you seem quite happy about it, don’t you?」
「Ah・・・・・No, I’m about to cum・・・Haa, haa」

The hand touching Nami’s place was becoming faster and faster.

「Ahhh No~ I can’t take it~~~I’m cumiiing~!!!」

Her knees trembled in climax and unable to stand any longer, Nami fell right where she stood.

「Amazing・・・Nami-nee, you’re so perverted」
「Yeah, really! Nami-chan is a pervert」

Breathing heavily seated on the beach, Nami was assaulted by Umi’s and my merciless words.

「Haa, haa・・・It’s not like that・・・This, isn’t like that・・・」
「Eeeh? Onee, even now, you still have a perverted expression on~」

「Well, you did keep your promise not to masturbate unless in front of me. Very good. From now on as well, tell me when you want to masturbate」

While acting all embarrassed, Nami still answered with a happy expression.

「Hey, Onii・・・I actually want to let you feel good inside me but・・・it’s still a bit」

Since Umi had only just lost her virginity the previous night, it probably still hurt・・・

「It’s fine Umi. Can you do it with your mouth?」

Umi noticed the bulge in my beach tunks, so she got on her knees and pulled them down. My meat pole pointed upwards, making its existence known.

「Ehehe, I’m digging in! *Hum!!*」

She happily put the meat pole in her mouth and started licking around the glans.

「*Ngu ngu*, *Lick*Lick*, *Suck*Suck*・・・*Ngu ngu*・・・Does it feel good?」
「Yeah, it feels amazing Umi・・・I’m also about to cum.」

After seeing Nami masturbating I was already excited so with Umi’s tongue technique, I was disgraced in a few moments.

「Ahhh It’s coming out! Ughh」
「Nghh・・・・*Ngu ngu*・・・*Gulp*!」

Umi swallowed all the semen I let out in large amounts, completely composed.

After that sucked out the remaining semen and licked everything clean. Nami looked at Umi drinking the semen I let out with a shocked expression.

「From now you’ll also be doing this for me, Nami」
「Yes! I’ll do my best!」

「Fuu! Ehe, it tastes like Onii・・・・This will become a habit.」

Saying such a nice thing to hear, Umi’s smile looked very cute.

After that, we decided on staying on that shady beach and I took out my camera and started taking pictures of the two of them playing naked.

Fun times passed in a blink of an eye・・・・

―――――――――― That evening

While sitting on the beach beds, the three of us were watching the beautiful setting sun.

「This was fun~ Thank you for bringing us, Onii」
「I also had a lot of fun, thank you very much」
「I should be the one thanking you. It’s been a while since I had such a good time」

The three of us looked at each other and laughed.

(I’m really glad we came・・・・in more ways than one・・・・)

After thanking the owner, we left the sea behind.

Like that, the biggest event of the summer closed its curtains.

On the way back, Umi and Nami were so tired from playing they slept all the way.

「Hey, we arrived」
「Ngh? Are we there already? Fwaa」said Umi.
「I’m sorry・・・I fell asleep」said Nami.

「Ahaha, don’t worry. You just played too much and were tired」

When we arrived home Sae-san was welcoming us with a smile. We had a late dinner and Sae-san seemed to be in a surprisingly good mood. I asked and it seemed like dad took a rare break yesterday.

(I see, so they were also lovey-dovey at night・・・)

After finding out the reason for Sae-san’s good mood, we took a shower one after the other.

「Sorry, Onii・・・・I’m too sleepy today・・・」
「You don’t have to worry. Just go to sleep for today」

「Yes・・・・See you tomorrow, *Kiss*♡」
After Umi got out of the shower she came to my room to give me goodnight kiss and went back to her room.

After that, Nami came out of the shower and came to my room.

「Umm・・・The bath is empty」
「Yeah, I got it. Thank you for coming to tell me」

「It’s fine・・・・Umm, please call me Nami. You don’t need to use the “chan”」
「Eh??? Ok・・・I got it. I’ll do that from now」

「Ngh? And?」

「While we’re still on summer vacation・・・・when I’ll have a safe day・・・・well・・・・I’ll make sure to tell yo・・・・」
「Aah・・・I got it. Just don’t force yourself, ok?」

「No! I want you to have it・・・My first・・・」
「I got it. When the day comes be sure to tell me」

「Yes!・・・Good night・・・・*Kiss*♡」

Nami kissed me and went back to her room with a red face.

(This, feels like a lie・・・・I took Umi’s virginity・・・and now Nami-chan’s?・・・)

While I was smiling to myself remembering the night of the trip, there was a knock on my door.

「Come in」