15. Management


When I finished with Umi, I looked at Nami, who was silently staring at us.


She looked startled. Seeing Umi lose her virginity in front of her, she thought it was her turn next so she tried to prepare her resolve but she couldn’t・・・・That’s what her expression was showing.

When Nami’s long T-shirt got lifted by the wind, her place became visible and I could tell she was wet, making her place shine. It was clear at a glance that she had been touching herself looking at Umi and me.

「Umm, Umi and I are going to have a shower now・・・It seems like you could also use one」

Seeing me say that while looking at her place, Nami realized the state she was in and fixed her T-shirt in a panic. The three of us went to have a shower.

Coming back from the shower room we sat on chairs and had some drinks.

「Umi, are you ok?」
「Yeah, it’s still a bit uncomfortable but I’m fine」

Umi was smiling widely. It seemed she was happy about losing her virginity.

「H, hey・・・・・Umi? Umm・・・・Did it hurt?」
「Well, it did hurt, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Thanks to the pain I could become one with Onii and the happiness from it was greater so I didn’t mind the pain too much.」

「I see・・・・・」

Nami was listening to Umi’s words, looking distressed thinking about something. That’s when I called out to her.

「Nami-chan, you don’t have to force yourself. The more I look it seems like you’re forcing yourself to lose your virginity」
「N, no・・・・That’s・・・・」

「Umi has already done some things with me・・・・But you haven’t」
「But・・・・I also like you and want to give it to you」

「Thank you. Then this time we’ll get more used to things and I’ll be taking it next time」

Like this, I was starting to hesitate whether I should take Nami’s virginity. It felt so good inside Umi that all I was thinking was that I wanted to ravish her one more time. If I were to embrace Nami like this, it felt like her value would be lowered because my impressions from Umi were still lingering. I wanted to make my first time with each of them something to remember.

On that day I had already taken Umi’s virginity and released a large amount inside her・・・The first round would obviously fell better than the second.

That’s why if I embraced Nami at that time, it would half the impression of both Umi’s and Nami’s first times. So instead, I would put it off, find when her safe days are and creampie her raw instead.

I didn’t want to take her virginity while wearing a condom, and I didn’t have one on hand either that day・・・

I told her that when I take her virginity, I wanted to do it raw, without a condom.

「I, I understand・・・・I also think・・・I’d prefer my first time to be raw rather than with a condom・・・」

Nami knew her menstrual cycle and her safe days. She told me that girls these days used phone apps to manage their menstrual cycle and know their safe days.

「Today isn’t the best・・・It’s not completely safe so if you’re alright with it let’s do it another day」
「Ok, I got it! Then today I’ll teach you how to do it with your hand and mouth.」

「I, I understand! I’ll do my best」

The two of us calmed down a bit and moved towards the bed.

This time it was Umi’s turn to watch from the sofa.

Unlike with Umi, I taught Nami how to give perfect fellatio. With my meatpole deep inside her throat and teary eyes, Nami was doing her best to service me.

「Very good, you’re getting better.」
「*Ngu ngu*, *Lick, lick*・・・・Thank you very much・・・*Lick*Lick*」

「Well then, come and straddle my face and continue doing that.」

I made her get in a sixty-nine position, and made Nami bring her crotch over my face while I was lying down.

「I can’t・・・This・・・・It’s too embarrassing・・・」
「You’ll have to show me your perverted place a bit」

「Ahhh・・・It’s so embarrassing I’m going crazy・・・」
「Amazing・・・Your place is so wet.」

「No・・・Please don’t say that」
「You’re sucking my meatpole while having your place watched. You’re such a perverted girl」

「Ahhhhhhh Nooo・・・・」

While saying “No” and “I can’t” with her mouth, Nami’s place was twitching, with perverted juice coming out more and more.

「Do you not like being seen by me?」
「I don’t hate it・・・・I don’t, but・・・・It’s embarrassing」

「It’s embarrassing, but it feels good, right?」
「・・・・・Th, that’s・・・」

I licked Nami’s crotch.

「Ahh!! N, noo!!・・・Ngh・・・Ahh・・・」
「Say it honestly, *Lick*Lick*・・・You’re actually feeling it from being seen, aren’t you? *Lick*Lick*」

「Today, when you were wearing the perverted swimsuit and being seen by Sakaki-senpai, you were getting wet here, right?」

「That’s no good. I already know about it. When I was taking pictures of you on all fours, it made this place twitch, didn’t it?」

「You don’t have to be shy. Feeling good from being seen is something normal・・・」

「N, no・・・・I’m not like that・・・・」
「You’re not?」

「It’s because・・・you told me to wear・・・・that・・・・that swimsuit・・・」
「Eh? What do you mean?? You were feeling good from being seen in that perverted state, weren’t you?」

「Yes・・・but, that・・・・you told me to do those perverted things, and following your orders made me feel・・・」

(Oh, I see. So Nami is the type who likes getting ordered around. She feels good when I order her to such perverted things・・・)

「Is that so, yes, I understand. So you were only reluctantly following my orders then?」
「No! I wasn’t reluctant・・・・」

「Then, did you feel good being ordered to wear the perverted swimsuit」

「Is that so/ Then tomorrow you’ll wear that perverted swimsuit all day until we go back. It’s an order.」
「・・・・Yes, I undrstand・・・」

「Good, good. You’re a good girl. Then take my meatpole to deep in your throat and make me feel good」
「Yes・・・*Suck*Suck*・・・Ngh! Uwe・・・」

Nami tried her best to suck my meat pole. Each time it entered deep in her throat, she let out an “uwe” sound and her place twitched while letting out a lot of juices.

(Nami・・・・is quite the M・・・)

She felt good from being ordered by me and feeling pain while servicing me and her place was getting wet. Nami’s character was a complete M.

「Nami. Suck it while masturbating yourself.」
「TH, that・・・・That’s imposible」

「You’ll have to do more. I won’t be able to cum like this」

「Nami, it’s an order. Masturbate」
「・・・・・・I understand」

Nami started touching her crotch by herself・・・*Stroke*Stroke* while making perverted sounds, she was moving the finger that was touching her place in front of me.

「What a perverted view・・・You seem to also be feeling good」
「Ahh・・・It’s embarrassing・・・Ah・・・・Ngh・・・」

「Sucking my meat pole while being seen masturbating, it feels good, right?」
「Noo. Please don’t say that・・・」

「Say it honestly, say「I’m feeling good being looked at while I masturbate 」」
「It, it feels good・・・Being looked at when I masturbate・・・・」

Nami’s fingers touching her crotch were getting faster and faster.

「Hey, you got seen masturbating by me before, right?」

「Did you masturbate thinking of that time?」

「Tell me honestly」
「・・・・I did・・・」

「I see, I see・・・・Then from tomorrow you are forbidden from masturbating except in front of me.」
「Eh??? Th, that・・・・」

「If you want to masturbate come to my place and say “Please watch me masturbate”」
「Imposible・・・That’s impossible!」

「That’s right, if you’ll want to do it when I’m not there, film it with your phone and report back to me. Telling me how you masturbated」
「・・・・That’s no good!!」

「Ahaha, It’s already been decided. From tomorrow all of your perverted parts will be managed by me」
「Th, that・・・・That’s imposible・・・I mean・・・」

「What? Are you actually masturbating in a very perverted manner that you can’t show me?」

(Hmm? I just said it to try but it’s actually true?? Nami・・・how is she masturbating???)

「I’ll have you show me everything, even your perverted masturbation. It’s ok. It won’t make me hate you so you can relax.」
「But・・・I can’t show you something like that・・・・」

(Hey・・・Really now, how does she masturbate? I’m really curios ・・・Besides that, she’s actually so worried about a vague promise with no binding force like this・・・Nami is very cute.)

「Since you can’t show me directly, it’s fine if you record it. That way the embarrassment is halved, right?」

「It’s fine. O really won’t hate you so try to think beyond that. I will control all of your perverted parts」
「N, noo・・・That・・I can’t」

「You’re actually happy, aren’t you? Your pussy is becoming quite something」
「No, no, noo! Don’t look there!」

「I wonder how many times a day you masturbate. I’m looking forward to finding out」
「Ahhh! Don’t say that・・・It’s no good・・・Ahhhh! I’m about to cum・・・」

Nami’s hand was touching faster and faster.

「From now on when you feel good, say 「Nami’s pussy feels good」」」
「Ahhh! It feels good! Nami’s pussy feels good」

「When you cum you say「Nami’s pussy is cumming」, understand?」
「Ahh! I understand・・・It’s no good, I’m really going crazy・・・Cumming! My pussy is cumming!!」

Nami was waving her back in front of my face and reached climax in one go.

「Cumming!! Nami’s pussy is cumming!!! Cumming!!!!」

With a touch her body bent backward. Nami reached climax. In front of me, Nami’s place was twitching all the time.

Nami started breathing heavily.

「Did it feel good?」
「Haa, haa, haa・・・・Yes・・・It was good・・・」

「I’m glad. Then this time I’ll have you make me feel good as well」

After Nami calmed down a bit, I got down from the bed and took an imposing stance while Nami also got down and got on her knees. She started sucking my meat pole diligently.

I had also gotten quite excited watching Nami’s masturbation, so the feeling of ejaculation easily came over me. I grabbed Nami’s head and used her mouth as an onahole.

With my meat pole deep inside her throat, Nami was letting out muffled sounds with teary eyes while her mouth was letting out drool. That expression was making me even more excited.

「Ahh! It’s cumming out・・・・I’m cumming! Ughhhh!!!」
Holding down her head, I shot out a large amount of semen inside her mouth.

「Fuu・・・That felt good. Nami, how is it? The taste of your first semen?」
「Ngh, ngh」

Nami’s mouth was so full of semen she couldn’t speak.

「Open your mouth and show me 」

Just as told, Nami showed me her mouth that was full of semen.

「Ohh lots came out・・・Good, now move your tongue around and taste it」

Just as told, Nami moved the semen inside her mouth and tasted it, but her eyes turned teary and it seemed to be painful for her.

「Good, you can drink it」
「*Gulp*・・・・*cough*! *cough*cough*!」

「Excelent, very good! You drank it all, right? How was it? My taste?」
「Uhg・・・It’s an indescribable・・・taste・・・」

「I’ll have you drink it until you come to love that taste」

(Just as I tgought・・・Nami is quite the M. I could even say she’s a complete M. When I tease her a bit more harshly, her place gets wet and she feels good.)

Even when I told her that I’ll make her drink my semen, Nami unconsciously extended her hand to her crotch.

Having Nami drink a juice to take the semen taste away, Mitsuru hugged and kissed her.

(The order is reversed・・・I thought her how to give fellatio before teaching her how to kiss・・・But it seems like Nami likes it better this way・・・Traning her to be an M・・)

Nami was accepting Mitsuru’s kiss happily. PBoth of their tongues were entangling in a passionate kiss.

「Haa, haa・・・I’m so happy・・・This kiss・・・Ahhh・・・I love you, Mitsuru-san」
「I also love you, Nami」

Gently petting her head, I hugged her again.

Then I whispered in her ear.

「The promise from before was for real so from tomorrow, your perverted acts will be managed by me」

「Yor’re actually happy, right? You always wanted someone to give you perverted orders, didn’t you?」

「Good, good, you’re cute.」

I petted Nami’s head again and so our first night out came to an end.

After that the three of us went to bed together while the night was advancing・・・


Besides me, Mitsuru was sleeping with Umi on his other side.

All three of us were sleeping with Mitsuru in the middle

(What should I do?・・・Do I really have to do it in front of Mitsuru-san from tomorrow?・・・)

Nami was thinking about the promise Mitsuru decided on by himself. Being made to masturbate in front of her dear Mitsuru・・・Her expectation towards it was bigger. Even up until then she had been masturbating imagining that Mitsuru was giving her perverted orders. When that came true・・・・Just thinking about it her place became wet.

Being given perverted orders by her dear Mitsuru even while saying she didn’t want to, felt even better than she had expected. Mitsuru had said that he wanted her to wear the perverted swimsuit so she did her best to wear it even though it was embarrassing. Mitsuru’s senpai’s eyes looking at her were filled with dirty thoughts・・・I wonder what did that senpai think of me when he saw me wearing that perverted swimsuit on Mitsuru’s orders?

While she was being photographed, her swimsuit was digging into her place because she was on all fours and the wet swimsuit became transparent so the shape of her place became clear・・・Even while she was self-conscious about it, she followed Mitsuru’s orders. The amazing pleasure made her place wetter and wetter.

Before Umi lost her virginity, she was thinking「I would have done it if only he ordered me more strongly to take off my clothes・・・」
Since she hadn’t resolved herself to losing her virginity yet, she refused without thinking. It seemed Mitsuru understood Nami’s personality halfway through and started giving her decisive orders.

She was glad to get perverted orders from Mitsuru・・・but・・・

The thing Nami was worried about was her dear laundry clip masturbation・・・or masturbating while touching her butthole. She couldn’t do that in front of Mitsuru. He’ll definitely think of her as a pervert and hate her. The only thing she didn’t want was to be hated.

(What should I do to have him order me to use laundry clips・・・・)

Thinking about things like that, Nami fell asleep.