Chapter 2

Now, let’s talk about the game that got me so hooked.

Grand Phastama.

It was the best eroge I ever played, I played it back when I was a high school student, good old time.

It is an RPG game mixed with dating sims with over 30 heroines. Only 8 is main heroines though.

The game is set in modern fantasy. Fantasy world with modern setting. What is it again? An Urban Fantasy.

What is this game about?

It was a typical fantasy hero-save-the-world story. 

We play as Yoshida Naoyuki; a first year high-school student who just enrolled at St. Laularia Magic Academy. The brat was a damn lucky pervert. He always got fanservice almost every time. Anyway, as Naoyuki, the player could explore the dungeon, craft weapons or items, study or spend time with heroines to increase their bond and get their events. But the player also could just have bad grades and still could get hidden events and hidden routes. 

The heroines here are very interesting. Not only are they gorgeous, they also have a good background story.

Many things happen and for six months, he will get stronger as he gets closer with the heroines. Game plot start, by the end of summer and that’s where route diverted.

Protagonist and the heroines would get involved far bigger than they could imagine.

The Great Demon God will be revived or something similar to that.

That sounds scary, yeah, the developer who made the game didn’t pull any punches. 

Let’s just say it’s very nasty. All those CG make me feel sick. Even some horror movies are unable to make me feel sick like that. But that depends on which heroine route player in, in some routes, the invasion would never take place or stopped before it could happen.

The Great Demon God I mentioned did revive in six heroines but only quarter of his original power and we could defeat him easily if we are quite high level and have proper equipment. But on the princess’s route, the last route which only opened when the player cleared 99% compilation of the game.  

Not only does the Great Demon God awaken, he also regains his full power and leads his armies to conquer the world.

This route was the longest route of all routes. That 1% is super big!  This route is also the most gruesome and very intense, it wasn’t surprising since the Princess route is the true route and also the hardest route. 

No wonder this only opened after conquering all heroines. In Princess route, the player rallies humanity and their ally, the alliance to defeat The Great Demon God. 

Then after Naoyuki became the hero who defeated The Great Demon God solo and resealed him again, it led to the clichéd but legendary marriage to the princess happy ending, with the very hot H-scene. Yay. But that’s a just normal ending, you know. It’s not even the true ending. I’ll get into that later.

So, where does Kuroba Reiji fit in?

Dude was just a side character and always ridden with misfortune.

Always a sidekick and good to avoid character.

In some routes, he is a minor character who will be doing stupid shit, bears the burden of comic relief within the interval-like parts of the protagonist’s story to balance out the serious storyline. 

He can only watch  the protagonist as he is flirting with the heroines while half-cryingly biting his handkerchief. 

Just a ridiculous and useless character. 

When the drama starts, as a friend of the protagonist, he would advise Naoyuki how to handle the situations and the heroines, giving him a push for better and sometimes he will have to intervene with the protagonist’s two-timing, and play a role to restore their relationship like typical and usual friend character.

At the end of the other five heroines routes, he would sacrifice himself for Naoyuki so he could live happily with the heroine.

That was Kuroba Reiji’s role. 

But how come such a character would become one of the final bosses?

In one of heroines route, this guy would reveal that he had consumed part of Great Demon God and become the final boss. He revealed his anger and hatred toward humanity is what led him to such a route but he admits he does treasure his friendship with Naoyuki.

He’s more annoying and powerful than the original Great Demon King with his true power regained.

I still don’t know why he ended up like that. 

The developer probably knows as they mentioned there was Kuroba Reiji route in development before the game released, the route meant to explore why he had such rage and hatred but it was discarded entirely because there was not enough time, it wasn’t fit with the game market and it would have been too expensive. 

Yeah, a bunch of excuses thrown by the developer.  Pretty sure, the developer was already milking enough of our money and didn’t want to ruin the perfect harem game with one dude as an extra route.

After washing my face one more time, I went to the living room and found Reiji’s- my wallet. Inside the wallet was an ID card and a small amount of money.

Looking at my ID card, I am indeed Kuroba Reiji.


Wait, am I gonna die for a dude? 

Hell!! That was not something I have in mind. I won’t do something so stupid like that!

If Naoyuki chose classmate, Idol, class-rep, kouhai, gyaru from next-door class or glasses senpai route, I definitely still would die even if I am not directly involved with the story! And I would still die in some routes to sacrifice myself for Naoyuki’s happiness! And I would be killed in one route because I became the final boss!

Like hell I’m gonna let that happen!

I also don’t understand how the hell I ended up being in the body of such a good for nothing person.

No, calm down…  I might be Kuroba Reiji but there is no proof this world is the same as the Grand Phastama…

Well, I could’ve just gone outside to confirm but I don’t want to see I was right, I prefer I was wrong but let’s assume the worst case.

I need to gather information before jumping to conclusions. 

Using my smartphone, I browse and start searching for some basics like dungeons or weapon shops.

As soon as I scrolled down to the picture, it hit me like a ton of rocks. 

Still unable to believe it, I turned on the TV, and saw an elf presenter that appeared in the game as well.

I still thought this was just an illusion I was going through but the more I kept trying, the more reality shoved to my face. 

Not giving up, I went to my home library.

There, I found Reiji’s old diaries, my diaries. I just knew that a pile of notebooks were mine.

I decided to read one of the diaries and I was surprised.

As I started through the diary, all I could say was that Kuroba Reiji led a miserable life.

I found how rough Kuraba Reiji’s life is. 

Alright, here’s the sum up…

My parents were murdered by some people in strange costumes when I was seven right in front of me in the amusement park.

After my parents funeral, I was sent to an orphanage until two years ago as no one was willing to take care of me. Relatives from my mother’s side already cut ties with her and my father seems to have no relatives at all.

At the orphanage, I was bullied and isolated by everyone. Even the adults ignored me! What did I do? I didn’t do anything wrong! Then bullying got worse as the days passed, I thought I could endure it but I finally lost it when one of the kids tried to flush my late mother’s pendant. I beat the crap out of the people who were bullying me and didn’t stop until they were full of blood. I was scolded severely by the adults. They said I was the wrong one. Why?! I don’t do anything wrong besides sitting and reading the books! But thanks to this, the bullying was stopped and the kids now are scared of me.

When I was thirteen I was allowed to return to this home but with a guardian assigned to me. That’s really weird. But I don’t think too much of it and the guardian did not live with me which is great. 

As I entered middle-high school, some seniors wanted to bully me or whatever. I had enough with these kinds of people. So I kicked their ass and sent them to the hospital. The school can’t expel me as I just defend myself.

Since then, I was branded as delinquent and was always avoided like plague. 

HOLY SHIT! Am I on HARD MODE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Also what’s with this background?! I never thought this guy would have such a miserable life like this! Is this what would be explored had the developer actually released Reiji’s route?!

Also, it was mentioned that Reiji is a repeater! Wait, he’s older than the protagonist?!

I had to repeat twice, it seems one of the seniors was the principal’s relative or something and wasn’t so forgiving. Well, he changed his mind after I gave a nice photo of him and an underage girl entering a public toilet.

Serves him right! 

Wait, is this my fate? Did I come to this body leaving my great life to be miserable?

No, I wasn’t done yet!

I took some history books to find if there are any similarities with Grand Phastama’s lore. 

Then after spending an hour there, I finally arrived at my answer, but it left me at a complete loss. My investigations only served to confirm my suspicions, and further digging yielded the one answer I did not want to arrive at. 

I had no choice but to accept the reality.

Reality is truly cruel, it seems like I really have truly become Kuroba Reiji and this was indeed the world of eroge Grand Phastama. 

The world of Lestia.

Needless to say, I had somehow been transported or whatever into the game.

This world might be similar to that of modern earth but this place is a totally different planet with completely different geography. Nothing here is anything like Earth, not even the people.

But I had to admit, the other worlds part doesn’t surprise me. Since I was a high school student, I never denied the existence of other worlds. The possibility that they were real was simply too high. Denying that was like a frog in the well.

Except, I never thought I would get myself to end up in an eroge world!

Now then, what should I do? 

I’m completely lost here… There was no way I could simply sit idly and accept my role, especially knowing I would die!

Maybe I can find some clues to avoid my death.

Returning to the living room, I found my diploma and my admission paper, the current time should be when I just graduated and still in spring break. Fortunately, it seems that I have passed that Academy admission, but I don’t think I can pay the tuition fee…

Wait, how the hell Kuroba Reiji could enroll in the Academy and pay the admission fee? 

Maybe Reiji has a trust fund for him?

Wait, from his memory, he received a sum of money from the unknown for the past few months. He didn’t think much about it and just spent it all!  I can’t believe this! This guy was wasting good resources for useless shits!!

As I was wondering that, my phone vibrates on the table and I pick it up and check the screen. 

One new message, so pressing the right combination of buttons, the message appears on screen. 


It was from an unknown messenger.

Coincidence much? Whoever sends this must be the one who is going to pay Kuroba Reiji’s admission fee.

The clock on my smartphone shows it’s 13.00 PM now, I have an hour to prepare.

Let’s meet whoever it was.

I have to do what Reiji was set out to do. I know this is weird for me to act like this but I have to. Last thing I need is someone looking at me weirdly as this person definitely knows Reiji.

Reiji seems to know the one who sent this message. From call logs, I found the same number. Maybe this person is Reiji’s guardian? the one who sends money?

Well, there’s no point in thinking too much about it. Staying here won’t give the answer, I just have to meet this person myself and this might explain everything to me.

Walking there would take time, I guess riding a bus will do but I don’t want to waste money on something that wasn’t food, and normally I could just walk but it will take time, I wanted to get there faster.

I guess taxi is better even though it costs more than the bus fee and it’ll hurt my wallet more than I could imagine. Especially if my calculation is right, after spending on taxi fees, the remaining money is only enough for dinner.

I really need to remember that I wasn’t CEO anymore! I’m just a high school student with limited resources! So, I need to be careful with money!

But… but time efficiency is important!

Ah, dammit! Let’s just get going!

After I changed my clothes and confirmed how good looking I am, I walked out of my house and what came to my view was breathtaking… 

This is indeed a different world.

Just looking at the view it made me realize that it was a totally different world, a different dimension!

There were the floating islands high above in the skies. Countless rocks hung suspended in the heavens, defying gravity while carrying thriving ecosystems. I could see greenery and forests on each of those floating islands, and several of them even had endless waterfalls flowing off their precipices to rain down on the earth below.

I recognized this scenery. It was straight out of game CGs.

As I stepped into the street, weaving my way through the throng of people rushing about the streets, I noticed several prominent differences. Initially, I thought it was an exact replica of modern Earth back home, which was disappointing. 

After all, I came all the way from Earth and ended up in another world, so at least give me some new sights and experiences! From the look of the town, it seemed like I hadn’t been transported to another world at all, with familiar buildings, businesses and scenery of people during rush hour.

But that was only at first glance.

Now that I was among them, I noticed several differences. Even though this was supposed to be a fantasy world of sorts, there weren’t any fantasy beings that I had come to expect from various transported-to-another-world web novels and anime. 

I had come to a fantasy world, so I expected fantastic sights like that so I was disappointed when it seemed that everyone appeared to be human in a very modern urban landscape.

However, that was only on the surface. As it turned out, this world was equally fantastic.

Drifting among the humans were spirits. There were tiny, little black spheres floating around, cute huge eyes blinking as they drifted past unaware humans. A few kitsune, tanuki and nekomimi kids raced across the street, some dark elves casting some sort of magic to levitate leaves in front of it. Perched atop the roofs of the shoutengai were tengu, crow-like youkai who wore armor talking with dwarve looking dude. Creepy rainbow spiders scuttled from corner to corner, leaving a trail of magical energy in their wake while white dogs floated in the air, some of them collared and walked by their elves’ owners.

Yeah, of course I would see elves, beastkin and dwarves. This is fantasy! Isekai!

For the first time, I felt like I had stepped into a new world, and oddly enough it was absolutely refreshing to experience this.

Looking at the blue sky, I have decided to see everything optimistically from now on. I feel that it is a great day for new beginnings! 

But first, after meeting whoever it is, I need to make a stop at the salon in the hopes that I will be able to see my exact face in a new light today.

As I saw an oncoming taxi and waved at it.  Soon enough, the cab pulled up in front of me and the taxi driver was human with scales with reptile looking eyes.

I told him my destination and we drove in silence.