Chapter 1

I jolted up at the sudden loud ringing sound of the alarm from my bed. Rubbed my eyes, I looked at my room. 

With a big yawn, I slowly got up from my bed then picked up the phone beside the pillow and checked the time. 

It was 11 AM. 


“This wasn’t a dream, huh.” I grumble. 

Exhaling deeply, I get down the bed and dizzily walk straight to the bathroom. While washing my face I look at the mirror and can see someone through the long bangs of messy hair that I do not recognize at all. But at the same time, I do know this face very well.

Without doubt, this face was mine but it wasn’t mine.

The person I saw in the mirror was me but it wasn’t me either.

Ah, so confusing!

Alright, let’s cut to chase… Thing is I am in SOMEONE ELSE’S body! I don’t remember anything of how the hell I did end up in this body! Complicated, right? Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am in a very difficult situation and I don’t know what the hell is going on with me.

Who have I become? My face is different from how it should be or how I remembered it to be. Not only that, my whole body has changed into someone else.

I had average face, average body and average height. Edward Moriaty isn’t blessed on that part. I don’t recall having this ripped hot body with a handsome face!

Looking at the mirror again, I mutter quietly.

‘Who is this guy?’ 

I have been asking this question over and over since this morning. 

I don’t know this guy but I felt I knew this face somewhere. It’s very familiar… Maybe I could recognize this face once I cut this messed up hair.

But that’s not important for now!

Let’s calm down and analyze the situation again.

I got this body this morning…After calming myself, I thought I was just dreaming and will wake up eventually. So, I went back to sleep after washing my face.

But seeing this face again, that confirms this is not a dream!

Am I hallucinating? Or even worse, I was crazy! Of course, I doubt that’s the case. I want to believe I was wrong and this is just a dream. But I was confirmed to be right. 

With this, I have to give up on that and am trying to cope up with the current situation. 

It was really saddening that I had to leave my successful past life. Yeah, it was sad but it’s not like I can do anything about it.  

With past life knowledge, it helped confirm that I am not from this world. 

This body is mine now but even then somehow this body feels so unfamiliar to me. 

For now all that you have to know is that this body is not mine but I have to live in it as the previous owner. 

I have his memories which keep on flashing in front of my eyes from time to time. It’s like I know nothing but this body knows everything.

This body remembers things that I shouldn’t be able to know. 

It’s like reading someone’s diary but with video! I know where everything in this house is kept. Whenever I am looking for something in this room, this body just guides me to it. And even if a bit blurry, I remember this body’s childhood. I remember every person he has acquaintances with. I remember what this body likes and dislikes.

I also remember and have knowledge of what this body had remembered and experienced. 

To be honest, it freaks me out.

Well, I have nothing to complain about this body though. Like I said, I got a quite handsome face with a tall, toned, lean body with ripped up muscles, very hot if you ask me but there’s only one thing I can’t, the hair. This long dirty unruly hair is the only bad part of this perfect body and I am really out of my mind if I keep this messed up long hair. God forbid if they get stuck anywhere I am pretty sure the whole bunch will come out at once and then I will look like, well you get the picture. I have to get rid of this ominous hairstyle ASAP.

But if I do so, I will feel so guilty for some reasons. Yes, it is like doing something bad to someone’s body.

You see, this is what people called transmigration, right? But no matter how I look at it, this is no transmigration or reincarnation. This is a body hijack! I stole someone’s body! I literally pulled Superior Spider-man  here! And what happened to the original owner anyway?! Is he dead because of terminal disease? Nah, the original was very healthy. So, I doubt he died because of that. 

From my memory, the original went to sleep last night after watching midnight anime and BOO, by the morning, I took over his body. I don’t know what happened to him.

The previous— This body’s owner… No, I should stop saying the body’s owner or previous owner. I have to accept this already… I am HIM. I am Reiji! That’s my new reality. I could never twist it.

This body is mine now but even then somehow this body feels so unfamiliar to me. it’s feels so weird…

Not some dude in a different body with all his memories. Even if that’s the case, I have to live as this guy for the rest of my life.

But still.. I am him.

I am Kuroba Reiji. 17 years old. 

Wait, Kuroba Reiji? Hmmm, it does sound familiar, just like this face…

I was notorious delinquent with quite a bad reputation and due that reputation, I always got into fights with other delinquents from other schools or students from my school. People always pick fights with me and I always kick their ass, full sizes. 

Besides fighting, I do nothing but only exercise and watch anime all day long at home. I rarely come out of my room except when I visit brothels and have some fun with ladies. I think we can say that I am living a life which some people can only dream of.

I know it’s not something to be proud of neither is it something a teenager should be focused at this time but what I tell.

Well, it seems like a great life to him but others don’t share the same opinion. Seriously, what was this guy doing to his life? How was he living in such a boring, debauchery and degenerate life

With such notorious behaviour of his, he couldn’t make friends and the rest that is left in his life is what I am going to live.

But I won’t become this guy just because I take over his body. I will live my way.

Looking at the mirror, I determined myself that I will be better!

I washed my face again and tied my long hair in a ponytail.

“Hmm…not bad actually” 

This may be the first time I am seeing my face clearly and notice that it really is good. Olive colored skin, shiny brown sharp eyes, sharp jawline, straight lip, a few scratches on the left cheek probably because of the recent fight.

As I thought, I am quite…handsome… Hmmm? 


After staring at my reflection so hard for quite some time… something finally clicked inside my mind.

Panicking as the realization hit me like a truck and sent me back to reality.

It was like almost 20 years ago… I knew it! That’s why I feel this face is so familiar! Because this face…!

I looked again to confirm my suspicion.

“I knew it,” I muttered hollowly, trying to calm down the trembling in my body.

Reflected within was, without any doubt… Wait a minute… but no, no way… there is no way… How could this even be possible!

My face perspiring even more from disbelief and anxiety.

Ok, ok. Let’s take a breath first as I needed some time to gather my thoughts and calm down. 

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. 

Alright, alright let’s do this one last time.

I opened my eyes and looked at my face for the last time! My eyes wide open when I realized that I was right.

FUCK!  I knew it! I knew this face! This… this face… this name. 

The guy’s body that I stole from was Grand Phastama, the protagonist’s best friend and also one of the final bosses.

Kuroba Reiji!